Bumsted’s ‘Keystone Corruption’ Coming Soon

Keystone Corruption coverFrom Vince Fumo to Jane Orie, there are so many examples of corruption in Pa. politics they could fill a book. A book written by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reporter Brad Bumsted.

Over the past decade especially, state government has been plagued by scandal after scandal. Not one but two former Speakers of the Pa. House have served jail time. The latest was Pa. Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin, who was found guilty on charges of corruption in February.

Bumsted is one of Harrisburg’s most respected reporters.

‘Keystone Corruption’ is available September 9 and available for preorder on Amazon now.

It’s Bumsted’s second book. He co-wrote with William C. Costopoulos ‘Murder Is the Charge: The True Story of Mayor Charlie Robertson and the York, Pennsylvania, Riots’ in 2004.

Here’s the official description:

Keystone Corruption: A Pennsylvania Insider s View of a State Gone Wrong traces the cyclical nature of misconduct in Pennsylvania government over the course of the last hundred years. Most of the book focuses on corruption since the 1970s, when the author had a front-row seat during the unprecedented scandals of 2007 through 2012.

Bumsted witnessed the prosecutions of current and former lawmakers for the theft of some $14 million in taxes, and he provides an insightful analysis of the rise and fall of several of Pennsylvania s most colorful political characters, including Boies Penrose, Matt Quay, R. Budd Dwyer, John Perzel, William DeWeese, Al Benedict, Ernie Preate, Jeffrey Habay, Vincent Fumo, Mike Veon, Michael Manzo and state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin.

When it came to crimes from Bonusgate to Computergate and the Big caper Bumsted tracked the case at every turn.

7 Responses

  1. Additionally, corruption doesn’t discriminate. Both republicans and democrats “play the game” while the innocent suffer. These are labeled “victimless” attacks because its not allegedly aimed at a single person and the taxpayers as a whole. I never heard of a victimless crime.

  2. This book has just SCRATCHED the surface. What about others from Western PA involved in the kids for cash scheme? Only certain people get screwed in this state. Two Supreme Court Justices removed in less than a 10 Year period and one under investigation for refferal fees? All of this is a learned behavior and we can all talk about it and write books about it but if we the people do not act on removing these ringleaders from the Circus they have become so accustomed to the show will remain the same.

  3. Why don’t you write the book that doesn’t recycle political headlines?? There is a lot more dirt than what ever made it to the papers or the court room. Everyone on this cover is minor in the scheme of things. Be a real investigative reporter and I’ll be a real consumer. You can do better than this…

  4. The book that should be written is why Vince Fumo was sacrificed for the immense crimes of Micheal Stiles and John Doughtery

  5. Breaking News: Tom Corbett’s favorite Governor Bob McDonnell is involved in a major scandal and may soon resign. http://www.politico.com/story/2013/07/bob-mcdonnell-apology-94629.html Here is the big difference between the two Governors: Governor McDonnell is popular because he actually got something accomplished, like Virginia’s audacious infrastructure bill. Corbett’s political body is rapidly decomposing because of the Takers that he has surrounded himself with. Good examples are his COS’s the current and the former or Roger Nutt, CEO of the Turnpike Commission. Or PAGOP Chair Rob Gleason, who is a prolific salesman. Or John Brabender, who will pull the gold teeth out of the decaying political body of Tom Corbett. I don’t know what Corbett owes all these Takers. I guess he owes them his political life and his political life is decomposing. COS Gromis-Baker, reserve a seat for me on the Funeral Train; I will get off after the Body is viewed in State College. You don’t need to find an African American welfare queen to find a certified TAKER, all you need to do is sit around a meeting of the Knight’s of Corbett’s Round Table.

  6. Dear Mr. Bumstead: Free Advice! This is not the way to becoming a Knight of the Round Table, Like Mr. Roddy. Do you know why PAGOP Chair Rob Gleason was not re-appointed by Governor Ridge to the Turnpike Commission, back in the day? Isn’t the problem with Harrisburg that there are too many takers with strong commitments to public service?

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