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Browning Enters Race for PA-15

Republican businessman Dean Browning announced his bid to replace retiring Congressman Charlie Dent in the 15th Congressional District.

“President Trump ran and won as a private sector businessman who has real world experience balancing budgets, making hard decisions and getting things done. I will bring that same profile to Washington and would proudly play my part in supporting the President’s agenda to make America great again,” Browning said.  

Browning has worked in the private sector for 30 years at multiple companies, including New World Aviation as the chief financial officer.  He also served as a Lehigh County Commissioner.  

Browning’s campaign will focus on “securing our country’s borders along with rebuilding the military and growing the U.S. economy” according to his announcement release.  

Rep. Ryan Mackenzie (R-Lehigh), Lehigh county Commissioner Marty Nothstein, Dauphin county Commissioner Mike Pries, and former CIA officer and Trump delegate to the RNC last year Scott Uehlinger are also running in the district.

41 Responses

  1. First of all, this dude would run for anything that put money in his pockets. He has, time and time again, proven that he is in it for him, not “us”. He is also, in some person experience, a generally creepy dude.

    1. With everyone else that is in this race, this guy won’t really compete. What he will do is pull EVEN MORE votes away from Marty Nothstein and MacKenzie. I would have to put Uehlinger and Pries in the lead now because of the utter cluster that Lehigh County is becoming in this race. Now the question is: Who can raise the money?

      1. Uehlinger is a CIA alumni. He has ability to spy on other candidates and has help from his buddies there. Be worried if you are in this race. He already won under Trump for Delegate, remember people? Uehlinger is in the lead now.

        1. It’s really weird that Justin Simmions sticks around this website even after he gets tossed from the race isn’t it?

          1. You really have a thing for Simmons! Or is it just that you are a one trick pony with no productive arguments?

  2. Now is not a real good time to run pledging to “bring [TheRump’s] profile to Washington.“ Choose another thing to promise, dude. Of course, it may do very well in the GOP primary, given that TheRump is that party’s chosen leader. Hopefully he drags the rest of the GOP primary field to specifically address their positions on TheRump early. Making them either specify that they approve or disapprove of him is something I am sure the others would rather not have to publicly do.

  3. Great choice Dean but I will support your bid to congress in 2018 because I know of you will win this thing in 2018.

  4. Puzzling: A guy who cannot win in vote-heavy Lehigh or Northampton Counties and is completely unknown in the rest of the district thinks he has a shot? Can he possibly be that obtuse? Can anyone be?

    If he is not, then what are his real motives for entering?

    1. I don’t get Dean either, and his main attack is that Marty doesn’t stop illegal immigration?! That is because Marty has compassion for these 800,000 young people who were brought here not on their own accord. They need amnesty because they have no where else to go. Thank goodness Marty will protect the Dreamers.

      1. It’s a losing issue for Browning, at least as he has presented it so far. The Dreamers will receive permanent amnesty. The real question, one of greater interest to conservatives, is what concessions Democrats are willing to make — wall, chain migration, etc. — to avoid the president’s veto. As far as I know, Nothstein hasn’t commented on any of that. Have I missed something?

        1. Yes, you are correct. Marty is for permanent amnesty for the Dreamers. I am not sure where he stands on any of the other items. But, as long as he is doesn’t cave to the tea baggers and stays pro-amnesty, then he is my guy.

          1. Tea baggers? Be careful. You don’t know to whom you are replying. It’s clear you mean to be disrespectful, but do you know the vulgar meaning of the term?

            I’m guessing that you’re a Charlie Dent voter. He’s as openly insulting to his conservative wing as you appear to be.

  5. Browning is an oddball loser who comes across as a bit of a kook. Not a good look for the Republicans. He thinks he can win against Nothstein?
    That just reveals his arrogance and stupidity.

  6. Dean raised taxes in Lehigh. Lost 3 or 4 races recently. I am surprised he wants to get kicked in the teeth in this race. He just doesn’t know when to give it up.

  7. Obviously in the race to win. Not acting as a spoiler. Marty is going to be a harder person to beat than Ryan at the end of the day. Wouldn’t be in the race if either of the two had secured real support so far. Having House members sign on to Ryan right away actually woke some folks up to the hypocrisy. #InToWin

    1. How many times do voters have to say “No” to Dean Browning before he gets the hint? He was driven from office after raising taxes with the Dems and doesn’t deserve a comeback.

        1. Hearing from who? How would you know what someone is thinking or feeling since you entered the race a few hours ago. Seems like a whopper of a claim.

    2. Browning’s insinuation that Marty Nothstein “failed to act to prevent illegal immigrants from committing crimes in Lehigh County” is truly despicable. There is no proof to this.

      1. Nothstein has to answer for Lehigh being a sanctuary county on his watch. Browning just had the courage to say it. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    3. To date, of those still in the race, only Mackenzie has filed a financial report with the FEC. He raised $109k in the third quarter — not enough to scare anyone off, but still respectable. Unsure how you or, for that matter, Browning can conclude that neither “of the two had secured real support” in the absence of fund-raising evidence.

      1. Mackenzie started months ahead of the others if I remember (morning after Dent quit and already had campaign consultant hired and press release but there was no collusion…wink wink). We shall see where everyone stands soon enough. Christmas season is a tough task for raising dollars. This race looks to be a potential nasty one.

  8. I welcome another county commissioner to the race because there are now 3 commissioners in the race that no one knows or cares about. I hope more county commissioners join the race actually! When you are one of 9 commissioners in Lehigh County you get to cut deals with the Democrats so more money goes to “non-profits” and paying $134,000/year for the executive director salary at a “non-profit”. Oh wait…?!?!

    1. Hopefully we don’t have more accomplish nothing State Rep swamp rats in the race. 1 little man named Ryan is 1 too many already, is part of the Harrisburg mess and wants a promotion? Ryan must be screaming at his keyboard as he types here and yelling for his daddy and Charlie to fix this. Teeheehee

      1. We met with RyanMackensie last week and hee is the real deal and has my support and the support of many others in our conservative seniors group . “AnybodyBut” has Just some opposition talking points not based in reality. As we say, weak tea

  9. Uehlinger is a vet who speaks Spanish and does regular appearances on national TV. He’s a lifelong Republican with an esteemed career in the CIA. Not a professional politician, yet the most prepared to represent the District in Congress.

    He is well positioned to win the primary and as a general election candidate, he’s by far the best choice for the Republicans.

    1. Has Uhlinger even taken the time to vote in elections? I will be checking. Something doesn’t pass the smell test with this CIA guy. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t personally trust spies. They are trained to look you in the eye, lie and not be who they appear to be. Just what we don’t need representing us.

      1. don’t know his voting history but he was a trump campaigner before many others. saw him on tv and he is really skeptical of the cia and government in general. like the fact he is not a politician like the rest.

  10. He’s lost 3 or 4 elections since 2011 when he was the only Republican who joined Democrats in voting for a tax increase. God bless him!

  11. Never heard of him but anyone who still thinks Trump was a successful businessman is plainly too dumb to be in Congress.

    1. Trump is MAGA! Just look at the stock market. Trump is a tough New Yorker and the same can be said of Dean being tough minded.

        1. “45” has a way to go before the latest stock market rise passes the percentage stock market rise of “44”‘s.

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