BREAKING: Supreme Court Rejects Kane’s Request

KaneThe Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled today that they will not reinstate Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s law license.

The Court suspended Kane’s license last September but she sought to have it reinstated after her revelations led to the suspension of Justice Michael Eakin.

The full per curiam ruling is included below:

AND NOW, this 5th day of February, 2016, because Petitioner did not seek recusal at the earliest possible time, her objection is waived as a matter of law and cannot form the basis to invalidate a judicial determination. See Goodheart v. Casey, 565 A.2d 757, 763 (Pa. 1989). Petitioner’s claims of bias are untimely and are not properly before this Court for consideration. Petitioner’s Application for Extraordinary Relief is DENIED, on the basis of waiver.

Mr. Justice Eakin did not participate in the consideration or decision of this matter.

Kane is facing both possible removal from the State Senate and impeachment from the State House. Nonetheless, the AG is insisting that she’ll run for re-election this year.

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  1. James

    ” Over and Over again you freely used the “r” word “?

    Bullshit. HaHaHa and others use it constantly. SpongeBob keeps asking for apologies over and over, which he will never get. But I haven’t used the “rword” over and over. That’s a complete fabrication on your part.

    Free speech absolutely covers the n-word, if it’s not part of a threat. Watch Tarantino’s last two movies. If someone refers to Obama that way, it’s wrong, but not illegal. The jails couldn’t hold all rednecks that use the term. How many of the public officials uncovered by Kane have gone to jail for that?

    Please stop embarrassing yourself.

  2. Diano aka COWARD. No read the post it says a meeting with state officials and MHMR will be next. Also it did not involve the word Mental Retardation because that’s not what you said. Over and Over again you freely used the “r” word so get it right. The screen shots presented show the dates and times. No matter how much time you insulted innocent children and adults who are unable to defend themselves by your vile and disgusting language. If you think free speech covers this type of speech even spoken by a coward like you, does free speech cover the “n” word. No matter what you say Diano or COWARD I can only hope that others learn of your use of this disgusting word. OK COWARD

  3. James
    You’re claiming that state officials had a meeting about the use of mental retardation used as an insult to an anonymous poster on a political blog six months ago?

    I hope you are prepared to defend your use of “moron”.

    Sounds like some people have nothing better to do and haven’t heard of free speech (and have exhausted themselves masturbating).

    Talk about wasting taxpayer time/money during a budget crisis.

  4. COWARD. Your the last person I would involve in any further political information. I’m sure you did an excellent job at stuffing envelopes. I don’t stuff envelopes. As far as the parents with MHMR a recent email from one of these parents indicated the meeting was extremely productive and a joint meeting with state officials is next to review your posts. It looks like 2 out of the 3 candidates you worked for lost any work you did for Candidate Obama had nothing to do with you. I have no interest in what you and Spongeboob posts other than your pathetic and cowardice comments involving the children and adults cannot defend themselves
    You are a COWARD.

  5. James A. Wilson-

    Is this the third or fourth time you are done with me? It’s hard to keep count.

    I helped out with the Obama campaign here in Delco in 2008. I was very disappointed in the robotic nature of the out-of-state staff and their failure to help build anything lasting. The 2004 Kerry campaign was much cooler and turned over their volunteer lists to the local party. I was also involved with the short-lived Wesley Clark campaign in 2004, but I send letters to New Hampshire voters, which was a lot cheaper than flying out there.

    You really need to adjust you medication. Maybe you should head over to nearby Colorado and buy something to mellow you out.

    You don’t think SpongeBob can fend for himself?
    Don’t you think the people at MHMR have better things to do? When you get back, you should check in for their MH help.

    BTW, which campaign are you on to torture the citizens of Nevada?

  6. Diano or COWARD
    Ok and you base that on how many Presidential primaries you have worked?
    Now you are an expert on this as well. Trust me the interns that work for us would eat you up and spit you out after brushing their teeth in the morning. A Presidential primary is a bit different than maybe the dog warden spot you ran for and lost. You wouldn’t even make it past the first interview allowing you to hand out flyers when you use words like you did. I’ll wait to hear how the parents make out with MHMR in response to your despicable continued comment and use of the “r” word. You must feel real important using that word that demeans innocent children and adults who can’t fend for themselves. Does that make you feel more like a man? Maybe, you thought it was funny. I don’t know anyone who laughs when that word is used. You asked for an example you got one. There are plenty more screen shots in the possession of the parents you refused to meet. Go fight with Spongeboob. My posting with this COWARD is done.

  7. For the cost of your flight, lodging, salary, etc., the campaign could hire local people who actually know the state and be there after to build the party, rather that cut and run to the next state.

  8. James A. Wilson-

    So, you are one of those out-of-state motherf*ckers who invades states for presidential campaigns and pushes around the local party people?

    I try to avoid getting out of bed before noon, when I can. Early wake-up is for drones and interns doing grunt work.

  9. Diano…..I mean COWARD. Ever work for a Presidential Candidate during a primary? Yeah it’s starts early. Some thing you’ll never know about. Ok COWARD

  10. SpongeBob –

    I keep forgetting you are IT-challenged as well.

    Fake posts can be detected by the choice of email address used with our handles, not IP address. Duh !!!

    WTF are you talking about with filing donating vs paid?

    There are some candidates for which I have allowed their campaigns to use VoterWeb, and it’s recorded as an in-kind contribution for the value of the service in their FEC reports. When I actually get a check, it’s recorded as a campaign expenditure and I report that amount to the IRS as income. Couldn’t be simpler.

    If you have a FEC listing that seems in error, please let me and the campaign know so they can amend their report with a correction.
    But, every check I get is deposited in my bank account and the total matches my reported income, so I’ve got nothing to worry about.

    However, in this case, I’m pretty sure the “error” is between your computer screen and your chair.

    James A. Wilson-

    You keep saying you’re done with me and you keep responding. And, if you really went to Nevada last night, that means you were up a 5:30am to write your whiny little post. How screwed up are you?

  11. David, you seem awfully fixated with me. I am not sure how I can prove I am not another poster other than you pinging Sy and comparing where we post from. I know they have deleted fake posts so he must be looking at IP or something. Ping him and ask him to delete the posts if he feels they are from me. I think it’s interesting that you think I can be the only person offended with the way you have used the word retard on this site. Like I said ping Sy. I have now and will continue to post under 1 name, unlike some on here. I am still waiting to see you explain away people who claim they paid you and you filing “donating” use of your voterweb app. One says they paid, the other says it was given away. Small error? maybe but people hate having their ethics challenged. I am excited for your new “sales” as it gives me more to work with.

  12. Diano. You it caught in your own words. There are other examples where you used that term in a derogatory meaning. Please spare me with these definitions I know what it means has do the parents of the children who are served by Delware County and Montgmery County MHMR. Since you’ve already said you don’t give a f…k about my my friends (parents) this is what prompted them seeking and being granted such a meeting. I have no interest in corresponding with you more as you now have been EXPOSED AS A FRAUD AND A COWARD.

  13. James A. Wilson-

    I was just questioning your authenticity. I didn’t admit or deny saying anything, so you didn’t “catch” me. I was wondering what got you so upset and wanted to draw you out to show how upset you were over absolutely nothing.

    1) The post you quoted was a question. Note the question marks.
    So, you are “upset” about a comment from a month ago, that references a posting that might have been from 6 months ago (that you apparently never read in full context).

    2) Referring to SpongeBob’s intelligence relative to mine is not the same as insulting a person who is actually mentally retarded, especially when “Bob” was bragging about is own intelligence. I’ve bested him, including tricking him into revealing his IP address while he was bragging about his mad IT skills.

    3) People of “normal/average” intelligence are around 40 IQ points below me, so a large percentage of the people I meet seem “mentally challenged” or “mentally retarded” by comparison. Look at all the people who think Trump would make a good president or believe what they hear on FoxNews. Half the US population doesn’t believe in evolution. By definition, half of them have 2-digit IQs.

    4) The use of “retard” as an insult is very specific. For example, no one would ever call Sarah Palin’s son Trig a “retard” because he suffers from Down syndrome. That would be wrong. However, with all the crazy stupid shit Sarah says, she’s earned the title and any similar insult about her intelligence.

    5) MHMR The “R” stands for “Retardation”. So, stop acting like no one uses the term and “special needs” is a better descriptor.

    6) How is your using “moron” as an insult any different than using “retard”?

    Historically “moron” was “used to describe a person with a mental age in adulthood of between 8 and 12 on the Binet scale. It was once applied to people with an IQ of 51–70, being superior in one degree to “imbecile” (IQ of 26–50) and superior in two degrees to “idiot” (IQ of 0–25). ”

    7) You’ve shown yourself to be a hypocrite (and haven’t shown that you aren’t SpongeBob in “disguise”).

  14. David Diano says: January 10, 2016 at 11:03 pm

    When was the last time I referred to you as mentally retarded relative to me? August? Gee, you are so sensitive to still be crying about that. You are an anonymous poster.

    Looks like the proof is right here.Also, only a moron like you would challenge someone to confirm something you claim wasn’t said and then tell everyone else not to help. Sort of like you admitting to doing it. So like you I could give a F..k about you or HAHA or any of your friends. The bottom line is you were challenged and you just got owned. Don’t want to see the rest of the posts don’t meet with the parents. I’m told they may meet with Delaware and Montgomery County MHMR.

    The moral of the story is. Diano equals coward. On to my next flight.

  15. James A. Wilson-

    I couldn’t give two f*cks about you or your friends, or their being offended by the schoolyard insults tossed around on a political blog. I feel sorry for them and you that you have nothing better to do than to pretend to be victims over matters you weren’t even remotely involved in.

    I don’t have to admit or deny anything. You are the one claiming to be so offended and consumed with a thirst for justice.

    (again, no help from the audience for James)

    1) When do you allege I made these remarks? (rough time period will suffice)

    2) When did you first see these alleged remarks?

    3) Why are you making a big deal about this now? (ie time difference between #2 and now and #1 and now)

    My guess is that you are just an alter-ego of SpongeBob, created to resurect a non-issue that he’s gotten no traction with.

    I’m not sure why my name would come up to anyone in Nevada about a Pennsylvania political blog, nor why anyone would care. I can’t even figure out how you would explain why you care.

  16. Diano, Do you deny the allegation that you used this word in a derogatory manner? The posts are now in the possession of the parents who you refuse to meet with. I’m sorry that I’m leaving on a flight to Nevda I’d like to continue this. I’ll tell those involved that you were a coward in not meeting but should you regain your manhood. Just post date, time and location and I’ll have them monitor the site and they can bring the posts with them. Don’t worry I’ll be having some interesting conversations in Nevada and I’m sure you’re name will come up.

  17. HaHaHa-

    I’m starting to think that the parents James wants me to meet are SpongeBob’s parents. 🙂

  18. James A. Wilson

    What prior posts?

    (Again, no help for James. Let’s see what he has on his own).

    James, it sounds like you are relying upon SpongeBob’s generic references to posts you’ve never actually read/seen yourself.

    Thus, your sudden “outrage” is suspect.

  19. David – I can’t believe you aren’t signing up for an in-person confrontation w the retard. lol

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