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BREAKING – WPVI: Turnout High in Philadelphia, “Good News” for Democrats

BREAKING – WPVI: Turnout High in Philadelphia, “Good News” for Democrats

Harrisburg, PA – WPVI just reported high turnout in Philadelphia, a high density Democratic area. WPVI said it was “good news for Democrats.”

WPVI Transcript:

John Rawlins: It was a busy morning here at Ward 9, Division 6. That’s the library here in Chestnut Hill. They had a line of voters waiting for them to open at 7 o’clock this morning. They have so far had at least 173 people vote. The Judge here says that is considered a strong turnout for an off-year election like this. We’re hearing similar descriptions across the city, all anecdotal at this point, but strong turnouts in Center City, strong turnouts in Germantown, Wynnefield, and South Philadelphia as well. That would presumably be good news for Democrats, fearing this Republican tidal wave elsewhere in the state. The Democrats very concerned that Democratic voters in Philadelphia didn’t sit this one out.  That concern is what brought First Lady Michelle Obama out last night for this Democratic GOTV – that’s Get Out the Vote  — effort. Nervous Democratic Party bosses know Philadelphia’s turnout will make or break their chances statewide in Pennsylvania. A check of polling places this morning indicates a strong AM turnout in some spots  — not at the levels of the 2008 presidential election, but still reportedly trending stronger than Democrats thought just two weeks ago. Councilwoman Donna Reed Miller is the Democratic Ward Leader in the 59th Ward in Germantown.

Donna Reed Miller: My sense is people are coming out to vote.

John Rawlins: In numbers?

Ward Leader: In good numbers. In one polling place, we have about 170 already, and that is good for the morning. The morning looks good. It’s a steady stream of folks.

John Rawlins: And again, that is what we are hearing across town. Not a big crowd of people at any one time but a steady stream throughout the morning.  And at this point, the question is for Democratic leaders, will that be a strong enough turnout here in Democratic-rich voter territory of Philadelphia to offset the votes coming in from other parts of the state, traditionally areas that support Republican candidates? We will see as the day goes on, and as hear tonight once the polls close. John Rawlins, Channel 6 Action News.

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