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BREAKING: Tim Murphy Saves Man’s Life

tim-murphyCongressman Tim Murphy helped save the life of an unconscious man this afternoon.

According to Heather Caygle of Politico, Murphy and his staff were waiting for an elevator in the Rayburn House Office Building. When the doors opened, an unresponsive man was lying on the floor.

Murphy, a psychologist, began to perform CPR while staffers ran to inform the Capitol Police and find a defibrillator. Congressman Michael Burgess of Texas, a doctor, was also on hand to aid Rep. Murphy.

A defibrillator was soon produced and Rep. Murphy as well as a Capitol Police officer worked together to use it until the man’s heartbeat returned. The man, who it is believed suffered from cardiac arrest, was then transported to a hospital.

“We’re super thankful that he was transported with a heart rate,” Congressman Murphy’s spokeswoman Carly Atchison told Caygle. “We’re just going to continue to pray.”

15 Responses

  1. @NNipper

    “criticized the steps in the activation of CPR”…ummm no, I never once mentioned it. How about doing the obvious thing first and call for help? No doubt this is the biggest point both you and Murph miss. This story is a joke just like his tenure as a congressman.

  2. Such brutal cynicism and mean-spirited partisan comments. Can’t we all simply rejoice in that a persons life was saved by the two congressmen and “The Unknown Staffer”? Frankly, I don’t care whether or not Tim Murphy did the actual CPR or simply tried to get a defib there to help the unconscious victim. I really don’t think that Rep. Murphy is trying to brag or to be vainglorious about this at all.

  3. Very commendable action by a man whose politics I cannot stand. For those of you out there who are not trained in CPR do not attempt to perform it. Way to go Tim!

  4. New Liberal:I did not miss the point.Your first sentence very clearly criticized the steps performed in the activation of CPR. I could care less about your political views and did not mention them at all. As a health care professional I know CPR and how to perform it.
    Talk about missing the point….check your original post.

  5. @NNipper

    I guess missing the point is something that comes so natural for you. The article is making it sound like Murph is an M.D. which he clearly isn’t being a child psychologist. Any normal person would whip out their cell phone first and call 9-1-1. I don’t give a dam about what device is available.

    This is a guy who hid in a congressional book store because he couldn’t answer a simple question about the president. Furthermore, since Murph voted against the A.C.A. which saved my life, I have every right to criticize every action concerning him when it comes to a story like this.

    As far as you receiving C.P.R. from me, I would seriously think about the consequences of letting another misinformed individual roam the countryside.

  6. It really didn’t happen like that. It was a staffer that did alot of the work and should have got the press coverage. Ask the Capital Police who was doing what.. Mr Murphy did help out, but he did nothing to the body as this article says. That was all Congressman Michael Burgess of Texas and a Unknown Staffer who wanted the credit to go to Congressmen Murphy.. So i guess he will be running for another higher Office very soon. LOL.. Not bashing Mr Murphy at all. In fact, I would vote for him just wanted to straighten out the facts.

  7. Not a fan of his politics, but this is certainly commendable and some of the critics in this thread need to calm down. This was the correct procedure and it’s why it’s so important to have AEDs ready and available. Kudos!

  8. To New Liberal Lion: Obviously you have no CPR knowledge yourself. The 911 call is made immediately simultaneously with an immediate request for an AED. The AED allows you to see if there is a heart rate, view the arrhythmia, and the machine will tell you if it is a shockable rhythm. That’s how you save a life and that’s why the AED’s are available in public buildings They did the correct procedure following the American Heart Association guidelines. Hope no one ever needs CPR from you.

  9. So Murph’s first reaction isn’t “Quick…call 9-1-1!” No. It’s “Quick…someone go get a defibrillator!”

    Gee, I’m so glad this guy is my congressmen. It may be very well be the first time that a republican has actually SAVED a life. :-/

  10. Saving a life is always a courageous act and deserves the highest honors and kudos! Thank you Dr. Murphy and please continue being a role model for the rest of Congress.

  11. Relax. It was Trump sniffing glue. He was obligated by the Republican code of ethics to save the sniffer.If it was Hillary in a coughing jag, he would have let her drop, thinking it was a Monica Lewinski imitation. Put the lime in the coca nut and call me in the morning.

  12. I thought that good deeds like that shouldn’t be accompanied by a press release. So after he allegedly save this person’s life he went back to his office and had his staff call every media outlet to explain that there boss is a hero? What a joke.

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