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Supreme Court Rules Former Presidents Have Some Immunity For Official Acts

U.S. Supreme Court

In a 6-3 vote, the Supreme Court ruled that a former president has absolute immunity for his core constitutional powers.

Core constitutional powers include appointing ambassadors and foreign governments, among others.

Former presidents are also entitled to at least a presumption of immunity for their official acts.

“The president enjoys no immunity for his unofficial acts, and not everything the President does is official,” wrote Chief Justice John Roberts. “The President is not above the law. But Congress may not criminalize the President’s conduct in carrying out the responsibilities of the Executive Branch under the Constitution.”

“When [the president] uses his official powers in any way, under the majority’s reasoning, he now will be insulated from criminal prosecution,” wrote Justice Sonya Sotomayor in her dissent.

“Orders the Navy’s Seal Team 6 to assassinate a political rival? Immune. Organizes a military coup to hold onto power? Immune. Takes a bribe in exchange for a pardon? Immune. Immune, immune, immune. Let the President violate the law, let him exploit the trappings of his office for personal gain, let him use his official power for evil ends. Because if he knew that he may one day face liability for breaking the law, he might not be as bold and fearless as we would like him to be. That is the majority’s message today.

“Even if these nightmare scenarios never play out, and I pray they never do, the damage has been done. The relationship between the President and the people he serves has shifted irrevocably. In every use of official power, the President is now a king above the law.

“With fear for our democracy, I dissent.”

The Supreme Court will send the case back to the lower courts for further proceedings, although it does offer some guidance.

The liberal justices – Sotomayor, Kagan and Jackson – dissented.

The 119-page decision can be found here.

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113 Responses

  1. right….and he was so wrong…all of the borders wide open….hunters laptop… every city getting swarmed witth illegals… having to just suck it up… laws being changed for one year just to prosecute someone on a crime that had no victim….you know …..democracy….

  2. Who in their right mind would want a convicted felon would full immunity to loot and pillage the U.S. Treasury in the White House.

    1. You did what was right, they want to destroy our country. Control this is your you appointed for such a time as this Praying for our supreme court.

  3. I’ll start by saying there’s nothing unprecedented about tyranny nor the consequences of such ignorance otherwise.

    Just another nail in the coffin of the farc called freedom. Any fool can see only apply to certain colors defined as race of people. Only a fool would think otherwise for which there are many.

    Two heads of same beast is still evil.

    1. I look forward to today when the first requisite for being a supreme Court Justice, is that he is in good standing with the Christian church. His allegiance must lie with Christ first, and all else second. And return the value of a human being by installing the death penalty in all states. And putting the ten commandments back in school and the public place and also the courtroom. And make a statement that we are a Christian country. When you want to put a woman on the court remember the scripture in the Old testament that says. God gives women to rule over evil Nations

      1. I pray for the day when God metes out justice to people who warp the teachings of the Bible.
        People who refute the teachings of Christ and twist them into the repugnance of your message. May you have the day you deserve.

  4. Well when you prosecute a formal president for something some stupid and not even legal then you will have then doing the extremes like this.

    1. Make America great again is there something I am missing I am still voting for Joe. No matter what he is 81 sure but Trump really does not want to safe our country he just wants to get rid of Medicare social security and my husband s job and since I am a Senior citizen and my husband is too for all I know they will take our retirement as sad

  5. 700 hundred yrs ago , on dark ages of England, the robber barons of that nation, banded together to force the Monarch to cede hos authority to deprive prople of their liberty. The Barons were a priviledged cast .
    They were terrified of the untramelled rights of monarchs.
    The Magna Carta and the writ of Heabus Corpus was born.
    400 hundred yrs ago an English king paid with his life trying to upend this. 1776 the American put an end to this in this country, the price paid by liberty was in blood. 1963 , the price was further paid to ensure that no one in this compact , broke their ranks for equal treatment under law and liberty.
    This nation paid paid its share again in WW1 and ww2: a gift of blood for the liberty of future generation.
    The stupid dolts , appointed on no basis of merit, have made a mockery of this noble writ in rhe SCOTUS ruling on the Presidential Immunity. They have chosen nor to heed the wise words of George Mason of
    Virginia at the Constitutional Conference.
    These men and woman , who are enfeebled and enamoured of the Divine Right of the Chosen, have smeared the name of our people

  6. FACT – even low level elected officials like School Board and Township Supervisors have a level of immunity to discharge their official duties. Jack Smith just needs to separate what Trump did under his official duties as president which he has immunity compared to things he did as Candidate Trump to gain another term in office which he has no immunity. January 6th was a campaign event conducted by Candidate Trump and had ZERO to do with his presidential duties.

    1. Really?
      And what about the argument that he in his official duty was questioning the fairness of the election and “shared his concerns” with the crowd suggesting that they try to hold the certification to give him time to “get to the bottom of it” (never mind that the courts have already looked at it and found no problems, he still “had his doubts” – could he?)

    2. President Trump did not organize nor was he responsible for the acts of true patriot Americans the working backbone of this country who is getting fed up with the people who are tearing the greatest country ever down instead of helping support it . January the 6th was by constitution legal and and there should have never been a court hearing over the people who solely seized the building and electronic devices that belong to the American people not the democratic party . You be a blind sheep led to the guilitin by your party while the ghe people who love and support and will and has family who has fought and died for old glory to keep flying . The 2 nd amendment was added to the constitution to ensure that the American people never has to live under a corrupt party of government. The government works for us we don’t work for the government we not communist and i will be damned if se vonna be treated like it . Them people in Washington need to know they can be fired tomorrow the next time the silent people in this great country have to do such a thing again we might not give it back and we may finish ousting the Dems who are destroying this country and hurting the people here more ghan anybody ever in history. If this country doesn’t get back in the right direction now it most likely never will and will be in communist foreign bands before you know it .

  7. If this is “the ruling” that makes American President a king, so to say, I don’t see what stops President Biden exploiting it now and finding every loophole there is and/to remain in office as a “king”. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. Democrats should stop whining and take the lead for a change.

          1. If there is a god let him prove his existence by commenting what my birthdate is by 5:00 am should be pretty easy for a god if he doesn’t then I say he must not exist. Let’s see what your God says.

    1. If you think this is something for the Democrats to use you are truly blind. This is part of Republican effort Project 2025, it’s literally one of the first things they said they wanted with courts stacked for the right. And since official acts will be at the discretion of the court, it’s only a matter of time until the next Republican winner becomes full blown dictator. The right side of the aisle wants a pure Christian state, what will they do to schedule it without impunity?

      1. I think a bill should be introduced to limit the terms of the supreme court justices. A 4 year term and the people should have to vote whether they should go or stay! They should not be their for life. Whoever wins should have to take a law exam because efficiently the majority don’t k the law or respect it. Its an X President not a sitting president

    2. They’re leading the charge towards turning America into a Banana Republic and quite successfully, I might add.

  8. There was a highly respected bipartisan border bill which was rejected by Dictator ( to the Republican party ) Trump who wants no one else to get credit for good work.

  9. This isn’t really anything new. It’s just reclarified. Although trump will certainly try to argue it, this doesn’t shield him from trying to stop the election or for talking the Georgia state secretary to find votes. Those are not official acts and as Chief Justice John Robert’s stated, this ruling doesn’t mean the president is above the law. The preside t has always been shielded from prosecution for his official acts, such as for military strikes or perceived failings to stop attacks.

      1. Oh boy religion. Theres a farce well at least now we know Biden can have Trump assassinated before the election without worrying about retribution. Long lives the king!

        1. He is an ex president and NOT immune before or after. I would interpret that to mean as a lame duck president and responsible for the CAPITAL coup. If no bribes why bribes for pardons?

        2. There were 44 Presidents before trump was elected.
          Only 1 (nixon) needed immunity and for crimes that pale in comparision to what 45 has done.
          I am 70 years old and can’t believe that we voted in hitler’s evil offspring (not official).
          As a nation, we need to back BIDEN/HARRIS and vote BLUE across the ballot.
          Biden is still the only one that can beat trump at the polls.

          1. We must all unite and make sure trump never becomes president again and vote out everyone that backs him even though they know he is a threat

          2. I totally agree with you!! Trump has acted like a dictator every day since he became a president and will continue to do do so if we elect him again!!?? We cannot elect him ever but we should lock him up and throw away the key!!!because he is just an egotistical jerk who only looks out for himself and thinks he is a king. Please everyone vote him out and save our democracy!!!

    1. Wrong. If he believes the election was compromised, such as significant Russian interference, he CAN stop the election. He did not ask Georgia to “make up or Create” votes. He said “find them”. We all know of cases where votes were falsely discarded, destroyed, or accidentally found. He is soooo going to get away with it. In his narcissistic mind, he was incapable of losing unless there was cheating.

      1. Don’t forget the litigation that is ongoing in Georgia currently finding this exact problem. 10’s of thousands of votes with not sufficient evidence for them to have been legal.

    2. Once again USA isn’t a Democracy. And these illegal foreigners out of office that Obama put in for he was illegal too Harris didn’t even take oath and a lot of others in office hasnt

      1. You forget Trump served his term with an empty cabinet the majority of the time. Nothing but acting directors after a real American gets fired for standing firm with the Constitution and not bending to the will of an authoritarian dictator. Make no mistake. When Trump wins this time, the maggats have a plan to completely destroy the lives of our civil servants and use his supreme court to reinterpret the Constitution to the will of this insane Christian nationslist, white supremest poison that has destroyed the GOP and America along with it. Americas one shining light was our ability to maintain peaceful transfers of power… Those days, I’m afraid, are gone. Thanks to extreme liberal politics somehow pulling the entire party away from the center and losing the swing vote. Also, thanks to the relentless racism, bigotry, intolerance, violence, gaslighting, and straight up psychotic Republicans in office and the ppl who put them there. Trump is nothing but a backlash of the racist, Christian white people, against the incomprehensible categorization of a persons identity by the Democrats and their failure and cowardice to pull the party away from running through the liberal guard rails.

        1. And your conspiracy babel about foreigners and oaths is just childish and quite frankly the dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

          1. Concur. Unless you are full blooded Native American (Indian, added for the benefit of clueless)
            How stupid is the notion that there was a foreign American President – even education will not erase the proclivity to lie to one’s own self.

  10. The so called high court, just push us back to a monarchy and gave us king Trump!!! This the saddest day, in a use be democracy. There is no more rule of law or justice in the so called supreme court!!!

      1. How can you use the word communist in a sentence with those President’s as Trump is the only who sleeping with the communist leader of Russia..Ever heard the name Putin. DA!

        1. take a look at your current great-gpa’s record wkth china…and his sons elbow rubbing with the same COMMUNIST country that sleepy joe helps way more than trump did russia…. thats facts…trump paid a pornstar hush money…joe biden stole files and im sure shared them with hunter and china…trump didnt act like a dictator he just made decisions…decisions that he didnt muddy the waters with politics…that is sll dems do is cater to other nations at the expense of our nations security… some peoe think that truthful people are bullies or mean but facts dont give a shit about your feelings and whether you think trump was right or wrong we were a stronger country when he left office then we are now….period.

      2. Yeah you are moron. You literally copy and pasted from the Preskool conspiracies book Your intelligence is showing that you lack it

      3. Third world nation? We are the nation above other nations, with the most opportunities intact. Make America great again? We have been lied to and misled into thinking we are not the greatest in the world! God help us!!!

      1. a democratic republic…we elect people to speak for us then we do nothing when they dont….except keep voting them in because thats “american”… the uninformed voter should stay away from the polls…then we would get somewhere…

  11. Biden should use these new powers and have Roberts Thomas, alito and coney Barrett arrested for corruption.

    1. Exactly!!! Guess he can have them removed by any means in the name of protecting democracy and would be immune.

  12. This in no way protects Trump from his unofficial acts on January 6th. Nor will it protect him from anything that he did while president in service of producing/causing January 6th. These are not official acts under the Constitution.

    He will be prosecuted.

    1. The Supreme Court has helped him by delaying their answer to the last possible moment.
      If he wins the election, the prosecution goes away

    2. Wrong, in his narcissistic mind, he was incapable of losing unless there was cheating, which he believed was a threat to democracy. As crazy as it sounds, that’s the delusion he lives by.

      1. right….and he was so wrong…all of the borders wide open….hunters laptop… every city getting swarmed witth illegals… having to just suck it up… laws being changed for one year judt to prosecute someone on a crime that had no victim….you know …..democracy….

    3. He did not produce or cause the Jan 6 riot he told them to peacefully and patriotically let your voices be heard and he offered up between 10 to 20 thousand national guard which pelosi and mayor Bowser turned down. Had guard been there there wouldn’t have been a riot so pelosi and mayor Bowser are responsible not Trump

  13. This is the same advocacy I want to undertake in the Gambia. The Massive ignorance of what a President supposed to do in my Country is a big issue. Unofficial acts are unbecoming of my President Adama Barrow and we want to start a Campaign #NewGambia2026IsPossible

    1. We don’t give a damn about your stupid Gambia a-hole!…go back to that whole in the wall country…Africa is a cesspool and it always will be! Stop wasting our time asswipe, we are talking about our country…the United States of America! Go back to Africa and take all your African Americans and their bull shit with you and that includes their sleazy rap crap as well!… don’t forget the number one scum of the earth Sean Combs!!!

      1. You silly rabbit! Who in the hell do you think birth all the chaos and corruption in America? It certainly wasn’t the African Americans! They have always had little or no say so, or power in this country! So before you start pointing fingers, look at everything that European Immigrants did to cause this shit-show!

  14. Sad very SAD now we should fly upside down flags at our homes . They hurt AMERICA more than trump

  15. This will protect President Trump but, it may also protect Joe, but not the Biden Crime Family. His crooked family will not be protected and he will not be protected for his participation in all their illegal business dealings.

    1. What Trump did is not an official act under the Constitution and therefore is not protected.

      I believe he will still be prosecuted now.

      1. Senator, and then Vice President Biden removed confidential documents from the skiff. This is a fact. He was not president when he did this. They were found in his homes and offices. This is a fact. His family received money from our enemies around the world. This is a fact. Why can’t we get the Justice Department to show us how these documents were linked to his families ill-gotten gains from our enemies? Joe Biden’ documents crime were different from Trump’s, but we can’t get him indicted for illegally removing them from the skiff? Our Justice Department is complicit in these crimes.

        1. Here here! Joe won’t be held accountable, because he doesn’t have the full deck he used to play with. It’s just sad.

    2. Felon Trump is not the President. The President is Joe Biden. Where have you been? Convicted Felon and rapist Donald J Trump is the only one who has committed crimes as well as participated in illegal activities with his ridiculous family. It’s sad that people like you support a criminal, want him to get away with committing crimes so he can commit more crimes. All while you denigrate a decent person like Joe Biden because he happens to be a convicted felons political rival. Insane.

      1. your retarded and ur just one of the programmed sheep that support Joe Biden who doesn’t know his azz from a hole in the ground

        1. The people that voted for Biden, voted for Biden. We don’t worship him, compare him to a Messiah, claim he is the only one that can save us. We, the popular & electoral majority, elected the best candidate on the ticket.

    3. Art the Fart because that’s LITERALLY the only substance contained in your skull, Its mindless dolts like you that have taken us to the brink of oblivion because you’re just too thick to see through DJTs 9000th grift. I mean how slowust you be?

    4. People need to know what they’re talking about before they accuse the president and his family being crooked they have nothing against President Biden or his family except for his son on the gun charge now president Trump is a different story we know he doesn’t pay people that do work for him he commits fraud and rape insults women and his family won’t be protected either there is a crime family not President biden’s Trump only cares about himself and the rich he could care less about the middle class or the poor why people don’t see that I don’t understand there’s nothing great about him and he’d never make America great he will destroy America because he is a traitor

        1. Who was president when COVID came,and they all blame Biden, your kidding me, Trump started hate between people, lots of people lost their jobs and what this will tell you,really

  16. I have no words for what I’ve just read. Our nation will no longer be ‘our’ nation. May God bless our nation & our planet as we go forward into what I see as a very uncertain future.

    1. It’s not our nation now, things are so upside down. The current group will crush you if they feel the need to !! Nobody is safe let’s not pretend a supreme court decision makes any impact.

      1. Republican economic and educational warfare at your service! How else were these goons gonna hold on to power and not go extinct? Did you really think they’d evolve and adapt? These are lizard people, they don’t think too far, it’s scary out there for them

    1. Are you kidding? This maybe the only thing that will keep Biden out of prison after he leaves office. Because of his and the family’s overseas corrupt business dealings, Joe may still end up in prison for his non governmental crimes.

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