BREAKING: Philly DA Fined $62,000 for Ethics Violation

Seth-WilliamsPhiladelphia District Attorney General Seth Williams received a massive rebuke today.

The city’s Board of Ethics fined Williams a record $62,000 for his unauthorized acceptance of gifts. The DA will also have to pay the city back $2,840.

Williams got 89 gifts alongside 5 sources of income, all of which went unreported on his financial disclosure forms.

“Among the gifts District Attorney Williams failed to disclose…were 20 gifts from individuals who had a financial interest that the District Attorney was able to substantially affect through official action at the time they gave the gifts,” the Ethics Board stated. “These individuals included criminal defense attorneys who were handling cases prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office, as well as subordinate employees and contractors of the District Attorney’s Office.”

The Philly DA is up for re-election this year.

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  1. we’ll truly see how corrupt philly politics can be if their local wing nut Dems endorse the proved crooked williams in the primary. let’s hope the IRS / PA AG indict him for criminal income tax first, and the dumb white candidates in the primary figure out how not to let him split the ticket again.

    josh s, let’s hear where are you on this one ????

  2. Oh dear, another corrupt prosecutor in a large urban PA County. Pittsburgh does not like to share with Philly.

  3. 4 candidates assumes all of them make it past ballot petition scrutiny or don’t drop out beforehand for other reasons. If one of them manages a city committee endorsement, Seth can kiss his butt goodbye.

  4. I don’t understand why all the fuss in Philly. In Pittsburgh, we have scared everybody out of the D.A.’s race ever since we had an opponent beat up 20 years ago. It never hurts to punish enemies from the office either in order to keep the fear factor up. Still, it didn’t work so swell for us in the A.G. Race. We were dealing statewide with a lower concentration of scared morons

  5. $62,000 fine for ethics violations is a negative ad that his opponents don’t even have to make up.

    Garet Jax-
    Interesting “word” on Untermeyer.

    Recent PoliticsPA article had Joe Khan with $200K Cash on hand. If 2013 primary is any indication, Dem turnout is going to be in the 70,000 to 80,000 voter range. So, probably 30,000 votes wins a multi-candidate race. Maybe even 25,000.

    Good targeting of the 10% of voters who are going to show up (and not wasting money on the 90% who are staying home) can make all the difference.

  6. Garet you are half right. Williams’s first problem is that there’s already at least $450,000 in campaign funding against him, and we haven’t even heard from Negrin and Carr-Deni.

    Mathematically the vote is not likely to be split evenly among the four white candidates. More likely, the overall vote will follow a curve, something like 35-32-20-10-3. It won’t take much to push Williams from 41% down to the low 30’s. A low turnout in certain parts of the city, similar to what happened in November, would be enough. If any of the four are underfunded, it’s probably over. Plus, if George Soros succeeds in getting a second Black candidate in the race, it’s also over.

    What’s really interesting is that Williams had historically raised around 200k annually until 2013, after which it dropped off precipitously. Not sure what that’s all about.

    In any case he’s going to need a lot of money to combat negative TV ads coming at him from four directions.

  7. Won’t make a bit of difference. 4 white candidates will split the anti-Seth vote and Williams wins easily. Someone better tell these morons to look at the returns from 2009 when the same thing happened. Word is that Untermeyer is looking for a job from Seth and is in the race solely to siphon off votes. The fine is only the tip of the iceberg. Wait until the other candidates and press start looking into Seth’s PAC spending over the last 6 years. Hundreds of thousand dollars went for Seth’s personal expenditures-almost none was political.

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