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Calls Mount For Miccarelli to Resign

Less than 24 hours after allegations that state Rep. Nick Miccarelli (R-Delaware) physically and sexually assaulted two women over the last 6 years lawmakers have begun calling for his resignation.  

Governor Tom Wolf continued his strong stance against lawmakers accused for sexual harassment, calling on Miccarelli to resign.  

“This situation is made even worse by the fact that these women reportedly did not feel they could come forward without negative consequences, personally and professionally. As I have said before, this is not acceptable anywhere, especially in our state Capitol,” Wolf said according to the Patriot News.

Eight state House Democrats put out a statement hours after the allegations surfaced expressing their empathy with the victims and strongly come out against lawmakers accused of such actions.  

“We want to express our empathy and support to the victims and thank them for their courage.  Anyone accused of a credible violation like this should resign their position,” state Reps. Donna Bullock (D-Philadelphia), Tim Briggs (D-Montgomery), Maria Donatucci (D-Philadelphia), Patty Kim (D-Dauphin), Stephen Kinsey (D-Philadelphia), Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D-Delaware), Mike Schlossberg (D-Lehigh), and Peter Schweyer (D-Lehigh) said in a joint statement.  

The state Democratic Party, and the Delaware County Democratic Party both added their calls for Miccarelli’s resignation.  

“No one should ever endure this type of abuse perpetrated by anyone let alone an elected public. Given the allegations and his non-responsive blanket denials to them, the Representative should resign immediately,” Pa. Dems Chairman Jack Hanna said.  

“Delaware County voters are betrayed today, not just by Representative Miccarelli, but by any elected or Republican Party official who knew of these allegations and said nothing while re-elections came and went. I call on Nick Miccarelli to resign immediately,” Delaware County Democratic Party Chairman David Landau said.  

Miccarelli has strongly denied the accusations.  The investigation by state House leadership is ongoing.

27 Responses

  1. I would caution ALL of you – on both sides of the aisle – to refrain from making assumptions regarding Miccarelli. There is far more to this story than meets the eye. If you are ot familiar with the inner workings of this, and continue to comment, then you are just making yourself look silly.

    As far as another bomb being dropped, I have no doubt that is true. The Dems are still angry that they lost the Presidential election because of Pa. They are out for blood, and playing dirty pool every step of the way. Then you have the politics within the party. Certain members of the house leadership find do not particularly care for other members of the house, and will jump on board with anything that eliminates the competition.

    I really miss the days when we had the solid leadership of Senator Pileggi.

  2. Did all the Democrat State Reps calling for this GOP member of the house to resign “equally” call upon creepy State Senator Daylin Leach to likewise resign after his sexual me too misdeeds were exposed? I do credit the Governor as he’s been all over both the Republicans and Democrats in equal force—as it relates to calling upon them to resign

    It’s funny to me if those Democrats were mute and silent as it was to asking for Senator Leach to resign?

    1. Deplorable Voter-

      Daylin’s earlier reported behavior did get calls for his resignation (by Dems outside of Montgomery county, where they turned a blind eye).

      Nick’s accusations are of a criminal nature: drugged date rape, and threats with a gun.

      But, don’t worry: Daylin’s got another story in the queue. It was supposed to come out Sunday, but the weekend storm and massive power-outages have delayed the story a few days. It’s like a Pennsylvania version of the Roy Moore story.

      1. Dirty David keeps smearin’ and lyin’. I hit the refresh button on my browser all day yesterday just to realize it was another Dirty David lie.

      2. While I would assume Daylin’s net big story would be about the SE PA state rep who will be running for election for the first time since she had to settle her divorce with her husband after he hound out about her affair with another female in Harrisburg, but we both know it will be another fabricated story about a Repubican instead.

  3. I am going to support the incumbent Nick Miccarrelli for reelection in this district

  4. If Micarelli should be allowed to continue working after accusations of such abuse by people he works or worked with, why not let accused teachers or pediatricians continue to work while they are being investigated. It let the alleged gunman keep his gun.

    1. Charlotte-

      Teachers and pediatricians deal with children who are even less equipped to report or defend against an abuse, so that’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.

      Unfortunately, the lawmakers have set up the rules to make it nearly impossible to remove them short of an actual criminal conviction. I think the legislature can oust a member after an impeachment hearing for extreme ethics violations or such. But, it’s very rare for them to invoke such measures (or they risk it be used on them in the future)

    2. Has the State chairman of the party Val Digorgio said anything – He’s usually the first to smugly attack when it’s politically expedient to do so. Now, just crickets.

  5. Vince B and Joey-

    Vince- It’s not one accusation, it’s two different women making multiple accusations. These are about incidents that they contemporaneously confided in friends/family/priest about. They have made formal complaints.

    Joey- It’s called: eye-witness testimony. That is considered evidence. This isn’t “the democratic party” behind this. The two women are republicans reporting this to the republican leadership. The Dems have called for the resignation of Daylin as well over much lesser behavior.

  6. Time to stop the ruining of careers with just accusations. No doubt if they’re true, then by all means take action, but the fact that one accusation can ruin a man is not acceptable. Maybe impose strict punishments on women who get caught falsely accusing someone. or have a statute of limitations so accusations can’t be made 15 or 20 years later. It’s got to stop somewhere.

  7. Follow the wisdom of King Salomon in Proverbs 11:29,

    “He that troubleth His Own House shall Inherit the Wind,
    and the Fool shall be servant to the Wise-of-Heart.” KJV

  8. At what point does enough become enough? The mere fact that allegations are made is nothing without proof, and there is no proof. I do not care what someones politics are. If there is proof enough to support calling for resignation, then so be it. But calling for the resignation with absolutely NOTHING is insane. It is disgusting that the democratic party is using a legitimate national issue as a campaign tool. I cannot wait until their emails begin to be scrutinized….and trust me, it’s coming.

  9. Well, was right 3 months ago when word was spreading that there were stories on Leach, Caltigerone, Micarelli and who is next??? Probably Petraca or Todd Stephens. All named the rumored month go have come out so I think you will see these 2 next at least and maybe more.

    1. Or maybe you don’t known what you’re talking about. There’s a pretty good chance that’s true.

      If you’re not willing to elaborate on what you claim to know, you’re just slandering.

    2. Yes, exactly. Either spill what you think that you think that you know, or don’t name names.

  10. There’s going to be even more calls for Daylin to resign after his new story breaks on Sunday.

      1. TMI-

        I spoke directly with his victim for about two hours yesterday. She tracked me down after having read my previous comments about Daylin. She didn’t realize how long it takes a paper like the Inquirer to fact-check a story, and thought her story might be buried and not come out. She was looking for some info and advice.

  11. Anyone surprised that the Dems solution to this real problem is bigger govment and taking guns n’at

  12. I am neither GOP nor Dem, but I cannot stand for false accusations, slander for political or personal purpose of any stripe, nor a press which spreads such misinformation.

    1. What on gods green earth makes you think these are slander? They’re some of the most credible accusations I’ve ever seen.

    2. Ah, so you’re just one of those rape apologists who thinks women are lying. False accusations of rape are pretty much in line with false reporting of other crimes, which is well under five percent. Assuming that these women are lying is why so few women come forward. People who accuse women of lying about rape are a rapist’s best friend and supporter, they do more than anyone to help keep women silent and let rapists walk free.

    3. These accusations, unlike some against some others, have a lot of indicia of reliability. Just sayin.

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