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Brown Not Charged for Tossing Signs

BadgeIt was one of the more bizarre scandals in recent history.

A retired state trooper named Anthony DeLuca was upset with Marcus Brown, Governor Tom Wolf’s nominee to lead the PA State Police Force.

Brown served as head of the Maryland State Police but DeLuca was infuriated by Brown’s habit of wearing a police uniform because Brown didn’t graduate from the academy.

To make his displeasure known, DeLuca put up roadside signs stating “Marcus Brown didn’t earn it!” and “Marcus Brown didn’t wear it!”.

When he saw the signs, Brown ripped them out of the ground. All the while, DeLuca was videotaping him in the hopes of invoking just such a reaction.

Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed announced today that he won’t be filing charges against Brown. He noted that DeLuca “set the bait and Brown took it hook, line and sinker.” Freed did state, though, that Brown still should’ve just let it go.

While Brown is out of the legal woods, his nomination was harmed by the incident. The State Troopers’ Union called on Wolf to withdraw Brown’s name last March.

The Governor continues to stand by his nominee.

6 Responses

  1. KSDF,
    The state trooper’s right to free speach is an American right, owned by all. Not a problem. However, the trooper went beyond free speach and took aggressive action to destroy the nomination of an appointee of the Governor of the Commonwealth.
    I would certainly hope that the trooper did not demonstrate this level of performance while dealing with the citizens of Pennsylvania, day in and day out.

    My referrance to a violation of the Ethics Code was directed at the state trooper. He swore to uphold the law and bastardized it with his personal vendetta. This is not the action of a member of the Pennsylvania State Police, active or retired.

  2. Since the sign was on public property (township owned land)..and posted without a permit… I’m not sure what right DeLuca had in placing his “thoughts” there. If a township road crew worker removed it…would there be this legal review? I think not!

    I don’t blame Brown for taking it down. If it was on private property…that would be different. But it wasn’t!

  3. @elroy, the trooper’s right to free speech is not conditioned on a violation of the Ethics Code by Brown.

  4. Thats not legal “entrapment.” It was an intentional act and not clear why charges were not brought. Mr Brown would not want the publicity of a trial and probably would have plea bargained, a fine, case closed. Now it looks bad for the system with no charges at all.

  5. This retired officer’s behavior is ridiculous. However the Commissioner of the State Police should be held to higher standards of deportment and judgment than the rank and file. This clown has demonstrated neither. He is a needless distraction for both the Senate and the Governor with his childish foolishness.

  6. How can one disgruntled retired PSP Trooper cause so much trouble? I have yet to read where law enforcement officer DeLuca quoted the law regarding the Governor’s appointment and uniform standards.

    What is the Ethics Code for retired State Troopers? Does their Oath of Office extend into retirement? Were the signs properly permitted and placed in a legal location?

    Does retired Mr. DeLuca refer to himself by his PSP rank?

    DeLuca should voluntarily appologize for his actions.

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