Bucks Commissioner Endorses Strouse in PA-8

Kevin Strouse

Kevin Strouse

Diane Marseglia, the highest-ranking Democratic elected official in Bucks County, is backing Kevin Strouse in the primary for Pa’s 8th District.

Marseglia is serving in her second term as a minority party Bucks County Commissioners; her two colleagues are Republicans.

“I endorse Kevin Strouse because he would bring leadership that focuses on problem-solving, not the broken politics of Washington–leadership that the voters of the 8th District deserve,” Marseglia said in a statement. “Kevin Strouse’s common sense message of problem solving over politics is resonating with the working families, women and seniors in Bucks County.”

The show of local support is good news for Strouse, a former CIA officer, because his strongest backing until this week came from Democrats in Washington, D.C. including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Strouse is running for the seat currently held by Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks). As is Democrat Shaughnessy Naughton, a chemist and small business owner. Both are first time candidates.

“We’re seeing enthusiasm for Kevin’s campaign in every corner of Bucks County,” said Marseglia. “It’s clear that his candidacy has Democrats excited about the chance to retake the 8th District.”

For several years, Democratic recruiters have sought – to no avail – to convince Marseglia herself to mount a challenge to Fitzpatrick.


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4 thoughts on “Bucks Commissioner Endorses Strouse in PA-8”

  1. sean ryan says:

    Fitzpatrick by 13 points.

  2. clutch cargo says:

    Marseglia is not only disrespects Bucks County women with her “endorsement” of Strouse, she has obviously has been bought out by the domineering Democrat men in WashDC who imported an outsider to the 8th district SOLELY for the purpose of running for Congress.

    How disgusting is THAT??

  3. Demblue says:

    Well, everyone saw this coming..,Diane Marseglia has always been scared of other women having power.

  4. toots88 says:

    Strouse has my vote!!

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