Butts Enters Harrisburg Mayoral Race

buttsHe only got 64 votes last time, but he’s trying again.

The unfortunately-named Lewis Butts Jr. announced his candidacy today, according to Christine Vendel of the Patriot-News.

Butts earned his biggest headlines four years ago when it was discovered that he was defacing campaign signs for his opponent and future Mayor Eric Papenfuse. Butts was changing the name “Papenfuse” to “Papenpuss”.

“It won’t happen again,” he responded. “I learned my lesson.”

Butts also apologized for being arrested back in 2013 for driving with a suspended license and assured Pennsylvanians that his license had been restored.

9 Responses

  1. Larry-

    Butt’s is obviously a clown, and couldn’t be more so unless his first name was Seymore (as in “See more butts”).

  2. Diano, we know that for you, the rules are different when the subject of criticism is a Republican. That’s all that matters to you. But your party and your ilk are scared to death of appearing racist and will never call out Butts as a clown.

  3. Larry-

    It’s racist of you to think you can’t call a black guy a clown when he’s being one. Ben Carson is a clown, and it’s not the slightest bit racist to point out that obvious fact.

  4. Remember, Democrats: this guy is an utter clown but you can’t say so or in any way hinder his run or else you are RACIST and NOT OKAY and ON THE WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY. You made your bed of identity politics, now lie in it.

  5. This will be HUGE in national political circles. Another LOSER in the DEM party. Can I get Tiff a security clearance to run there? Harrisburg seems to be her speed.

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