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BREAKING: Wolf Names McGinty Head of New PAC, Avoids Chair Fight

wolf-mcgintyNever mind, it seems that the McGinty-Burn battle for State Chair won’t be happening after all.

In a surprising turn of events, Tom Fitzgerald of the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that gubernatorial nominee Tom Wolf has decided to “sidestep” a fight with Democratic party chair Jim Burn.

Instead a new PAC, The Campaign for a Fresh Start, will run parallel to the state party committee and Katie McGinty will serve as its chair.

“Tom Wolf is a different kind of leader, and this will be a different kind of campaign,” McGinty said in a statement. “We need to shake up the status quo, and that goes from everything to changing the way we campaign to changing the way we govern. We need to bring together and mobilize all Pennsylvanians concerned with jobs, education, and health care to and who know that Pennsylvania needs a fresh start.”

Fitzgerald wrote that the move was intended to avoid a fight and seek a separation from the “party bosses”. He later tweeted that Wolf will not be attending the committee meeting.

Senate and House Democrats are standing behind Wolf’s maneuver.

“We applaud Tom Wolf’s creation of a new campaign program that will help us take back the majority,” said Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa. “I commend Tom Wolf’s focus on not only winning the Governor’s mansion but flipping the State Senate as well.”

“Tom Wolf could not have chosen a better candidate to chair The Campaign for a Fresh Start than Katie McGinty,” said Senator Vincent Hughes, Democratic Chair of the Appropriations Committee. “Katie has consistently been a team player for the Democratic Party, and we look forward to working with such an accomplished, intelligent leader as we work to turn Pennsylvania blue.”

The sudden reversal comes after Wolf publicly backed McGinty for the spot and deployed a team of advisors to push hard for her nomination. Allies of McGinty were pushing her candidacy as late as this afternoon.

While supporters of Wolf and McGinty insisted they had the votes to win and were merely trying to avoid a fight, others were not so sure. Several people in the Democratic party said that Wolf could not firmly secure the votes in Philadelphia and that Philly committee chair, and Congressman, Bob Brady may have been reluctant to choose. One source commented that Brady is the “ultimate dealmaker” and that this situation seemed like a “deal of last resort”. Calls to the Philadelphia Democratic County Committee went unanswered.

In one sense, for current Chairman Jim Burn this represents quite a victory as he was able to hold on despite Wolf wanting to replace him. On the other hand, however, the win may prove to be pyrrhic as the Wolf team seems intent to circumvent him with the new PAC. Numerous party observers feel that Burn is now effectively done in state politics in everything but name.

One insider even asserted that Burn was seeking some kind of deal with the nominee but Wolf wouldn’t bite. The Chairman did not respond to a request to comment.

Most intriguing of all, though, is what the move says about Wolf. Was he smart to avoid a potentially damaging fight or did he show weakness by pulling out of it? Will this allow him to more effectively run as an outsider or hurt him with the party faithful? Finally, if he wasn’t willing to go all the way and unseat Burn, why did he jump into the contest to begin with?

Update: The House Democrats are also backing Wolf’s decision.

“We are thrilled to work with both Tom Wolf and Katie McGinty to defeat Tom Corbett and Republicans in the House this November,” said House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody. “We need to elect Tom Wolf in order to rebuild our middle class, reverse the disastrous Corbett cuts to education, and move our economy forward. With this new team and Katie McGinty’s leadership, I know Tom will be successful in November. House Democrats are excited to coordinate our efforts with them and begin a new chapter in Pennsylvania.”

Update 2: Megan Sweeny, the Communications Director of the PA Republican Party issued the following statement:

For the second time this year, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has flatly rejected Tom Wolf,” Sweeney said. “Tom Wolf is a typical politician who tried to force his choice for Democratic Party Chairman onto a Party that doesn’t trust his judgment. While Tom Wolf may be able to create a nice television ad, he’s shown a serious inability to energize his Party’s grassroots network.

“Tom Wolf openly rejected Jim Burn, and now the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has returned the favor. Just weeks after holding a tightly-controlled unity breakfast with Jim Burn, Tom Wolf tried to fire him from his job. The fact that  Tom Wolf’s running mate, Mike Stack, wouldn’t even support his choice for Chair serves as further proof that the people who know Tom Wolf best still have plenty of questions about his decision-making.

“The Pennsylvania Democratic Party is in disarray, and Tom Wolf’s failure to lead is making their numerous problems even worse.”

Update: Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto also endorsed Wolf’s move today:

“Tom Wolf today showed a strong commitment to reform and to opening up the political process. He is showing the independent leadership that makes me proud to be a strong supporter of Tom Wolf and the change that he will bring to Pennsylvania,” Peduto said. “To truly shake things up in Harrisburg and bring meaningful change, we need to see reform at all levels. The creation of The Campaign for a Fresh Start with McGinty at its helm is a meaningful step in that direction.

“Progress for Pennsylvania requires change, and Tom Wolf and Katie McGinty are demonstrating that they are willing to do the work to make reform a reality.”

48 Responses

  1. How would I know “who’s posting with fictitious names” ?
    Well, your name isn’t “Mr. Lion”.
    ChuckBronson is not like Charles Bronson of Death Wish fame.
    LessonsLearned. BJ. Happy Valley. etc.

    DUH !!

    As for atheists,
    1) we don’t start holy wars
    2) we don’t treat black skin as the “mark of cain” or claim interracial marriage is unholy
    3) we don’t treat gay marriage or homosexual behavior as sins.
    4) we don’t try to spend tax dollars wasting educational resources to teach Creationism.
    5) we don’t treat Muslims as terrorists because they follow Islam (instead we think they are as equally misguided as the Christians, Jews and Voodoo believers). But, as long as they aren’t trying to kill anyone in the name of “God”, or impose their beliefs on anyone else, we couldn’t give a rat’s @ss if they spend their free time in some form of worship.
    6) we don’t perform charity or “good works” with the expectation of some reward in a fictional afterlife.

    So, definitely better humans that the religious nuts. Though, I have to say, Pope Francis is a fantastic human being. He’s wrong about the existence of God, of course, but he’s very inspirational encouraging people to do better and look after the poor. He’s not trying to impose his beliefs on others, but merely advertising ways people can treat each other better.

  2. @David Diano Point is that anybody voting Democratic is acting better than you are right now. So atheists don’t hold any highground when it comes to morality or acting anymore human. Furthermore how the hell would you know who’s posting with fictitious names? Do you own the website? Your wasting your time on here, just like you waste your time attending state committee meetings. 🙂

  3. Fake LIBERAL_LION –

    I just make up better names for the people who are here with made up names. I consider it providing a service. 🙂

    What’s your point about Jesus riding a donkey? Do you wish you were the jackass he was riding?

  4. @David Diano David…if you acted ‘so human’ you wouldn’t need to make up names for everybody who posts on here. I’m more Liberal than you could ever hope to be. After all…Jesus rode a donkey.

  5. Kelly-
    I don’t know if this new PAC is the real deal or just a face saving measure or exactly what it hopes to accomplish beyond electing Wolf.

    I was at state committee this evening, and I advocated strongly that Dems should be working to give Wolf one or two Democratic chambers in the legislature. Otherwise,Wolf is going be in the same boat as Obama trying to pass legislation with Boehner and friends.

    The HDCC can’t even fill seats against incumbent Republicans in Dem majority districts. The SDCC appears unwilling or unable to give Kane the support he needs in a newly open st senate seat.

    So, I’m hoping that:
    1) The state committee or the new Fresh Start PAC will jump in with resources to flip some seats.
    2) that Wolf will advocate in every phone call for votes, for voters elect him as part of a straight-Dem ticket to give him the legislature he needs.

    The “Team” in “Team Wolf” needs to be the Democratic ticket (not just the top).

  6. Come out from under your rock Dan Bauder and stop all the fake posting. If you don’t want people to let your childish secret out then don’t get drunked up and polluted at PaddyWhacks. * on a side note I wasn’t sure if this site had a whistleblower policy so I shall remain under my rock for now.

  7. @DD-No one ever claimed it was all roses under Rooney. You are astute to chose 2009, but that was the only years there was not a buy into the coordinated campaign. In the 5 years when there was a coordinated campaign, Rooney had a 75% winning record. Take out Specter’s 2004 win (24 yr Incumbent), and Corbett’s 2 Att Gen victories (No Dem had every won Att Gen before), and his win percentage is 88%. Pretty Friggin Good!!

    @Issac L. You could not be more right about Mary. I would give equal kudos to Joe Shafer, one of the best manager’s in the country. Wolf had the best team buy far and the results showed.

    To everyone else who baits David Diano with Sestak, Why Guys???? Come on, he can go there all by himself with no prodding.

  8. David, I guess I should change “Party” to “Committee” but I meant the “organized” part of Democrats, which is the Committee. This PAC is going to drive a ground game far beyond what our Committee will.

  9. If the State Democratic Party was the be-all, end-all, we would not have a Republican Governor, a Republican Senate, AND a Republican House all in this same time. And considering that the Party supported most major Primary candidates who lost these past few years, they made themselves insignificant. Tom Wolf is doing what he needs to do to ensure victory and those of us running for Senate or House seats who have one bit of sense will join him. The coattails have the potential to be like none seen before given the Corbett/Senate/House record – failure of timely economic recovery in Pennsylvania compared to other states, one dismal budget after another, attempts at some of the most ALEC-driven legislation ever, “transportation” (using that term very loosely here) bill. News flash – The Progressives are NOT immersed in the Democratic Party of Pennsylvania. They are the people behind Tom Wolf. Pennsylvania Democratic Party, welcome to the 21st Century!

  10. “This is a place for responsible adult conversation”


    You’ve accused people of watching porn and plenty of other things that wouldn’t fit that description.

  11. Philly Progressive Pedophile-

    If you are at state committee trolling for wandering children, take a break. Try growing a pair and say what you have to say face-to-face.

    I’m sure you won’t reveal yourself because you are probably some unknown political hack that I’ve never heard of or dismissed long ago because of your weightlessness.

    You can’t even post under your own name. Maybe you’ll be lurking behind some potted plant, dodging child protective services, and stepping aside only to offer candy to some unaccompanied children.

    Either way, you are too ephemeral to waste anymore time upon.

  12. The post “David Diano on June 20, 2014 at 1:40 pm” referencing Tony Campisi is a fake post.

    As for Tony, he would have been a great chairman for the Delco Dems.

  13. David Diano — your brilliant analysis on these comments never ceases to amaze. Only one question: why aren’t you the one writing for Poltiics PA?

    Let’s cut out the wait time between stories for another Diano commentary, and make the whole site Diano commentary.

    Looking forward to state committee meeting and checking out your awesome name tag and hearing your well-rehearsed voter file sales pitch (and hope that there are no former customers around).

  14. Lets be real-State political party meetings ( repub or dem) are a less elegant form of dollar dog night tailgating with the party chair serving as the furry mascot. Jim or Katy both would be great but without a personal relationship and trust of the headlining candidate in a Governors race what does the title mean?
    The Candidate and the message of the party they craft win the general public and during the campaign the rank and file members help deliver that message in person to their neighbors.

  15. Fake_Liberal_Lion-

    Atheists don’t think God is whispering in their ears or try explaining everything they don’t understand as a “miracle”.

    We act a lot more human than the Christian right-wing trying to sanctify institutionalized bigotry with biblical verse.

  16. Happy Valley-

    You need to work on better separating your sarcasm more clearly from your crazy.

    When you wrote: “I respect Wolf even more for refusing to give in to him”

    where you being sarcastic or serious?

    Accepting the will of the state committee members isn’t “giving in” to Burn. Wolf/McGinty made their case for chair and the membership resoundingly rejected their argument (so badly that they didn’t want to risk a vote). That doesn’t mean that the committee made the best/right choice, but it was their choice to make.

    Creating a PAC at the 11th hour is an obvious attempt to save face, and carve out some area of control/management/power. If it helps more Dems get elected around the state and advances us in the legislature, I’m happy (though not valley) for the infusion of money/energy into the party.

    I’m not sure what “skills” Wolf was looking for besides fundraising and loyalty to Wolf. McGinty does have a good rep as being hands-on and working hard, so I’m sure that was a factor. She also ran a clean campaign and demonstrated a great depth of knowledge on the issues and how to attack Corbett.

    So, while I think McGinty would have done a fine job as Chair, and will do a fine job heading the new PAC, the whiners need to stop whining.

    A lot of people were speculating that Burn would drop out to avoid a losing vote (others have suggested he’d have hung on if voting for himself was the only vote he was getting). The bottom line is he demonstrated he has the support of the committee (especially given the deference usually paid to the Gov nominee). There’s a word for that: Leadership.

    So, Dems need to focus on getting rid of Corbett and giving Wolf a legislature that will help him improve PA.

    We respect Wolf’s decisive win in the primary. Wolf’s team needs to respect Burn’s support from the committee. The “Fresh Start” pac needs to find a niche between what the state committee can do and what candidates can do.

  17. @Happy Valley Lol. Good One! That guy is so wrapped up in Politics that it shows how much Atheists have forgotten how to act human. 😉

  18. PA Democratic State Committee has always been rather irrelevant. Now it is even more so. Well done, Chairman Burn.

  19. DD, I was using sarcasm. Of course State Committee knows it can’t appoint the cabinet. Some just don’t understand that appointing the party chair position really isn’t all that different. Our candidate wanted specific skills. For all that you may like him, Burn doesn’t have those skills.
    There’s more going on in this situation than you know.
    Meantime, if you give some thought to sarcasm, maybe you will understand why somebody is fake posting as you.

  20. Happy Valley-

    You must be smoking some premium weed in your “happy” place. Maybe that explains your cluelessness:
    “Would he let State Committee appoint his Cabinet or tell him what must be in the first bill he sends to the Legislature?
    If he came this”

    When has state committee ever done any of those things? Besides, it was Wolf who came in (and was perceived as) dictating his choice to control state committee. I’ve heard that the count would have been decisive for Burn (like 3 or 4 to 1). If “Fresh Start” pac was a brilliant idea, it wouldn’t have come at the 11th hour before the committee vote.

    Wolf was always independent of the party “establishment”, as that was part of his appeal to voters. While it appears that Wolf’s takeover move was resoundingly rejected by the rank and file, it doesn’t mean that it was unreasonable for him to support a loyalist for the job. You win some, you lose some.

    As far as “Fresh Start” goes, let’s hope it’s not a stale repeat of Sestak’s efforts to go around the party. It should be an effort to compliment the party by shoring up weak areas and accessing additional fundraising sources.

    The PAC, the state committee, and Wolf’s campaign team should work closely to coordinate for November, and divide up the work where each organization can play to its strengths.

  21. Mary’s advice: “do you have $10 million dollars? Then spend it.” Wow, she’s a wizard.

  22. Of the 3 Dem. finalists who competed against Dr. Wolf, only McGinty did not stoop to mud-slinging and distorted TV ads. Wolf’s campaign also ran positive, not negative, a tribute to his integrity. His push for McGinty may be politically wise–but it also recognizes that integrity is important in the party.

  23. Hopefully this new PAC will reign in the rogue House Democrats who supported Tom Corbett in 2010. A quote from the Post Gazette: Among the cross-party endorsers was the veteran state Rep. Pete Daley, D-Washington County, who lauded Mr. Corbett’s prosecutions of legislative figures.

    “I believe in what he’s done with the Legislature,” Mr. Daley said. “We have to get through this political corruption.”

    Mr. Daley is running for re-election against GOP nominee Richard Massafra, a Washington County businessman.

    Read more:
    Thank you Mr. Daley for giving us Tom Corbett and the mess Pennsylvania is in!

  24. Tom Wolf is thinking like a Governor. Would he let State Committee appoint his Cabinet or tell him what must be in the first bill he sends to the Legislature?
    If he came this weekend after Burn refused to accept Wolf’s choice, he would be sending a signal to the Republicans that he could be rolled. Then he’d never get anything accomplished.
    Burn has overreached. I respect Wolf even more for refusing to give in to him. I respect State Committee less for not understanding the stakes. But I will be there to vote–if there’s a quorum to vote on anything.

  25. The June 20, 2014 at 9:53 am post below is a fake

    Sestak’s “success” (that’s in quotes because he lost) was due to his courting Republican votes by distancing himself from down-ticket Democrats, while the rest of the ticket was promoting straight party votes.

    Sestak has never had coattails, despite his wide margin wins for Congress. That’s because he actively undermined local Dems to the Republican voters he courted.

  26. Bad advice from Mary Isenhour? What are you nutters smoking because that sounds like some powerful stuff. Mary’s advice helped lead Tom Wolf to one of the soundest victories in recent memory (slightly better than even Casey did in ’86 and he only had one serious opponent, and the highest margin of a non-incumbent since the new constitution in 1968) – have we forgotten already that he won with over 57 percent of the vote, winning all 67 counties and beating his closest challenger by 40 percent?! Mary’s advice and leadership has a pretty fat win record to back it up. On top of all that, she’s held in high esteem by some of the top people on both sides of the aisle. Your contention is ridiculous and entirely without merit.

  27. Gretchen, Joe Sestak ran 10 points ahead of Onorato and came close to beating Toomey in the year of the Tea Party landslide. He also worked very well with the county parties. That is where the GOTV effort happens. I am confident that Tom Wolf will work well with the county parties. I look forward to working with Tom Wolf this year and with Joe in 2016. And maybe this flap over the chair election will help the State Committee reflect on how they can be more effective in helping candidates to win elections.

  28. Very happy to read that a face saving solution has been worked out and yet, very disappointed to read that Wolf is reportedly not going to attend or even put in an appearance at the State Democratic Committee meeting this weekend. A “fresh start” and a “different kind of politician” is still going to need the party regulars if he hopes to win in November. Winning the primary – even in such a convincing fashion – is hardly the same as winning the general. Like Sestak, Wolf ran great commercials, and captured a big victory in the primary over the candidate favored by the State Ctte. Here’s hoping as was noted below (see Sestak defeat again), that Wolf does not presume that he now knows everything about how to win in November. In 2010, Sestak went around the State effectively blowing off Dan Onorato and the D’s coordinated campaign – it was about him and not about the party. And he LOST. It could happen again even with a 40 point lead in the polls. I am not suggesting that the Wolf campaign should not reach out to Independents and disaffected Rs. I am saying you don’t turn your back on the party regulars who spend their valuable time and their own money – many for years – because you didn’t win this battle that you never should have chosen.

    Still hoping the reported no show is wrong – we want to be with Wolf, but no one wants to be stood up or left at the altar even if it’s an arranged marriage.

  29. ChuckBronson-

    The Dems had wave in 2006 with take over of Congress and Rendell-Casey ticket.

    2008 was another good year for Dems with huge registration numbers.

    But, getting Corbett for AG that year, despite wins for Auditor General and Treasure was a significant sour note.

    In 2009 we lost the statewide Supreme Court race to Orie Melvin and other statewide judge races.

    So let’s not pretend it was all unicorns with rainbows coming out of their @sses.

  30. Tell me more about this dreadful term of TJ Rooney? I guess winning more statewide elections in a single year than burn has won in 4 years is a disaster. It was a dreadful time to be a PA Republican.

  31. John-
    I meant that Stack made no public statement/endorsement.

    Stack doesn’t really have a “campaign manager” at this point, since Stack is now tied to Wolf.

    Anyone on Stack’s staff is effectively commandeered by Wolf and part of the Gov campaign.

    As for the “Fresh Start” PAC… if it increased Dem registration and turnout, or helps flips a few house seats to the Dems, it will have served a good purpose.

    Let’s hope Wolf has learned a lesson from Sestak’s 2010 cluster-f*ck about trying to run a parallel operation and not have a coordinated campaign.

    If “Fresh Start” can fill in the gaps of the State Committee approach/coverage, that would be helpful. If they duplicate existing efforts, that would be wasteful.

  32. What do you mean Stack wasn’t involved, his campaign manager made calls to committee people to vote for McGinty.

  33. Megan Sweeny doesn’t seem to understand the difference between the Pennsylvania “Democratic Party” and the Pennsylvania “State Democratic Committee”.

    The party (which is composed of all registered Democrats) voted for Wolf with overwhelming margins, especially for a 4-way contest. And, despite being in a 4 way race, and Corbett uncontested, Wolf still got 1/3 more votes than Corbett did.

    As for “forcing choices”, the State GOP committee wouldn’t even let Corbett challenger Bob Guzzardi in the room when Corbett was being “nominated” in what must have been a spectacular stroke-fest.

    As for Stack, he looks pretty smart for having stayed out of it.

    No one should pretend that this wasn’t a misstep by Wolf. It clearly was. He rolled the dice. They came up “snake-eyes”. It happens.

    But, for the GOP to have any “glee” over this is to misread the polls and the rejection of Corbett in EVERY category of policy, governance and leadership.

    Corbett is going to lose in November. With the budget crisis and his mismanagement of the past 4 years, he’s lucky that the ballot won’t have the option to ban him from the state.

  34. Jesus – What a disaster. Katie didn’t have the votes cause Wolf has no political capital and he was foolish to waste what he did have on a fight for a do nothing Chair of a do nothing Committee. Brady, Rendell, and Fitz all tried to push Wolf around – he naively went with it – no doubt after getting more terrible advice from Mary Isenhour. They have a weak political shop and couldn’t get the votes and then came up with the brilliant idea to have a new PAC so they could cover their a** when they couldn’t get the votes. I wonder what the walk-up music will be when Wolf appears at State Cmte this weekend – Rocky’s Theme or Send In The Clowns. Wolf is pretty lucky he is up by 20 points cause with tin political ear moves like this – Corbett’s got a chance folks.

  35. Wolf should have NEVER gotten involved with the hard working rank and file members of Dem state committee because we who serve on state committee really don’t like the intrusion of top-down politicos “running” things— as in our recent past (T.J. Rooney/Rendell). I thought Wolf was a “different kind of politician.” Wolf’s selection of McGinty, who is not ready for the major leagues and Wolf’s really horrible selection of Jake Wheatley, who has an anti-public education record as well as some VERY BIG other issues according to Raging Chicken, the PA Progressive–and other sources–represents a terribly poor vetting method on the part of Wolf!!!! Hopefully this is not a precursor to Wolf’s attempt to govern. Wolf is a nice man whom I support, but his foray into state committee with these 2 selections shows QUESTIONABLE wisdom on his part. It also makes me think he did not come up with this on his own. Why would he need to? Sounds like he is coming under the influence of people that are actually undermining his image as a different kind of politician and who are undermining lots of other gains the Dem Party state committee works hard to accomplish. Let him form all the PACs he wants. He seemed to do just fine with his own campaign previous to this DRAMA with McGinty and Wheatley/Rooney/Rendell. At age 65, Tom, it is time to stand on your own two feet and stand for what issues you campaigned on and what issues you enunciated at State Committee and in other venues. It is all a matter of record, you know. You don’t need all the “brilliant” advisors you previously were acquainted with. What positive, transcendent legacy did ANY of them leave the citizens of PA or even the Dem Party? It’s your ballgame now, so do what you promised us all.

  36. Why is everyone mad at me?? I just wanted to be King!!! I didn’t realize burning down the kingdom would make people mad. Plus Brady told me to light the match!!

  37. Burn is party chairman in name only. Burn does whatever Brady says and he will be chairman of a party that cant raise money, get votes, or have access to its nominee for Governor.
    Do you think Wolf is intimidated by Democratic state committee members? Most Democratic state committee members supported McCord. How did that work out? McCord finished in 3rd, 40% behind Wolf, and caused an end to his political career. If Democratic state committee members can’t even help their candidate get 17% of the vote in a Democratic primary, how many votes do you think they can get in the general election with Republicans and Independents voting too?
    What political future does Burn have? Burn won’t run against Fitzgerald because he would lose by 50% next year. He will be known as the guy who was willing to hurt the party to help himself. That’s a good future.
    After this, Burn is the party chair in name only. Burn won’t be a surrogate speaker for Wolf. Burn and his supporters wont have access to Wolf when he’s Governor. Burn will have as much access to Governor Wolf as he has to Governor Corbett. But at least Corbett is a Republican. I can’t wait to hear Burn’s excuse when he doesn’t have access to a Governor in his own party.
    I hope this Pyrrhic victory was worth the huge price paid by Burn and his supporters.

  38. Kane got elected on her own. And thanks only to penn state supporters.
    Jim was a nice person. History will be written that he went mad with power and being Brady puppet.
    Self before service.
    He played the same game 4 years ago. Hope he enjoys begging for money on the street. In two months or less that is where his head quarters will be.
    B and J you just destroyed the team.

  39. “Numerous party observers feel that Burn is now effectively done in state politics in everything but name.”
    That’s not journalism, that’s bitter political backbiting and gossip mongering. Ask one of those observers to stand up and be quoted.
    “…everything but name”. Seems like some people fought really hard to deprive him of that “name” but lost, seems like Jim’s future is brighter than the dimwits who attempted a coup under Wolf’s name and lost.

  40. Well, for those who consider perception to be reality in politics, the “perception” is that Wolf/McGinty didn’t have the votes.

    Brady seems determined to screw Democrats statewide.

    He was behind pushing Democrats to vote for the GOP’s horrible redistricting plan. The 7th Congressional district is a national disgrace.

    More recently, he sabotaged HDCC efforts this year to put up a Dem challenger to Rep John Taylor in the 177th (despite a 2-1 Dem registration advantage).

    Where does Brady’s treachery to the Democratic party end?

    If Wolf can use his new PAC to gain independence from Brady, then I wish him success.

  41. It’s a shame. Tom Wolf got some horrible advice from people trying to settle political scores rather than serving Tom’s best interest. Tom, if you want to be a leader, keep Mary Isenhour in check. She’s always been jealous that her time as executive director – under the dreadful term of the pitiful TJ Rooney – was widely seen to be a disaster. Tom, you won in spite of her, lose the dead weight.
    Also, Tom, don’t listen to Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald. Westerners tell me he was part of the brain trust that hatched this plot – all because Rich is insatiably vindictive against every perceived enemy, especially Jim Burn, who had the audacity to be his own man on Allegheny County Council.
    Tom, be better than these small people.

  42. How in your right mind can you think that Jim Burn or state committee delivered victories for anyone in 2012? What money did they expend to really influence that election? Burn was a Murphy supporter and Kane won the whole thing on her own. I love how Burn takes credit for those things and not embarrassing losses in 2010, 2011 and 2013. How many courthouses did we lose in 2011? You people are delusional.

  43. Burn did a great job in 4 years, did we all forget that the first ever Woman was elected at Attorney General. C’mon Man!!!

  44. Tell us where to join. We won’t be joining the so called chair for his party!! His party of destroying the state party. Sad just sad!
    Where do we sign up for the New Start??
    State Democrat leaders are here and ready to serve our New Governor! Here to see the real prize. Beat Corbett! Now that the dog and pony show of burn and Brady has ended. Let’s get to work.

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