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BREAKING: State Senate to Consider Whether to Remove Kane

Kane-sadThe Pennsylvania State Senate will be looking into ways to remove Attorney General Kathleen Kane from office.

According to Karen Langley of the Post-Gazette, a bipartisan special committee will be formed to explore the upper chamber’s options as stated in Article 6 Section 7 of the State Constitution.

This option was first mentioned last month as a possible route to remove Kane without using the formal impeachment process. It would also allow the State Senate and the Governor to bypass the State House.

Apparently, this initiative was first revealed by State Sen. John Rafferty when he told a group of Berks County Republicans last night. Undoubtedly, Senate leaders won’t be happy about that as Rafferty is running to replace Kane and the body seems to want this to be a bipartisan endeavor.

Kane, of course, is facing nine criminal charges and her law license has already been suspended.

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  1. Justice Eakin’s sister, a top lawyer for senate Republicans, says she’s not involved in state senate quest to remove AG Kane from office

    Kathleen Eakin holds post of deputy chief counsel for senate Republicans

    ‘Even so, it took me several days of back-and-forth emailing with Kathleen Eakin before she would simply confirm that she was Justice Eakin’s sister. And that only happened, in the end, after I was forced to call Justice Eakin’s chambers to confirm that he had a sister named Kathleen who worked as an attorney in the state senate.’

  2. Well … if it is going to be fair … and transparent … and open … one would think that the person responsible for the report to Carpenter, the illegal leaks, and the smear campaign generally, would have to be called.

    I mean – hasn’t Fina (your boss) been hiding for long enough. It wasn’t that long ago he was challenging the AG to a televised debate (LOL). But that was before she discovered his e-mails (oops). He said back than that he “is a lawyer; and doesn’t need a lawyer.” Sice then, he has hired a lawyer. LMAO.

    Fina — You can run, but you can’t hide.

  3. H3, what makes you think that the Senate will call Fina as a witness (or anybody other than Kane and her staff as witnesses)? Remember, the question is not whether she broke the law, but whether she can still do her job. I don’t know what Fina would have to do with that.

  4. This is GREAT. Kane now gets to have her day in Court BEFORE her day in Court. Can’t wait to hear Fina’s testimony before the Committee. Popcorn will be ready!!

  5. Cruz’s staff is responsive; for example, they provided the heads-up regarding submission of legislation intended to impede the Iran-Pact: “We introduced, along with Rep. McCaul, S. 2094 IRGC Terrorist Designation Act.”

  6. LOL … I am sure Ted Cruz’s staff just LOVES the missives they receive from mr. sklaroff.

    BENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGHAZI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. @ Ha3:

    BHO did it !

    [along with Hillary, responsible for BenghaziGate]

    Ted Cruz 3 times !!

    [and I continue to relate with his staff, via e-mail and orally]

    BENGHAZI !!!

    [which will be the downfall of Hillary, if the FBI isn’t suppressed politically]

  8. LMAO … Right after leading the GOP charge to shut down the government, Ted Cruz repeatedly claimed that he had nothing to do with the GOP shutting down the government. Liar. liar. pants on fire.

    I wonder if he has renounced his Canadian citizenship yet …

  9. @ Ha3:

    How does his hair look?

    [immaculate, as was his overall appearance]

    Does he have a firm handshake?

    [absolutely, associated with eye-contact]

    Did his nose look as big in person?

    [no, and he was a superb listener for an hour]

  10. @ Ha3:

    The discussion related to the need for the Kurds to be helped ASAP by the USA; it occurred on 7/8, a day before/after Senate Armed Services Committee Hearings…and other issues [including Iran-Pact concerns and the faux-slowdown] were not officially on the agenda.

  11. Observer 3, please explain how I got owned. And, I didn’t see that question below, because I stopped wading through H3’s display of multiple personality disorder. My answer would be that any and all leaks should be investigated. As to why other leaks have not been investigated, I don’t know for sure, but I suppose there could be a number of reasons. Was it the Montco DA’s grand jury that was investigating Kane? I thought it was a special prosecutor’s grand jury, which means that a leak would be investigated by the grand jury judge and/or the special prosecutor. The only reason Ferman has the Kane case is because a judge referred it to her office. It’s also possible that Ferman’s office did investigate other leaks, but they couldn’t gather enough evidence to bring charges. They certainly haven’t answered those questions in any media reports that I’ve read.

  12. How does his hair look? Does he have a firm handshake? Did his nose look as big in person?

    Did you ask him about how, after leading the GOP charge to shut down the government, he repeatedly claimed that he had nothing to do with the GOP shutting down the government.

  13. More! More !! More !!!

    It’s not everyday I “run into” someone who has been LUCKY enough to meet Ted Cruz THREE TIMES …. T E D C R U Z ….. THREE … I repeat – 3 – times ….

  14. @ Ha3:

    When sitting in a room – one of a dozen people – he consistently was able to answer questions with aplomb; he seemed to have his response planned before the completion of the delivery of the query…he is THAT knowledgeable, prepared, and forthright.

  15. Well – you did get owned today, MTG.

    And, every time someone brings up the substantive question you refuse to answer, you start crying like a little girl or make lame attempts to parody other commenters.

    So 0 here was Pat Unger’s substantive question:

    Why is it that Ferman and Steele have not investigated and prosecuted the people who illegally leaked secret grand jury material from the Kane Grand Jury?

  16. Diano, which argument is in trouble? I haven’t even seen H3/Unger/fakeaaron try to take me on when it comes to Kane. He just throws insults, and then claims I’ve been “owned.”

  17. Multi tasker has been here all day – commenting like crazy (not as crazy as mr. sklaroff) and using fake and copied screen-names. Poor thing. His shill tactics are not working. And he refuses to answer substantive questions (as usual).

  18. MTG-

    You’ve got rsklaroff as your key supporter. A sure sign your argument is on trouble.

    Pat is spot on.

  19. [typo correction]

    MTG’s comments are generally right-on [except for his inexplicable attack on JoePa/PSU], and they are helpful when *countering* the inanities emerging from others [d2, Ha3, Unger].

  20. Multi-Tasker – It is pretty pathetic that you are taking comfort from mr. sklaroff. I guess guys like you need to take friendship wherever you can find it.

    Have you picked up Fina’s dry-cleaning yet? He needs a clean shirt for day 4 of his Sensitivity Training.

  21. LMAO … two little mental patients (sklaroff and MTG) … sitting in a tree … K-I-S-S-I-N-G …. first comes porn … then comes hand-jobs …. then comes having cups of TEA together …

  22. Thanks, sklaroff. I’m not sure how my name was invoked below, other than that I shot down baseless arguments from HaHaHa and he’s angry about it. Diano will usually try to have a debate, unlike HaHaHa who just uses multiple screen names to hurl incoherent insults.

  23. @ Joey from Olney:

    MTG’s comments are generally right-on [except for his inexplicable attack on JoePa/PSU], and they are helpful when counting the inanities emerging from others [d2, Ha3, Unger].

  24. Good luck with that, Joey.

    He’s just a pathetic shill. It’s actually better with him here!! He’s like the funny clown at the circus …

  25. There seems to be one guy here posting 75% of the comments. Can we report Multi Tasker (and his many aliases) to the moderators?

    I used to enjoy reading the comments here. He is ruining it.

  26. Of course, Kane has to be careful about FINALLY releasing ALL of the emails because, you know, it will be embarrassing to certain Democrats. She already took out Seamus. Kane’s the type to shoot herself in the foot, reload, and shoot herself in the other foot.

  27. DD – I doubt that Ferman and Castille were behind the leaks, which started way before the case landed in Ferman’s lap. And it is said that there was A TON of pressure put on an unwilling Ferman to prosecute the case.

    Castor will score a ton of points by discussing their selective enforcement. You don;t have to like Kane to see what is going on. And Mont Co females are certainly not going to appreciate the videos Fina & The Corbett Pervs were sending around.Can’t wait until Kane releases those. Apparently, Freaky Frank liked to watch movies showing 100-year old women engaged in intercourse.

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