BREAKING: Report: Kane to Be Charged

KaneAttorney General Kathleen Kane will be charged for leaking grand jury information.

That is the report from Brad Bumsted of the Tribune-Review.

“Attorney General Kathleen Kane is expected to be charged criminally as soon as Thursday in connection with an investigation that began last year with a statewide grand jury, sources told the Tribune-Review,” Bumsted writes.

Kane’s spokesman and lawyer have not confirmed that she will be charged.

“I have no way of knowing what the Montgomery County district attorney plans to do, or when she plans to do it,” Kane’s spokesman Chuck Ardo stated.

“At this point I can’t confirm anything,” New York City lawyer Gerald Shargel told Bumsted. Shargel has represented Kane since she testified before the grand jury in November. “We continue to maintain she is innocent of any wrongdoing and she has no plans to resign her office.”

Last year, a grand jury recommended charges of perjury, criminal contempt, obstruction of justice and official oppression be issued against the Attorney General.

Montgomery County DA Risa Vetri Ferman is tasked with deciding whether to act on those recommendations.

This case stems from a June Daily News article that suggested Frank Fina fumbled a case involving a Philly civil rights leader.

A full timeline of Kane’s case is can be accessed here.

63 Responses

  1. She should have kept the evidence on a server in her basement and she’d be untouchable.

  2. Jessica
    1) it leaked because they wanted it to leak (to damage Kane early with additional months of political turmoil)

    2) they didn’t investigate the leaks because… see #1

    3) if you don’t think the leaks part of the plans and that the grand jury prosecutor wasn’t engaging in politics..then try this exercise.. imagine the prosecutor really was politically motivated.. what would be different?

    (Hint: the answer rhymes with othing )

  3. 1) the new leakers are likely tied to the leak investigators (probably have the same DNA and fingerprints)

    2) there is no outcry from the prosecutor nor vow to hunt down the leakers.

    3) no one’s offices and computers have been raided.

    no activity whatsoever

  4. Here’s how Obama deals with porn workers:

    And David, I have as much evidence that the new leakers have been gone after with more vigor as you have evidence of your accusation that they’ve been gone after with less. Absence of evidence is not evidence unless you’re a Democrat investigating IRS targeting, in which case everyone losing their emails is proof there’s really nothing to see.

  5. I’m sorry Observer…you have evidence on Fina? Or is this just libelous comment day?

    You mad

  6. bungy don’t worry FF will get his just like KK got her’s … 2 wrongs don’t make a right

  7. Poor Diano. Remember that 6 month period when he relentlessly pushed Kane for U.S. SENATE? With an eye for talent like that, maybe he should get the nod for state Democratic chairman.

    Wonder if Chris Matthews still sees Bozo as a future Presidential candidate?

  8. Jessica,

    Busta is in his mother’s basement in the fetal position, muttering over and over “porn emails, porn emails, Repervlicans, clown car, porn emails, Corbett pervs, …”

    It’s the only way he can distract his logical mind from the glaring illegality of Kane’s behavior and the unavoidable truth that she was grossly unqualified for the job.

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