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Businessman Jumps into the Governor’s Race

Kris HartKris Hart, a businessman from Montgomery county, is jumping into the race to challenge Governor Tom Wolf next year.  

Hart will make his official announcement on Thursday in Blue Bell.  

“Having listened to their concerns I realize the tough challenges facing our State and I am ready to step forward to propose solutions that reflect common sense approaches to business, government and social issues,” Hart said in a release announcing his bid.  

Hart had been considering a run for the U.S. Senate, even forming an exploratory committee.  

Hart runs Hart Strategic Enterprises, a company that focuses on investing in inner city businesses like convenience stores and salons.  Politically, Hart was the Second Vice-Chairman of the College Republican National Committee.  

“Joining the race for Governor of Pennsylvania isn’t about politics for me. It’s as simple as listening to people and as important as doing everything I can to help all people,” Hart said.  

Hart grew up in Montgomery county, and attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  He is one of the younger candidates for Governor at 34 years old.  

Hart joins state Senator Scott Wagner  and Allegheny county businessman Paul Mangoin the race.  House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) asked GOP Committee members in his consideration for a run.  Former Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley is also rumored to be weighing a bid for Governor.

PoliticsPA has reached out to the Pennsylvania Democratic Party for comment.

16 Responses

  1. Eric Bradway of Lower Merion Township is running for Governor on the Democratic ticket against Wolf .

  2. republicans gov. wolf will win reelection.
    the cycle has returned. corbett was a aberration. the three candidate, turzai will tease in the end he won’t, will spend millions and gain nothing.

    concentrate on casey. he’s the vulnerable one. republicans don’t blow this

  3. Yea. White guys shouldn’t run in the primary. The gop should be discouraging and promoting candidates based on sex, race, and income. Good observation. A 30 something middle class white guy should definitely remember the color of his skin and his gender before thinking of following his life’s ambitions.

    1. RJ, what candidate do you propose? Some savage from Filthadelphia? Maybe a newly minted American from the immigrant populace? What’s wrong with white guys idiot?!
      By the way, fyi, Filthadelphia is the most dangerous city in the state! Here are the facts. I know you lefties hate facts, because they are soooooo inconvenient to your narrative.

      > City violent crime rate: 459.8 per 100,000
      > State violent crime rate: 315.1 per 100,000 (22nd lowest)
      > City poverty rate: 13.1%
      > City unemployment rate: 4.5%
      The fifth largest U.S. city, Philadelphia has a long history of organized crime, serial murder, and violence. The city accounts for 68% of all homicides in Pennsylvania, 81% of all robberies, and 66% of all aggravated assaults. In total, there were 460 violent crimes per 100,000 area residents in 2015, far more than the statewide rate of 315 incidents per 100,000 people.
      Neighborhoods such as Kensington and Fairhill in the northeastern part of the city known as the Badlands have become major hotbeds for Philadelphia crime in recent decades. The neighborhoods are notorious for widespread drug trafficking, prostitution, light police presence, and a string of murders in 2011 committed by a serial killer referred to as the Kensington Strangler. Between 2014 and 2015, there were more than 30 homicides within roughly a half-mile radius of one Fairhill street corner.

      By the way, the reason the unemployment rate is so low in that city is because you have so many losers out of the workforce living on the dole supported by hard working taxpayers like me! They live in public housing and get to watch cable tv, surf the internet and chat for hours on their Obama smartphones while gorging out on pretzels, chips and dip while they pop out welfare babies!

      Here’s the source of the FACTS, I don’t just make this stuff up dorkamus!

      1. No we should clearly nominate someone like you who cares about all the residents of the Commonwealth and not just people that look and talk like you!

  4. He needs a shave. Looks like a financial manipulator in the mold of Trump. Just less moldy.

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  6. Wagner will win on the Republican side which is a shame. Wolf will in the end. no party, Republican or Democrat should run everything, so we need a Democratic Governor for some checks and balances.

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