BREAKING: Senate Attempt to Remove Kane Fails

Kathleen-Kane-portrait1Kathleen Kane survives…for now.

The State Senate voted today on whether to remove the Attorney General from her position.

According to Article VI Section 7 of the PA Constitution two-thirds approval of the upper chamber was necessary. The ultimate decision would then rest with Governor Wolf, who has already said he would remove Kane under those circumstances.

The vote was 29 to 19 against Kane, four short of the two-thirds required.

It was nearly along party lines, with Democrat Sen. Rob Teplitz voting against Kane and Republican Sen. Stewart Greenleaf voted for her.

GOP Sen. Chuck McIlhinney missed the roll call.

The Senate retained the right to consider the question again and the State House is still looking into impeachment proceedings at this time.

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  1. O3 – Who is the “cooperator”?

    Has that person given up Bob Levant and Kathy Martin?

    Martin is the fresh-off-the-streets unqualified former defense attorney who just got hired by Seth Williams as Chief of Staff. He is paying her with our money.

    Turns out that her husband (Levant) is Frank Fina’s lawyer. And, not too long atom Levant convinced his client to let Tyron Ali keep $400,000.00 he stole from PA taxpayers. He also convinced his client, Fina, to drop all the criminal charges against his other client, Ali.

    Fina and Levant are suing the State of PA for more taxpayer money. And now Seth Williams is giving taxpayer money to Fina’s lawyer’s wife.

    Oh – and it is rumored that Levant also helped/is helping Williams with his own Federal Criminal Investigation.

    COZY !!!!

  2. I have heard that the Special Prosecutor has at least one “snitch.” Is he/she wearing a wire? Has he/she turned over documents/e-mails? Oh – this is going to get really fun soon.

  3. Ummm … mental patient sklaroff — you typed “she will be gone forthwith” or some variation of that a thousand times. Thus, you have been incorrect a thousand times.

    Meanwhile, Kane will continue to say to the Clown Car: PROVE IT AT A TRIAL OR SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    BTW – you morons can now stop typing that “even the Democrats want her gone.” Teplitz is the only one that did. LMAO.

  4. Hey assholes — I told you so!

    Kathleen Kane is the victim of a smear campaign. They went on the offensive when Kane found that Frank Fina and his pals (Judges and the like) were using their OAG equipment to view and distribute:

    – bestiality

    – graphic violence against women

    – sexual images of children

    – a woman having “sex” with a snake

    – 100 year old women engaged in intercourse

  5. sam raffurty iz garenteed to bee the repbl for genral attney if thom corbit aint gonna run, rafury aint gonna beet caitleen kain,

  6. HaHaHa-

    Don’t forget about Pittsburgh OAG special agent “kanesdriver” trying to undermine Kane.

    What ever happened to him?

  7. Many at the OAG have been sneakily woking with Fina to help overturn AG Kane’s landslide election win.

    There’s one fat white moron who wrote a letter trying to undermine the Special Prosecutor’s investigation … using the typical nonsensical language of Fina & The Corbett Pervs. Fina seriously thinks he can hide behind “grand jury secrecy” forever. LOL at that pervert. You can run, you racist creep; but you can’t hide.

    The OAG was in the hands of Repervlicans for way too long. Fat white perverts ran amok there under Corbett (who hired Granahan too).

    Has anyone asked Seth about Levant’s wife yet? Is it true Levant helped him with his case (where the Feds are investigating him criminally)? Is it true that Levant is one of Fina’s lawyers in his $$$-driven lawsuit? We know for sure that Levant’s wife is totally unqualified.

  8. sam raffurty is gonna bee the repbcn canddydate for genrul atturn unles thom corbit runs agin,

  9. rsklaroff-

    “He says those employees want the spotlight on their agency to end.”

    Boo f*cking hoo. They should want the leaks against Kane investigated, and want to help Kane clean up corruption. (I suggest an investment in mirrors.)

    … Instead of being selfish, whining pr*cks.

    They can quit and make room for people that support the AG.

    As for her f*cking deputies, they’ve got a vested interest in moving up.

    Kane needs another 4 years to clean up the corruption.

  10. @ Pat Unger:

    I have not been incorrect, except for having hoped that an early end could be achieved.

  11. i am sure Kane is thrilled to be running for the dem nomination for AG against the Allegheny County DA ZAPPALA. his office dug up the legal precedent which allowed a judge to assess a crooked politician with all costs of his/her defense attorneys which were paid by public funds. this theory was succeesfully used against corrupt legislator jane Orie to slam her with the order that she pay back the hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars she spent on her unsuccessful criminal defense team. they started by t making her pension…

  12. mr. sklaroff – you truly are insane if you think anyone reads what you write and takes it seriously. #1 – you are a Tea-Party moron. #2 – you have been wrong about just about everything Kane-related. And yet you keep typing. It’s kinda sad. Below you revel in the pathetic retard troll using your name in one of his retard comments. Have another bowl of Jello and give your keyboard a rest.

  13. As Chris wrote previously, “r slarof aint no metal patent he jest says he how feelz abut stuf gone on in harasberg.”

    It is going to hurt the Dems politically to prolong the agony; the key-argument is that the quality of the work performed under her control is faulty [quoting her opponents, plus the Rs].

  14. Lot of sore losers in PA, huh?

    The corrupt, pervert racists and woman-hating creeps have been CHOMPING AT THE BIT to “get rid” of AG Kane (and end the Hate-gate scandal that threatens their careers and, intimately, their freedom). Their motives are selfish. It is a text book cover-up.

    If you tend to root against racists and perverts and corrupt ayyy-holes, you should be happy that the Repervlicans in the Senate failed in their attempt to remove the duly elected AG without actually proved that she did anything improper.

    It is VERY ironic that the Superior Court just found that Frank Fina did something “highly improper” — yet his license is not “temporarily suspended.”

    Of course it is the ULTIMATE in irony that Kane is being prosecuted for one alleged leak and everyone is ignoring the MANY ILLEGAL LEAKS by Fina & The Corbett Pervs. It is called Selective Enforcement and it is a form of corruption. You can lookout up!

  15. some buddy iz stil posts stuff useing me name I is the only purson who is chris Martinez,

  16. But you is corrrrrect …. Frank Fina shoulzz have his bar card revokexed. He a liar and a he be a racissst too.

  17. Ha33 – you be soundinz likes me now ….

    “Superior Court just found that Frank Dina’s conduct in the Penn State case was “highly improper.” He purposely lied to a Judge. Shen does his license get suspended?”

    It be ams was Frank Fina that been unetthical; not Dina. I neveds evens met Frank Dina.

  18. WAH !!!!! Wahhhhhhhh
    Kane won. Repervlicans lost … WAH !!!!!!

    AG Kane did not get removed from Office and now she is happy about it. // Stomps Feet ///
    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WAH WAH we were not able to undo an election without actually proving some erongdoing WAH WAH WAH


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