BREAKING: PA-Sen: McGinty Announces Senate Campaign (VIDEO)

Katie McGinty is in.

The former Chief of Staff to Governor Wolf officially entered the 2016 Senate race this morning.

“I remain at heart the daughter of a Philadelphia police officer and restaurant hostess.  Raised as ninth of ten children, my parents could make ends meet, but that is no longer the case for too many Pennsylvania families,” McGinty states. “I am running for Senate to stand up for middle class and hard-working families who deserve a shot at the American Dream.”

In the video, McGinty asserts that she is leaving Harrisburg because she wants to give Governor Wolf a “partner” in D.C. She then goes on to list her priorities as a candidate and Senate hopeful.

“Together we can build a stronger Pennsylvania and an America that is alive with promise and possibility for all,” McGinty concludes. “Let’s get started.”

A former Clinton White House official, McGinty was DEP Secretary during the Rendell Administration before running for Governor herself last year and finishing fourth.

McGinty will be running against former Congressman and 2010 nominee Joe Sestak for the Democratic nomination.

Sestak has never been the favorite of party leaders and the DSCC and EMILY’s List actively encouraged McGinty to run.

The incumbent is freshman Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

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  1. Thanks for that excellent link. Clearly McGinty is just another corporate bought-and-paid-for hack pretending to be a progressive but serving special interests over the interests of the people. She reminds me of Allison Schwartz. And the fact that Bob Brady endorsed her is evidence that she is an embedded servant of the Democratic machine.

  2. David, as usual you misquote me. I agreed with you that polls this far before an election are not predictive of the eventual outcome, but I also wrote that they are very useful in identifying trends. For example, back in August 2007 Hillary was way ahead in the presidential polls and was all but proclaimed the inevitable nominee. Of course that was not the outcome, but if you were watching the trends in those polls back in 2007 you would have begun to discern a trend that suggested that Clinton’s lead was much weaker than it appeared to be. You could see similar trends that suggested that Specter was in serious trouble despite a strong lead in the polls in the Summer of 2009. Anyone but you would understand that I was agreeing that Hillary’s current large lead in the polls is meaningless, but the downward trends are significant.

    Kevin, I don’t recall mentioning Hoeffel in this or any other recent thread, but I did support him in the primary in 2010. What problem do you have with that? In the general election I did vote for Onerato, but I did so reluctantly. I would not vote that way if I had it to do over again. I certainly was not surprised when he entered the revolving door to become a Highmark lobbyist after the election. Ditto Allyson Schwartz when she became the head lobbyist for the health insurance industry recently, an industry she shilled for for years while a member of Congress while pretending to work toward health care reform (and doing all she could to shut down any discussion of single-payer healthcare).
    One thing you should know, your snarky comments notwithstanding. I vote Democratic the vast majority of the time. I only refrain from doing so when my conscience will not allow it as was the case with Casey and Obama most recently (and I did vote for Obama in 2008 both in the Primary and the General). Hillary Clinton will also never get my vote. If she is the nominee I will probably vote for Jill Stein again or write in Sanders. I will never opt for Party loyalty over my the exercise of my conscience, ever.
    There can be many reasons for a person to vote for or not vote for a particular person in an election, including how deeply they are embedded in what I consider a corrupt and malignant Democratic machine that would rather elect Republicans than progressives. Who are you to judge how people vote, and who are you to suggest that I stop posting in these threads? The fact that I try to be polite and don’t resort to calling people like you and David names does not suggest that I respect what you write here. I also would never dream of attacking you for who you vote for. That is your right and your privilege, and I respect that even if I would never vote in similar fashion. Of course your attacks do not phase me because I would have to respect you in order to be offended by your insults.

  3. Jerry – your hypocrisy is mindblowing! Please spare us anymore of your moronic commentary and foolish nonsense. Go on supporting your unelectable candidates, just like you have always done in the past (i.e. Hoeffel for Governor in 2010.) You literally contradict your own agruments with every word you type!

    I can’t believe a self-proclaimed “progressive” like yourself would cast a vote for a conservative hawk like Joe Sestak who can’t and won’t win this election.

    My progressive vote is going to Katie McGinty who has expertise in the things progressives care about and can actually contribute to meaningful legislation that effects the lives of everyday people!

    GO KATIE!!!!!

  4. Jerry-
    Just google: Sestak Toomey debate
    Any result will do. You can use the town hall debate that Sestak posted to his own youtube site.
    Sestak is awkward and just rattled off figures in an disconnected manner. Even though Toomey is full of crap, he comes off much smoother.

    Why are you still quoting polls to support your contention that Hillary is weak, after acknowledging that they don’t matter this far out.

    Hillary will trounce the GOP candidates. They have no substance and will wither in a debate.

    Hillary being a woman gives her a long overdue perspective that has been sorely lacking. It’s not a question of being a woman makes her better or worse, it’s a question of whether the country wants another generation of many women’s issues being ignored or under-supported by male presidents. Planned Parenthood is under attack, which is an attack on women’s health.

    Hillary would be a better advocate for these issues as she understands them better than the candidates with male parts. Also, she’s been a symbol for women around the world since her days as first lady. As president, she could inspire and push for progress for women around the world.

    But, Jerry, just keep voting against your own interests with guys like Sestak or wasting your vote on the green candidate. PA will be blue in 2016 and your not-Hillary vote won’t make a bit of difference.

  5. David,
    What video? I asked you to link to a video of Sestak debating and instead you just refer to “the video.” I will never take your word for anything David, and I am not even accusing you of being a liar. You just make no sense and you assume that your opinion is the last word and that every one will just naturally agree with it.
    To J. Marshak:
    Have you been watching the polls? You write that Hillary’s lack of substance won’t matter because of the “‘it’s time for a woman” schtick that Hillary will be riding.” Hillary is now getting barely 50% of the vote in most polls where she was in the 70’s only a few months ago. She is barely beating or is losing to the GOP competition. She gets miserable numbers for integrity and honesty. Even white woman are beginning to desert her. I’d like to see a woman in the White House too, but it has to be one who deserves to be there, like Elizabeth Warren. At this point I’d almost be willing to bet that Hillary won’t even be the nominee. There is no evidence that these trends will not continue and get even worse. I’m not saying that Bernie Sanders will get it, though at this point I would not even rule that out. The Democrats know how to read polls. So do the TV talking heads. Many are now openly talking about Hillary’s almost meteoric drop in the polls and what that may portend if she is the nominee. Bernie Sanders has now drawn to within 6 points of her in New Hampshire (a statistical tie).
    And Kevin: I can think of no better reason not to vote for McGinty than that Bob Brady has endorsed her. Brady is the guy who made a deal with the GOP on their gerrymander plan that made his seat and a couple of others safe while handing 5 Democratic seats to the GOP. He is part of the malignancy in the Democratic Party that is destroying the Party and eroding our Democracy.

  6. Bob-
    “Tea party” and “common sense” should never be in the same sentence unless it contains “lack of”.

    Toomey is an ultra conservative who takes an occasional moderate position to help him appeal to the middle. This is unlike other conservatives who are just too stupid to hide their extremism.

    The video helps cement the impression that Sestak is an awkward clown who is not ready/fit to hold office. Also, it does say a lot about how he’s wrapped up in himself and inconsiderate of others and doesn’t care who he steps on. So, in that way, it is pretty accurate.

    Your entire assumption of Sestak as some maverick fighting the corrupt party is so laughable that I can’t take anything you say seriously. Sestak cares only about himself. You are beyond clueless if you don’t get that. Sestak has been a disaster for the party and a complete waste of resources.

    Joe is pretty creepy, especially when he talks about how much he enjoyed working with young sailors. You half expect him to mention their sweaty glistening bodies.

    But, what will keep Sestak from another embarrassing lost to Toomey will be his embarrassing lost to McGinty. It’s great that Toomey is wasting money on a candidate he won’t even face.

    Kane apologist
    She’ll have plenty of ID. Her base will be the party base. She’ll have money to get on TV. Beating Toomey is going to be tough, but she should be able to raise enough money to knock out Sestak. The better her fundraising the quicker Sestak’s will dry up. Part of his fundraising has been based on the assumption that he was the only candidate.

  7. Sestak is done! Game over… Excited to nominate McGinty for Senate! Just one day after announcing her campaign she received the support of Allegheny Dem. Chair Nancy Mills, US Rep. Bob Brady and State Rep. Brian Sims among others!

  8. Looking forward to casting my vote for Katie McGinty for US Senate! She’s a longlife progressive who understands the real challenges facing our state and our nation! GO KATIE!

    Sestak and Toomey are both right-wing conservative hawks who don’t understand the real threats to our nation include climate change!

  9. Hey Diano! Mother Jones published a feature entitled “Why Is It So Hard for Wrongfully Convicted Women to Get Justice?” yesterday. Its a compelling piece. Criminal justice reform has attracted considerable attention among politicos recently. Wonder why?

  10. And as I expected, this ad is just as devoid of substance as her entire gubernatorial campaign was. Unfortunately, she won’t need substance to do well in 2016 because of the whole “it’s time for a woman” schtick that Hillary will be riding.

    It should be incredibly insulting to everyone to suggest that you should vote for female candidates because of their genitalia instead of their resumes and positions on the issues. But hey, that logic has been working wonders for the Dems lately.

  11. Dear Kane apologist:
    Remember, you re responding to David.
    Logic and facts don’t matter if they do not support his hypothesis.
    I am reminded of an article many years ago in Esquire Magazine going into the arguments pro and con about various JFK conspiracy theories. One theory was that the fatal head shot had to have come from the front because it drove his head violently backwards and to the left which would be contrary to the laws of physics if the shot came from behind. The con argument was “do the laws of physics apply if they contradict the Warren Report?”
    I wonder if David would be able to steer us to video of one of those debates he keeps referring to where Sestak performed so miserably. Then we can decide for ourselves whether Sestak is a terrible debater rather than take David’s word for it. As for his being “creepy,” I know many people who like and plan to vote for Sestak based on their own interactions with him, and I have never heard any of them refer to Sestak as “creepy.” He is stubborn, opinionated, and not nearly as progressive as I wish he were, but he is also honest and quite personable, and he refuses to take bullshit from the Democratic Leadership which wants him to ask “how high” when they say “jump.”

  12. “Her 4th place finish in the Gov primary is irrelevant because Wolf got nearly 60% and McCord and Schwartz were far more established and well-known, and got slaughtered despite built-in base of supporters.”

    And not having things like Name ID and a base of support this time around don’t matter, right

  13. There is one other thing besides the way Sestak makes the Democratic Machine leaders nuts that delights me, David. It is the way I make you nuts.
    I wish I had a dollar for every baseless and unsubstantiated attack you have made against Sestak, and every time you have fallen back on irrelevancies, and every time you have just made things up. When you are called out for your blathering you just stutter and stammer and call names and then claim that you are not even calling names. Do you really think the fact that Sestak stumbled over some kids is going to sway votes? It is unfortunate, and I am sure he is embarrassed about it, but it is hardly the stuff of which scandals are made, and you wouldn’t even bring up things so inane as this if you had anything relevant to offer. I am truly embarrassed for you when I read your posts, and your attacks on me invoke chuckles rather than irritation. So keep your very entertaining screeds coming. They provide welcome comic relief.

  14. Pat Toomey has been walking away from his base for some time. The special election in House District 161 yesterday gives some indication of what I think will happen statewide.

    Democrat Krueger-Braneky received 48 percent of the vote to {Republican nominee IBEW 654 business agent and opponent of pension reform] Mullen’s 42 percent and Esler’s 10 percent, according to returns posted on Delaware County’s website.

    Lisa Esler was the Tea Party fiscal common sense candidate. Pat Toomey said Paul Mullen shared his values.Paul Mullen is a Democrat masquerading as a Republican. Personnel is policy and Pat Toomey endorsed Democratic values.

  15. Her video comments are….well total bs…who has been running this country anyway…a democrat…everything thing she complains about is a result of Obama…like affordable health care…right!

  16. Jerry

    Pointing out that you are a fool is observation, not name calling.

    You should heed the following quote:
    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

    McGinty clearly should have dropped out before the primary, as it was obvious a month before the Wolf was going to win in a landslide. McCord and Schwartz could have saved themselves the effort as well. But if you look at votes per dollar spent, I bet McGinty’s ratio is on par.

    It’s a silly attack, since Wolf was rated the most liberal governor, McGinty could use that same result to say it proves she’s not that liberal.

    Toomey is going to make the attack that his opponent is a tax and spend liberal. I’m sure 90% of his campaign is already written with “fill in the DEM candidate” in the blanks to be searched/replaced.

    What Toomey won’t have is video of McGinty trampling small children. 🙂

    The bottom line is that Sestak is a creepy guy who can’t raise enough money, and couldn’t debate his way out a paper bag.

    McGinty is not super popular among the rank and file for various reasons, but she has the support of the party leadership, should be able to raise serious money and she WILL work with the party on a coordinated campaign. Also, she will promote dems voting straight ticket in districts where Wolf needs legislative wins to help him gain (regain) ground in Harrisburg. Also, McGinty is great in a debate and will dismantle Toomey like a cheap watch.

    For these reasons, McGinty is the superior candidate to challenge Toomey.

    If Sestak’s skeletons fall out of the closet at the right time, he might just drop out to save himself scrutiny and public embarrassment (especially if there is a public lawsuit against him).

    Stay tuned.

  17. Good show David. When logic and facts fail you resort to name calling. How mature you are. I really don’t care if Sestak is a progressive. The mere fact that he drives people like Schumer and Rendell and Rooney and Brady nuts is good enough for me. He has my vote.

  18. Jerry

    It’s fools like you who are destroying the democratic party because you quite literally do not know your @ss from a hole in the ground.

    Go to the PA progressive summit and ask if they think Sestak is a progressive.

    No one is saying that Hillary isn’t flawed, but the GOP candidates and party are completely broken beyond repair.

    Sestak campaigned specifically on standing up to Bush on the Iraq war, and broke his promise twice. Sestak is a republican posing as a Democrat. He is a malignancy on the party.

    Voting for Stein was the same as throwing away your vote. You didn’t need to even bother showing up.

  19. David,
    Amazing that you would suggest I plan to vote Republican given the obvious fact that I am a Progressive Democrat. In fact I have never voted Republican in my life, though in hindsight I voted for a few Democrats who acted more like Republicans than Democrats (that was back when I foolishly subscribed to the “lesser of two evils” philosophy). I usually write someone in if I cannot vote for a Democratic candidate (as I did twice rather than vote for Bob Casey), or I sometimes go Third Party as I did in 2012 when I voted for Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein.
    Iraq war? Hillary voted that way too, remember? Telcom immunity? Obama promised to filibuster that and then broke his word and voted for it, remember? That single-payer bill enabling states an ERISA waiver was a GOP parliamentary maneuver designed to embarrass the Democrats who pretend to support health care reform while enriching insurance and pharmaceutical companies. I am a strong single-payer advocate, and Sestak openly opposes it. That is his right, but at least he doesn’t talk out of both sided of his mouth on the issue as Obama and Clinton do.
    You accuse me of being uninformed about Sestak, but you fault me for votes he made that were identical to Clinton’s and Obama’s, so I guess you are also either uninformed or you are a hypocrite who talks out of both sides of his mouth. Besides, I have already stated numerous times that I take issue with many of Sestak’s positions, but support him because he is opposed by the malignant Democratic machine that is destroying the Democratic Party.

  20. The video launch already breaks the law. Mcginty using footage from her gubernatorial run for a federal race. Who let that one slip?

  21. Jerry-

    You must really learn to read. I said he’d be a great VP pick, that doesn’t mean he’d accept or she would offer. But, such an offer, if accepted, would bring the party together of there was rancor after the primary.

    It’s pretty obvious that you plan to vote for whatever loon wins the GOP primary, so let’s not pretend you plan to vote for the Democrat.
    The GOP candidates have a branding iron mark on their asses showing their ownership by Wall Street.

    You write: “I have not studied Sestak’s Congressional voting record”
    So, let’s acknowledge right now that you are uninformed on Joe’s voting record and are supporting him out of your ignorance of his record and of how being part of a party works.
    But, some key votes are: two votes for Bush’s Iraq War funding, telecom immunity and warrantless wiretaps, funding Dick Cheney’s office (after he declared himself a 4th branch of government), and voting against states opting for single-payer (in committee).

    The only big knock I’ve heard about McGinty is from the environmentalists who claim that she is pro-drilling and “greenwashes” the industry with talk of “safe” fracking.

    Her 4th place finish in the Gov primary is irrelevant because Wolf got nearly 60% and McCord and Schwartz were far more established and well-known, and got slaughtered despite built-in base of supporters. Also, it’s pretty clear that Katie saw the writing on the wall and (possibly/likely) cut a deal with Wolf during the primary and just coasted to the end. She didn’t lose it like McCord and go all-in with crazy racist allegations. She kept her cool and played it smart.

    And if Sestak ran for Gov, he would have been 5th.

    It’s obvious that Toomey would rather face Sestak. Joe is one of the worst debaters I’ve seen in either party. Toomey already knows he can run circles around Joe and has that video of Joe separately trampling two little kids during the same parade. (ie: Joe didn’t learn his lesson after the first kid he trampled).

  22. Lots of “feel good” statements but short on actual qualifications to be a US Senator.

  23. tommyd: Yes, economic concerns are ordinarily uppermost in voters’ minds. But unfortunately for the Democratic Party (of which I am a member), the “scandals” to come will almost certainly alarm the common man…

  24. The articles I received about McGinty’s ethics problems were sent to me by fellow progressive Democrats and are not GOP talking points. I personally will not vote for McGinty because I see her as nothing but a tool of the machine that is trying to take down Sestak. I won’t vote for Hillary Clinton either if she is the nominee, nor for any other Democrat who carries Wall Street’s water. I do not consider any of them to be true Democrats because they have abandoned the principles that our Party is supposed to stand for.

  25. Either Sestak or McGinty can beat Toomey. Their positions are very similar and are all about the economy, stupid. The latest scandal speculations and GOP talking points, all of which are divorced from the reality of people’s lives, will be irrelevant on Election Day, 2016.

  26. David writes: ” If you look at Joe’s votes in congress when he went against the Dem majority, it was to side with the GOP, rather than stand-up against the Dems siding with the GOP.”
    What a hypocrite you are. I have not studied Sestak’s Congressional voting record, and I would never take your word for anything given your track record, but assuming that for once you know what you are talking about, isn’t this exactly what Obama has done over and over again, specifically with the TPP and his attempted “grand bargain” on the economy that would have gutted Social Security and Medicare. Both of those were strongly opposed by the Democrats in Congress, and there are numerous other examples. There are also numerous examples of Bob Casey doing the same thing. By the standard you use to judge Sestak you should be roundly condemning Obama and Casey as well, and many other so-called “Democrats.” Of course consistency has never been one of the traits you have exhibited in these threads which is one of the reasons why no one seems to take you seriously.

  27. Polls this early are indeed irrelevent David, which was demonstrated by the fact that in 2007 they suggested that Hillary was the inevitable Democratic candidate for President. Didn’t quite work out that way did it? What polls this far out are good for is to reveal trends, and it is becoming clear that the electorate, in ever-growing numbers, simply does not trust her or even like her. “Dishonest” is the word that most often seems to surface regarding Hillary Clinton in those polls. She demonstrates that every day by claiming to want to take on Wall Street reform while raking in tens of millions of dollars from bankers and hedge fund operators, and by refusing to reveal where she stands on the TPP and XL pipeline. Those poll trends were apparent in 2007 as well.
    As far as Bernie Sanders accepting an offer be her running mate, you must also have some very, very good drugs, and you clearly don’t realize how much Bernie dislikes her and her Wall Street benefactors. As far as your apparent belief that Specter would have defeated Toomey, my those must really be some exceptional drugs. Have you forgotten how Sestak came from as much as 50-points behind to defeat Specter in rout in the Primary? Have you forgotten that polls also showed that the majority of both Democratic and Republican voters held a very unfavorable opinion of Specter. I initially supported Sestak largely because I saw no possibility that Specter could win, with voters in both parties disliking him so. I am not the one who raised the McCord tapes, and that is not what I am speaking about. There were some ethics issues raised during her tenure in the DEP regarding some conflicts of interest involving her support for programs that stood to financially benefit her husband. If you do a google search you will find this, but I’ve noticed that facts and information are not your strong points. Those stories also suggested a very cozy relationship back then with some of the same people who are trying to take down Sestak now. I suspect that Sestak will run on issues and will not bring this stuff up, but perhaps the media will.

  28. Jerry-

    What you are forgetting is all common sense.

    Bernie is not going anywhere. He will push Hillary to the left on issues, but he’s not going to be the nominee. He’d be a great VP pick for Hillary, though.

    Biden knows he can’t beat Hillary.

    Polls this early are meaningless. Do you think Trump will be the GOP’s nominee? Michelle Bachmann and Herman “999” Cain both lead the GOP polls as late as December before self-destructing.

    Sestak’s “refusal to cowtow” is related to his poor political choice in challenging Specter and causing Toomey’s victory to satisfy Joe’s own ego. If you look at Joe’s votes in congress when he went against the Dem majority, it was to side with the GOP, rather than stand-up against the Dems siding with the GOP.

    Sestak is no moral nor ethical leader. His campaign theme is about “restoring integrity”, despite him not possessing an ounce of it himself.

    I do not know what dirt Unknown seems to think will come from the McCord tapes. However, I’m already aware of at least one show-stopper that will end Sestak’s political career once it becomes public knowledge. Sestak is done (even if he doesn’t know it yet).

  29. I just checked those 2014 primary results. McGinty received only 7.66% of the vote, 9 points behind McCord who finished third. To suggest that she is formidable competition for Sestak is almost laughable. There are also reports floating about that she was in way over her head in her job in the Governor’s office and had become a liability to Tom Wolf in that role. That suggests that running for the Senate gave her both an excuse to exit a job that ill-suited her, and an opportunity to score points with her Sestak-hating mentors. I am not including Wolf in that crowd because I have seen no evidence that he is part of the anti-Sestak lynching party.

  30. What you are all forgetting is that the electorate is largely fed up with Republican loonies and Democratic hacks. Bernie Sanders is dramatic evidence of that, and so is the continuing and accelerating decline of Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers. When you begin to tank over a year ahead of the election you are in serious trouble. That probably explains why Biden is suddenly being floated as a candidate. Sestak’s refusal to cowtow to the Democratic machine as well as his demonstrated ability to win over the grass roots will lead him to an easy victory in the primary and probably also victory against Toomey. I think the way the Democrats are trying to undermine Sestak is a disgrace, and I think it will back fire. I also think some conflict-of-interest ethics issues are going to rear their head against McGinty. They are out there and have generated some ink, but so far they are pretty much flying below the radar. They may stay below the radar if Sestak does not go there because the media seems to have drunk the machine’s anti-Sestak kool-aid. I have never seen this woman campaign, but she really seems to me to be anything but a formidable candidate, and please remember her awful 4th in a field of 4 finish when she ran for Governor. In fact, if memory serves me, it was a distant fourth. The person who suggested Toomey would rather face Sestak than McGinty must have some very good drugs. I hope he is sharing them.

  31. Unknown-

    You seem to be implying that the McCord wiretapping has something on Joe Sestak related to the hiring of his brother Richard. However, you’ve failed to indicate what specifically that might be. It would be ironic if Sestak got taken out of the picture by law enforcement.

    If they raid his PA “residence”, they’ll probably find that it’s little more than a storage facility for all his left over campaign material (signs, letterhead, computers, printers, etc.). All that equipment and office supplies from his 2010 campaign had to wind up somewhere. Joe’s FEC reports do NOT list any storage facilities (like Public Storage), nor does he have any expenditures for any campaign offices, rent, etc.

    So, therefore, all his stuff must be at his PA house (and maybe his mom’s house and his VA house). If his PA dwelling is primarily a campaign HQ, then this is probably one more violation for the FEC to look into, as money spent on the house is really a campaign contribution/expense.

    The faltering economy that Bush left? The economy has been improving (and would do better if the GOP in congress helped). But, the worldwide shock of the 2008 financial crisis and lost jobs is going to be around for a while and we may not see huge growth again for decades if at all. There are economists predicting that average growth will slow to around 1.5% in the 21st century.

  32. Yeah, this is shaping up to be the year of the DEMOCRAT Hack, all right.
    Can’t wait to see who gets the coveted Planned Parenthood endorsement. The faltering economy and the Iran sellout will make Dems super-popular in 2016.

  33. Hey Diano! Ponder this. Former Sallie Mae CEO Al Lord (the same Al Lord who lies at the heart of the Fattah scandal) provides staggering sums of money (hundreds of thousands) to former PA Treasurer Rob McCord just as the latter’s gubernatorial campaign gets underway. One wiretapped figure leads to another wiretapped figure. And then Rob McCord inexplicably recruits a Senior Advisor with whom he had no prior relationship…

  34. George Earle-

    Sestak lost by 80,000 votes, not 75,000.

    The turnout in 2012 was just over 80%. (Never count the 1 million inactive voters in your denominator)

    Toomey is in good shape financially and has managed to portray himself as moderate, despite being an ultra conservative. So, he’s going to be tough to beat.

    However, there is no question that the Dems will win the state for president. PA has gone blue every cycle since Bill Clinton. Obama’s approval ratings don’t matter as much as the state of the economy. Historically, if people feel good about the economy the incumbent party retains the White House.

    But, more importantly, the GOP doesn’t even have a candidate who would be a good city mayor, let alone President. The GOP clown card will get crushed after their circular firing squad. The GOP has lost the Hispanic vote for this cycle, and they are not going to get it back. The damage has been done.

    In general:
    It’s a great opening campaign ad. Sestak could never put together something that smooth/professional and deliver the talking point for the issues so succinctly. Toomey does not want to debate McGinty. I’m sure he’s making calls to raise money for Sestak. 🙂

  35. Toomey is a lock. I don’t think that the party nationally will even invest much $$ in the race if he continues to poll over 50%, regardless as to who the dem candidate is. Wolf has completely turned off voters across the state with his irresponsible governing style. Combine that with Obama’s all time low approval ratings (last I saw was 35% approval in PA), and you have a disaster in the making for PA dems. The only question at this point is whether or not the PA democratic party has damaged itself so badly that PA will go to the GOP in the 2016 presidential election.

  36. Great ad. This is what being a Democrat is about. Positive, forward looking, and interested in others beside yourselves. We are about to get a second Democratic Senator in Pennsylvania. About time Democrats got their act together.

    Remember, Adm. Sestak (Ret.) only lost to Toomey by 75,000 votes in a landslide election year when there were no major races. More than 1.5 million people did not vote who would vote in the Presidential two years later. They will vote in 2016. Plus, all of the row offices will be up for election, so there will be a huge ground game for AG & Treasurer in Montco & Philadelphia respectively with Shapiro & Torsella. The DNC will also lead to huge interest and money spike.

    In 2012, the turnout in PA was 59% and Bob Casey received over 3,000,000 votes. Casey won by more than a half million votes. Toomey will not be able to stem a Democratic tide.

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