BREAKING: Report: Kane Received Pornographic Emails

Kane-ConferenceAn allegation during the trial of State Rep. Louise Williams Bishop may turn the Kathleen Kane saga on its head.

For months, there has been speculation as to why the Attorney General was constantly equivocating about releasing all the pornographic and offensive emails that were found on the office’s computer servers.

Rumors persisted just under the surface that perhaps Kane’s twin sister had been involved. Well now, prosecutor Mark Gilson has aired that charge in the courtroom. Not only that, he is alleging that the Attorney General herself was also a recipient.

If true, this could radically change the situation as the core of Kane’s legal defense has been that a boy’s club in Harrisburg is afraid that she will expose their inappropriate conduct. If the Attorney General was even tangentially involved in the same activity it would undercut her strongest arguments.

We’ll have more on this as it develops.

UPDATE: Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo denied any knowledge of such activity.

“We have asked a number of times about emails that may have been connected to the attorney general’s sister and have been consistently told there are none,” Ardo said. “We don’t know where the D.A.’s Office got its information, or what it’s based on.”

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119 thoughts on “BREAKING: Report: Kane Received Pornographic Emails”

  1. HaHaHa says:

    Were any of their punishments one day of worthless “sensitivity training” ???

    If the-mails of others are as appalling as Fina’s and Eakin’s, and they too are paid using my $$$, then I will rail for their dismissal as well. In fact, the pathetic troll asked that question weeks ago. I believe everyone here said people who received only should not be in same category as Fina and that they wanted everyone who used their State computer on vile, racist, women-hating material to be held accountable.

    The shills seem to be arguing the following: “Kane let her sister get away with sending smut; so we should all be OK with Seth Williams letting Fina get away with it.” It’s silly …

  2. Harry F. Truthteller says:

    Everyone knows that HaHaHa, Pat Unger, kraig, and I are the same person. We post mindless bullshit under different screen names and, to be funny, we all accuse other people of using multiple screen names. We get it! HaHaHa is complete moron! No kidding! So is Pat Unger! Same person, same drivel!

  3. Franklin Morse says:


    If you were a secretary or a legal assistant and not a prosecutor, then the punishments should be different. Also, the content should be taken into account.

  4. GovRandall says:

    Larry is really ruining the comments section lately. Please go away. More Bob Guzzardi though. We always need more Bob Guzzardi.

  5. kraig001 says:

    I believe “Observer” was the one talking about the case where Fina went after a woman criminally for paying her son’s tuition online on her government computer. If it’s true (and I have no idea if it is), Fina is in big trouble. His sentencing judge will not like that too much.

  6. Harry F. Truthteller says:

    I have been reading this blog a long time. Not sure why the comments always end up with the same person using various screen names SCREAMING at HaHaHa and Pat Unger. It is getting annoying. They both make some good points. HaHaHa sometimes does too. Don’t get the point in the vitriol directed their way. Unless the person using multiple screen names has a dog in the race. If that is the case, I would implore PolPA to put an end to it. It is ruining the usually decent discourse here.

  7. Larry says:

    Oh, you agree with Pat Unger, HaHaHa? I agree with myself all the time. Take your meds, loser.

  8. Reasonable Rep says:

    Indicted for what crime?

  9. HaHaHa says:

    I wonder what Senator Williams and NOW will say when they hear that there may be others who also sent vile, racist e-mails? I’m sure they will just forgive and forget. After all – two (or twenty two) wrongs do make a right. LOL.

    Of course – there is no proof that Kane’s sister sent any of the racist (KFC) or sexist (motivational posters suggesting women needed to perform oral sex on their bosses to advance their careers) e-mails. But, eve if there was, I’m pretty sure the list of people calling for Williams to remove those racist, women-hating creeps from the City’s payroll will be thoroughly unimpressed.

    Agree with Pat that Granahan should be indicted too if she sent the racist, mysoginy-filled garbage that Fina sent. And Kane should go with her if she covered for her sister.

  10. Larry says:

    HaHaHa/Pat Unger — tell us how Fina OWNED you! You’ve been talking incessantly for weeks about Fina’s racist prosecution but then you got OWNED yesterday when it was made perfectly clear that there was no racism involved. I bet you stewed over that all night!

  11. Pat Unger says:

    David – I think this is a silly debate. There are people getting paid by the City of Philadelphia who have no business being prosecutors. When it comes to Frank Fina, it doesn’t matter that there are others employed elsewhere that have similar racist views.

    That being said – if Granahan (or anyone else) used their State computers to distribute the vile, disturbing stuff that Fina distributed, then they should go to jail with him.

    And if Kane cover-dup for her sister, then she should go to jail with Eakin (who’s behavior in his cover-up is way more disturbing than his e-mails messages … which were pretty disturbing).

    Time will tell. In the meantime – the heads of two law enforcement agencies continue to act like stupid little children. If the Feds ever thought it was time to get involved, now would be that time … Come on, boys. What are you waiting for?

  12. SpongeBob says:

    I agree. That’s why I specifically said sent and received. Those who sent a ton were fired. Those who sent smaller percentages where suspended. Those who just received signed a document stating they would effectively block/report those who were sending the material outside of being sent random spam type messages out of their control. My question to you is do you believe the punishments should have been consistent regardless of your stature or relationships with others in the office?

  13. David Diano says:


    I think it depends on the content of the emails, and the person’s involvement sending or receiving. I don’t think anyone should be suspended for merely receiving, unless they were at the coffee machine and said: “Hey, I liked that email. It was funny. Please send me more.”

  14. SpongeBob says:

    Would you agree that if Kane suspended others for having been part of the receiving and sending chain and fired those who were heavily involved in the sending, that the punishment should be consistent?

  15. David Diano says:


    I haven’t argued for the punishment of email receivers, unless there was some reporting rules/guidelines that the failed to adhere to.

    Also, regardless of the offensive nature of the content, many emails reveal a too-close relationship between prosecutors and judges that calls into question potential bias. The level of comfort with the extreme content is a red flag.

  16. SpongeBob says:

    Prepare to be shocked, but I don’t disagree with you on those points. That being said my comments were more directed at the content of the emails and the commentary by people about his RECEIVING those emails. His actions when he knew of the potential conflicts caused his current scenario and he certainly it seems attempted to influence and alter what happens next for him. For those reason he should not be slapped on the wrist but dealt with harshly. I am simply trying to point out the Hypocrisy of those involved in commentary about the offensive nature of the emails he received while acting like the ones sent to and from Kane’s sister and to Kane are less offensive in some material way.

  17. David Diano says:


    The problem with Eakin is the professional misconduct of using a former campaign staffer to “independently vet” him and his emails, and failing to disclose the relationship.

    It’s Eakin ruling on Kane’s suspension when he had a vested (and conflicted) interest.

    It’s Eakin’s recent attempting/scheming to fill a vacancy on a board that is going to review his conduct.

    As a supreme court justice, the professional standards for Eakin are higher than for anyone else in the legal profession in this state.

  18. CandyCane says:

    I will share it. Fina sent him and his friends to prison.

  19. Larry says:

    Well said, SpongeBob. Let’s hear it, HaHaHa/Pat Unger? What is the basis for your personal vendetta against FINA? Explain it yourself before we read all about it in the news. Exactly what did FINA do to OWN you?

  20. SpongeBob says:

    Kane’s sister sent emails as well. So says Kane herself. Her sister received and sent these emails the same time as Fina and the others. Most every email sent to Eakin was not forwarded to someone else. You have clamored for his removal and only a few of the many emails were sent to anyone else. Kane has embarrassed the Commonwealth with her antics and your bias and focus purely on Fina shows that you have only a personal vendetta against Fina. Why not share what that is as I imagine soon enough it will make its way onto this site as well?

  21. bobguzzardi says:

    All Pennsylvanians need to be ashamed and embarrassed by this debacle.

  22. Larry says:

    Look at HaHaHa/Pat Unger talking about “reasonable commenters”!! Hilarious. And look at HaHaHa/Pat Unger talking about someone’s grossly unqualified wife getting a lawyer job without a hint of irony in the context of this piece about Kane.

    HaHaHa/Pat Unger, you got OWNED so bad yesterday. Not only was FINA cleared of the racism you keep talking about but also your darling Kathleen was revealed as a FRAUD and a HYPOCRITE. *drops mic*

  23. HaHaHa says:

    “Fina’s lawyer’s wife”

  24. HaHaHa says:

    Marie – there is a shill/troll here spewing nonsense about His boss – Fina – being a hero. They want to try to tie Kane to all their wrongdoing (even though it started long before Kane took office). Heck – even Williams tried to blame Kane for the fact that he used campaign funds on his gym membership! Remember that!!?!! LOL.

    I haven’t seen one reasonable commenter here take issue with people who only received e-mails …. despite repeated goading from the shills who knew that Kane had received something.

    For some reason, Seth Williams wants to stay on this destructive path. He cannot seem to let his anti-Kane feelings go. He is do tied to Fina & The Corbett Pervs that he just hired Fina’s wife’s lawyer … right off the street … to a job she has no qualifications for.

    Feds need to expand that investigation. And they need to look into the many illegal leaks from the Kane grand jury.

  25. Larry says:

    Marie, if Fina were so desperate, why would he bring a civil lawsuit, knowing that discovery will put every document on the table? Give up your impotent fantasy. Kane’s going to jail. Fina is not. Your pal Sandusky will die in prison, and Paterno will be forever remembered as a pedophile enabler. Thank God for Tom Corbett, Frank Fina, and Joe McGettigan for their overwhelmingly successful prosecution of the Penn State Pervs!

  26. Marie says:

    Fina seems to be growing more and more desperate every day. And who could blame him. He knows the Independent Prosecutor will soon be coming for him!! If Kane’s sister used her State computer on vile, racist images, she should be going to jail too!!

  27. Larry says:

    Wow, by 7am HaHaHa/Pat Unger has already showed up despite getting OWNED hard yesterday. First, a black lawmaker admits there was absolutely no racism in FINA’s charging decision against her and then Kane is revealed to be a total hypocrite.

    And nonetheless, HaHaHa/Pat Unger shows his ugly little head to say b-b-b-but Fina is still racist! Hilarious.

  28. SpongeBob says:

    Did you look at all the emails that Kane released? Exposed genitals isn’t porn? Images of a woman with a black eye saying she deserved it? Isn’t this the same type of message that Eakin received? Oh yeah the emails Kane released is not where this ends. It’s where it begins. You still have that popcorn ready?

  29. Pat Unger says:

    And now it turns out there were no racist e-mails and no pornography in Kane’s sister’s e-mails.

    Wow — it seems Seth Williams is still on his “Press”Play” and that the truth doesn’t matter much to him.

    Oh yeah — Bishop didn’t even admit she ws guilty. She keeps her pension. AND HER RECORD GETS EXPUNGED TOO. I’m surprised Williams did not agree to name a street after her.

    What a joke.

  30. HaHaHa says:

    Is Seth Williams still pretending it is OK for him to employ racist pervert women-hating creeps if there are some of them still employed elsewhere?

    And is Kathy Martin still making public statements about the role involved in her husband’s $$$-driven lawsuit?

    Kane is a hypocrite if her sister sent the same e-mails that Fina sent. Because her sister has no business being a prosecutor either.

    Now – can someone tell me if the Philadelphia grand jury is looking into the MANY ILLEGAL LEAKS from the Kand grand jury.

    Fina & The Corbett Pervs were behind the leak investigation that led to Kane’s arrest. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were also behind scores of illegal leaks of protected material. That would make them bigger hypocrites than Kane.

  31. PA Conservative says:

    We have corrupt officials, a dysfunctional legislature and a inept Governor. The federal government appears to be sane and functional when you compare it to our Commonwealth. Republicans and Democrats have failed us. May there be a pox on both of their houses.

  32. Tim says:

    You’ll be seeing mass suicides down at judiciary row and on the hill so the families can get the life insurance payouts and the pensions! R Budd Dwyer back from the grave!

  33. Tim says:

    Wait until the pictures of the underage hookers and porn come to light! Hot stuff! It will really get the pot boiling over!

  34. SpongeBob says:

    David the major media outlets have copies. Go look. And thanks for brushing past my prediction. I mean I all but called the date saying right before Christmas but sure if you feel better saying I don’t know then good on ya. But the last few times she has been zinged I called the shot. That being said as long as she is exposed for the fraud she is I could care less. Have fun looking at the same types of emails she hammered others about.

  35. CandyCane says:

    I just read the emails. Racist, sexist, homophobic and violent towards women. These were not only received but they were also SENT, unlike some of the people she was accusing.

  36. David Diano says:


    Williams begging sting defendants to take a deal was mentioned in an article recently. I don’t remember which one.

    Emails by Kane’s sister have been rumored for months. You claim to know the contents of the emails between Kane and her sister. Say SOMETHING specific to prove you aren’t just wildly speculating.

    For example, if someone claimed to know about Fina and said: there is an email about “bravery and chicken”, it wouldn’t reveal the full scope of the cartoon, but it would prove you had seen it.

    So, what’s in these emails? Naked firemen? Naked astronaut?
    Prove you actually know anything.

    Kane just got sued by a staffer she fired. You could be calling that your Christmas miracle too. Every month something happens in this case.

    Fina taking the stand would have been a Christmas miracle as well (but a deal was cut to prevent that).

  37. CandyCane says:

    I just read the emails. RACIST, SE

  38. SpongeBob says:

    First I did see what was released. Second. You haven’t seen anything yet. Third. These are the same type of emails that Kane backers on here have railed against including pictures showing domestic violence, male genetalia, racially insensitive text and images and it goes on. Sure lets give her a pass, why not.

  39. CandyCane says:

    Key words, released by Kane. I thought that there weren’t any emails. What a liar. She is hiding the bad one’s, you can count on that. I’m pretty sure other people have them.

  40. Wait, what ? says:

    Uh. I suggest you all check out the emails released by Kane before you keep trading barbs. They are silly but nothing remotely pornographic in nature. I think Gilson has some explaining to do here if he thinks those emails rise to the level of the Fina/Costanzo emails. Gilson may want to start looking for a new job cause his judgment is sorely lacking.

  41. SpongeBob says:

    The best is yet to come. Soon enough people will see that what Kane, her sister and some of her closest allies in the office were protected while sending the same offensive crap as the others. Is everyone’s popcorn ready?

  42. CandyCane says:

    Is there any question that the emails were doctored, erased and or altered to protect her allies and frame her enemy’s. All emails are now suspect at best. Lawsuits will be filed left and right, mark my word.

  43. Frank Burns says:

    Tommy d…maybe she’s the porn….

  44. SpongeBob says:

    David, I’m sorry when you typed yes I thought what would follow would be facts. Instead it’s conjecture. Where is it documented about Williams begging people to take deals? How about you change your response to “my opinion” is?

    Also you had some choice words a bit back when I predicted this Christmas miracle. I have been on the mark each time I have made this predictions. Willing to admit on this at least I was right?

  45. CandyCane says:

    Your a stand up guy chuck peruto. Now the rest of you race baiters start apologizing to Fina and the rest of the wrongly accused. NO RACIAL PROFILING MR. BENDER.

  46. David Diano says:


    “David, any actual knowledge if there was a deal? ”

    1) they had rejected previous plea bargain offers. (So, this one must have been better.)

    2) We learned that Williams had “begged” other defendants to take sweetheart deals.

    3) Oh, yeah, any lawyer would be happy to happy to say whatever was required to get this deal.

    4) Nobody on the prosecution side wanted Fina to testify. Would YOU want him on the stand?

  47. Porno dave says:

    Well well well. Where are all the hypocrite liberals now? Where’s William Bender from the Daily Snooze ? How come he’s not apologizing? When will all the DEMOCROOKS from city council apologize to Fina. Costanzo and Blessington. Race baiting hypocrisy runs rampant in Philadelphia. I can’t wait to see the lawsuit from this. I got more bad news for all the scumbag liberals my main man Bungy is flying back as I speak from his 4 month vacation in the hills of Calabria Italy. Dave Dianio come out of your closet we know what your doing in there. Smuggler

  48. HaHaHa says:

    I actually agree that the lawyer’s apology – which doesn’t happen everyday – is a sign that whatever they showed the lawyer convinced him that Bishop was not targeted because she is Black.

    But a lot of this is just conjecture right now. I actually can’t wait to see what was in those e-mails. Oh — the thought of half-way attractive identical twins looking at porn together!!! Popcorn will be ready!!

    The bigger issue for Kane remains: Did she turn over EVERYTHING to the Independent Prosecutor? If she purposely held back her sister’s e-mails (to her or anyone else), then she is TOAST. Of course I always said that she should be held accountable if she illegally leaked protected material to get even with a political enemy (even if that political enemy is a racist women-hating scum-bag).

  49. SpongeBob says:

    David, any actual knowledge if there was a deal? Based on the fact the attorney actually apologized which is not something you put in a deal what proof do you have?

    This straw grasping is comical even for you and you amateur attempts to be a lawyer. She is done for and even you have to at this point know this is a reality.

  50. Larry says:

    Reasonable Rep, just let Diano play amateur lawyer and professional conspiracy theorist. It’s entertaining.

    “Yeah, and then the judge leaned over and said ‘You’re not guilty, Ms. Bishop, because there was no binding contract and punitive damages should be awarded against Mr. Fina!'”

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