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BREAKING: PA-Sen: Toomey Endorses Rubio

Toomey-RubioPat Toomey has made his choice among the 2016 GOP candidates for President.

According to Alex Isenstadt of Politico, Sen. Toomey will be endorsing Marco Rubio today.

Toomey and Rubio were both elected to the Senate as part of the 2010 GOP wave.

Rubio finished third in Iowa on Monday, exceeding expectations and giving his campaign some momentum.

Interestingly, according to FiveThirtyEight’s endorsement tracker system, Toomey’s support would make Rubio the new leader among in the Republican primary. Jeb Bush previously had the most endorsement points.

29 Responses

  1. ProUSA-
    Equivocada.marco are attacking the person has the talent, experience and patriotism, who have no other candidatos.las auras come together to attack band alone are nothing.
    That super patriot crap that Rubio puts on is an act. He hides behind the flag. He is a fairweather patriot like Hannity, and Limbaugh who would never pledge their fortunes or their lives for this country. They just want to live large and pay no taxes. Got it?

  2. Okay Toomey and Rubio Lovers, Here’s the dope on Rubio. Rubio is GAY! That’s right, he’s a HOMO and a PORN STAR! I don’t make this up. Investigative reporter, Wayne Madsen, [ex-Navy Intelligence] found a treasure trove of info on that phoney-ram-a hypocrite Rubio. So the next time you hear him invoke the name of “Jesus” or “Christ” roll your eyes and yell at your tv or radio and call him a phoney!

    Here are the links. From the Public Intelligence Blog

    These are the dumb, psycho creeps that Toomey supports? C’mon, give me a break!

  3. Thank you Senator Toomey for your great leadership. Rubio is following the recent path of another first turn senator who became President. This endorsement will be a big boost.

  4. Oh boy – you know someone’s absolutely off his rocker when he’s accusing Pat Toomey of not being conservative enough. Toomey makes Reagan look like a spineless, raging pinko.

  5. @Tim, I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and guess that you voted for Obama in 2008 (when he only served 4 years of his first 6 year Senate term).

  6. Marco is the “Boy Wonder From Calle Ocho” down in Little Havana in Miami. Heck, he can’t even finish out his first term as Senator and want to be President. Oh sure, I’va watched him in the news, with his tough talk on ISIS, how he will defend Israel at any cost and Sink trillions into more military adventures. Just more Right Wing Republican talking points to sate the base. But the truth is, the man is a psycho in my opinion.

    The fact Toomey is backing this jerk, only shows you how far afield Toomey is with mainstream Pennsylvanians. Well, when it comes to the General Election, we’ll see if Toomey survives won’t we?

  7. carson fan tomey aint gotta take sides but he aint gonna sitt buy and aint say nuthin bout who nex prezdnt gonna be he say marcus rubino gonna beet hilry clenton nex yeer and tomey ookay to says that,

  8. Toomey doesn’t want to make this race harder than it already is. So what do you if you where to make up in Toomey’s shoes? You would do what he did today. Join Rubio has won it crowd and drain the swamp of anybody who might expose him for he is a little boy in a suit. Chris Chris is one who could do it.
    If they pull it off they would save themselves a lot of money that be used to “fix” Toomey as Liz stated below to fool people that Toomey is a moderate republican when he’s not. He needs the narrative that they are trying to build for Marco for himself. He needs to make this a change election so he can “fix” people’s impression of him which is that he says that he’s for something but he votes tell another story altogether.

  9. Why does Toomey have to take sides? I always liked Toomey because I thought he was a person who didn’t do this. I will not vote for Toomey any more.

  10. I am assuming all of you complaining about Rubio missing votes all voted for Obama who may I add missed more votes. Also, since 2010 Rubio has only missed 8% more votes than Cruz.

  11. Estan atacando a la persona equivocada.marco tiene el talento,la experiencia y el patriotismo,que no tienen los demas candidatos.las auras se juntan para atacar en banda,solas no son nada.

  12. No surprise that the establishment is coalescing behind the one candidate who fails to go to work despite being elected by the voters of Florida.

  13. Republicans against Toomey(RAT 2016)–this endorsement from the same hypocrite who seconded Mitch McConnell for senate majority leader- lets face it McConnell is a political wimp who has been bulldozed by Obama and Reid(at least Harry will fight for something). The children at Club for Growth and the republican establishment (RINO incorporated) simply don’t get it. In several election cylcles they told a frustrated electorate they would do certain things- none of which got done- Toomey was on the Senate Committee and was among the first to agree to a tax increase. It is unfortunate that in ignoring the message of so many voters (not the tea party but many others) they are ignoring the reasons so many anti-establishment Republicans will not support Bush, the bozo from Ohio and the child from Florida named Rubio. Toomey may yhink its smart politics=and short term it may be–but in the end Hiliary will clean Rubio’s clock and Toomey and other PA Republicans like Costello will be out of office.

  14. Rubio is such a light weight. Never showing up for his senate job yet cashing his paycheck. Missing votes, committee meetings, nat’l security briefings. Terrible attendance record.
    Also he sounds like a pre-programmed robot using memorized speech snipets for every question.
    Lazy apathetic no-show who wants us to promote him.
    All that lavish spending on the RNC credit card showed how shallow and immature he was–took 10,000 dollar family vacation, put in 4,000 dollars of flooring in his home, wife bought food and booze for the house and on and on and on.
    He is a major slacker. And what about that billionaire Norman Braman in Florida who gives him spending money as if some kind of allowance. A car dealer neo con type.
    Rubio—-Not grown up, not presidential.

  15. Below is a link to an article NOT BEING REPORTED on here in Pennsylvania. Note that it is on the national ABC website:

    Below is an article written before the Appeals court decided the case and threw out the charges against the people that Fina & The Corbett Pervs tried to rail-road. See # 9. It is exactly what is happening in the PSU3 case above (as reported by ABC news).

    The PA Corruption Network’s Playbook

    The cases of current Pennsylvania Attorney General (AG) Kathleen Kane and that of former Penn State University (PSU) officials (i.e., the PSU 3) are connected by a common thread.

    A group of the Commonwealth’s attorneys, judges, political operatives, and their media accomplices — hereafter referred to as the “network” — used trumped up charges, purposely misinterpreted laws, and oversold highly dubious evidence to convict these individuals in the court of public opinion.

    After examining the timelines and evidence of these cases, it appears that the network has a well defined playbook for taking out its targets and it works like this:

    1. Individuals within the network fear their own heinous acts may be exposed and publicly accuse their opponents of crimes as a means of deflecting attention away from themselves.

    2. The network next co-opts individuals close to the target(s) –insiders — to assist in setting up the target(s) to be charged with perjury and other crimes.

    3. After the insiders have sufficiently undermined the targets (using various means of deception), the network’s attorneys and/or judges leak damaging information about the targets to the media.

    4. The media arm of the network uses the information in an attempt to compromise the targets or to promote guilt by association in the press.

    5. At the conclusion of this “framing,” that was mislabeled as a criminal investigation, attorneys go public with charging documents that allege crimes based on misinterpretations of the laws and that are chocked full of questionable testimony from unreliable witnesses, completely illogical scenarios, and dubious evidence. Perjury charges are standard in order to publicly smear the defendants as being dishonest individuals while attempting to pump up the veracity of the Commonwealth’s lousy witnesses (who would be eviscerated at an actual trial).

    6. The media accomplices ignore the illegal application of relevant laws, that the charging documents are illogical, the lousy witnesses, and the highly questionable evidence in order to continue treating the allegations as facts and even go as far as to allege the target committed crimes for which he or she has not been charged.

    7. The public falls for the deception and believes the targets are guilty of everything and are corrupt individuals — whether they have been charged with a crime or not. Citizen activists, public officials, and other groups and individuals — who are beneficiaries of the corrupt network — jump on the media bandwagon to publicly condemn the targets.

    8. Witting and/or unwitting employers recommend the targets be relieved of their duties or actually do so through employment actions — before anything is proven and without conducting a legitimate legal review.

    9. When legal proceedings in the cases reveal the false and questionable testimony put forth in the charging documents and the dubious evidence used in the case, the network’s media arm ignores the information and continues to slant the reports so the public continues to assume the targets are guilty.

    10. The legal issues from the misapplications of the laws result in appeals to the network’s judges, who refused to rule on simple matters and keep the trials on permanent hold.

    The network’s playbook achieves the goal of protecting its corrupt dealings and/or heinous crimes by never legally proving, but publicly scapegoating the targets in a media firestorm that is high in supposition and light on facts.

    To wit: the grand jury and Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman did not find the evidence to charge AG Kane with directly leaking grand grand jury information in the Mondesire case, but you wouldn’t know that if you just read the news headlines.

    Instead, they charged her with perjury (part of the playbook), lesser crimes, and for orchestrating the leaks, the latter of which Ferman and others know can’t be proven.
    Then again, the network’s playbook doesn’t include actually prosecuting the case.

  16. BREAKING — Appeals Court threw out most of the charges agains Penn State 3, a huge case here in PA. The Court found that Frank Fina’s conduct was “highly improper.”

    Fina is at the center of the much-discussed Kane case. He traded racist e-mails with his white male buddies. Seth Williams has been crucified for hiring him.

    The Court throws out most of the charges in one of his cases based on his unethical behavior.

    But only // CRICKETS // here at PPA … Hmmmm ….

  17. This kind of reaction to Toomey is the same that got us Governor Wolf (who is killing PA) and will get us Joe Sestak who is really bad and left of Obama. We can “fix” Toomey but no hope for dealing with Sestak.

  18. Rubio is the guy who is a “no show” for work. His absence from the Senate demonstrates a terrible work ethic. And, I am not counting being absent for this campaign which I won’t hold against any candidate. But I mean when he was supposed to be showing up for work in past years, but was AWOL.

  19. He’ll be fishing for a job back on Wall Street after being kicked out of Washington by any one of the three Democrats seeking the nomination to run against him.

  20. He probably will be out of his office in November. Probably fishing after defeating one of the nobody’s sorry enough to ruin against him.
    Don’t worry, he’ll be back in his office in January.

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