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Budget Secretary: “We’ve Hit the Wall”

Charles-ZogbyWell, Tom Wolf’s first budget plan will certainly be a must-see event.

That’s the feeling one gets when viewing Budget Secretary Charles Zogby’s presentation today.

Zogby revealed that the state faces a potential shortfall of $2 billion next year. He also mentioned (as the Wolf people repeatedly have) that this is partly the result of one-time budget fixes by the Corbett Administration.

“We’ve hit the wall in terms of what people in this building are willing to cut,” Secretary Charles Zogby said in his briefing.

“Folks are in for a reality check.”

The Governor-elect is scheduled to hold a press conference later today concerning the budget outline.

7 Responses

  1. Liquor tores are profitable for PA. Besides taxes, the state gets the profits. Selling themoffwould be a one time fix. Taxing cracking will bring in $$ as will a rise in income tax rates. Government consolidation would reduce expenses. All thing that an ideological governor was not willing to look at

  2. Who couldn’t be budget secretary when the economy was on steroids in the 1990’s. Talk about all show and no go. Pretty tough trying to pay the bills when you don’t have an economy that does it for you–right Charles?

  3. Charlie is a fine public servant. He carried the ball for a Governor’s team that was severely lacking in communication and organizational skills. Charlie is not to be criticized for the failings of his boss. Don’t shoot him, he is only the messenger. He did his job and tried when he could to sound the alarm without being disloyal to the Governor. Charlie always recognized that the citizens of the Commonwealth were his most important responsibility.
    One can only hope Charlie will stay in State government. We need an experienced adult in the room.

  4. With a $2 billion budget deficit, there are only two solutions raise taxes or cut spending. It is highly unlikely that the Republican General Assembly, with all leadership with the exception of House Appropriations Chair DelCo Republican Bill Adolph, will agree to any tax increase. The base is in no mood for more tax increases.

    So…whose oxen will be gored?

  5. Blame can be apportioned equally. Democrats with Domenic Pileggi’s help killing pension reform and liquor privatization. Republicans for failing to consider a severance tax, even though the most pro-business state in the country, Texas, relies heavily on it.

  6. The effect that this Administration’s practices have had on the poor in Pennsylvania is cruel and inhumane. Our poor who are mostly living on Social Security alone are facing tax increases that will devastate them, along with another property tax increase for Erie, where a majority of the poor and homeless reside. Last year Erie faced a school tax increase that was astronomical. The majority of the poor do not even have children going to School in the District so why do they have to continue paying taxes for children that they paid all their lives for? Why can’t they find a way to exempt them from this Tax if they are living on the Poverty Level? And the disabled? What about giving them a break? Shame on Governor Corbett for once again putting this on the backs of the poor and disabled!

  7. When I heard that Corbett had chosen Zogby as his budget sect. I knew PA was in trouble, education in particular. What a disaster they’ve created together. You heard it here first. The Republicans that created this mess will go nuts on Wolf for having to raise revenues.

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