Burn Throws Support Behind Draft Biden SuperPAC

jim-burnJim Burn’s reign as PA Democratic Party Chairman was controversial, so it only makes sense for him to leave with a bang.

According to Thomas Fitzgerald of the Inquirer, Burn is supporting the Draft Biden SuperPAC.

“I am very excited about the possibility of Vice President Biden entering the race for President,” he wrote.

“Vice President Biden has connected with America on both a personal and professional level throughout his remarkable career as a public servant,” Burn continued. “A bridge builder throughout his time in the Senate and as Vice President, Joe Biden is a strong leader Americans can connect with and trust in to speak from the heart.”

Burn announced he would be stepping down as Chairman on Sept. 12th back in July.

He got into a confrontation with Tom Wolf after the future Governor pushed for Katie McGinty as Chair after he won the nomination. Burn refused to step aside and Wolf effectively created his own party-in-exile.

In this context, Burn’s announcement seems to be the final move of a maverick Democratic Chairman. Meanwhile, the Vice President will be in Pittsburgh for Labor Day.

10 Responses

  1. Biden would probably never get above 10% among Democrats. His supporters would be those who think Hillary is too corrupt and Sanders is too extreme. But his candidacy, as always, will bring plenty of material for the comedians.

  2. I am very afraid for this nation’s future. Joe biden? The guy is a nut job. This is just one more example of how out of touch the Democratic party has become with the vast majority of people. By the way, was at a county fair last night. The Democratic booth had Sestak signs info t-shirts everywhere. Nothing for mcginty. Anyone who thinks she is going to just walk into the dem nomination needs a reality check.

  3. Two things: Why is Burns getting out in front of an endorsement when he has so little time in the State Committee he won’t be able to finish a pint of draft beer.
    Second- who cares what he thinks anyway- he basically taking credit for sunrise and sunsets not his leadership or power.
    Hate to be a hater but his 15 mins of “fame” are so over.

  4. Joe Biden is a nice but undisciplined man. Also not the sharpest guy. Can’t think of one major accomplishment in his 40 years in politics. Plagiarized some speeches, I guess. Ran for president twice. No delegates. Sounds like a strong candidate :-/

  5. Most votes for Biden will come from Hillary supporters. That bodes extremely well for TheBern, if we split their vote.

    Run, Joe, Run!

  6. Still trying to figure out why everyone thinks the PA Dems were responsible for the House and Senate losses last year when Wolf formed his own “Party” with them and ignored the PA Democratic Party? Seems to me, the Governor, House and Senate were the Fresh Start that lost those elections, not the “impotent” State Democratic Party.

  7. With the 17-member Republican Klown Kar about to pull in for its second performance (see it live on CNN…two shows! Non-stop fun!), guys like “Ray Vegas” have a lot of nerve making any kind of comments about Democratic candidates.

  8. Bernie Sanders is off his Meds and anyone who supports Hillary belongs in Riker’s in the same cell.

  9. I am very excited about Joe Biden running for Prez. It will be a real circus filled with Abbott and Costello comedy. If Hillary manages to stay out of prison it will be a laugh a minute when she and Joe go head to head.

  10. Well, if there’s a guy who can’t pick a winning candidate, it’s this guy. See, e.g., the entire state house. So I’d say this bodes well for Clinton and Sanders.

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