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Caltagirone Says He Will Not Resign

State Rep. Tom Caltagirone (D-Berks) announced he will not resign his seat after it was revealed House House Democrats paid $248,000 to settle a sexual harassment claim against him.

“I will not resign. I plan to serve and continue to make sure that the citizens of Reading have a voice in Harrisburg,” Caltagirone said in a statement to the Reading Eagle.

“What I would like my constituents to know is that I have maintained, and will continue to maintain, my innocence in this issue. More importantly, I have denied all accusations from day one.”

Caltagirone said he “wanted my day in Court” but settled after being told the “high cost of litigating any complaint, legitimate or not.”

After news broke of the settlement, Governor Tom Wolf, and state Reps. Madeleine Dean (D-Montgomery) and Leanne Krueger-Braneky (D-Delaware) have called for Caltagirone’s resignation.

14 Responses

  1. This woman worked for with a friend of mine at the state police and she left there after making similar claims and getting a payday. There are serial male predators and there are females that are habitual sexual harassment complainants, once they game the system once they have a blueprint on how to shake someone down the next time. Its so easy to destroy a public officials career with allegations these days and litigious individuals know it!

  2. Rank and file Dems need to get some gumption and force leadership to take away Caltigirone’s staff and all his party resources.

      1. This is the truth, they asked Governor Wolf to pay the money. The caucus was a named party in the lawsuit too

  3. Don’t give a dime to the HDCC or Harrisburg Democrats unless they take away this creep’s Chairmanship and ostracize him.

    1. This creep is one of the largest donors to HDCC and HDCC has settled these types of cases too with campaign money, get the facts before you open your mouth. #FactsMatter

  4. Many of us knew the allegations lodged against State Rep. Tom Caltagirone and still voted and elected him as our Rep. How dare you come into our town and try and take our Voting Rights from us. Many of us also knew that the insurance company decided to pay the allegation off. We the Voters have the right to judge and vote for our Elected Officials. Why does the Governor of Pennsylvania and a few non Berks County state representatives think they have the right to decide for Us who serves and who doesn’t? Tom has worked hard for us and cares about the voters of his district. The Governor and these Reps should do the job they were elected to do and stay out of our elections. We decide, not you. I will not be voting for our incumbent Governor, first time in 52 years of voting I won’t be supporting a democrat for Governor. These Reps should worry about their own voters. Stay out of our elections. We have rights too.

    1. Berk Voter (anonymous) –

      Many? Really? How many? There was a non-disclosure agreement that even NOW Caltagirone won’t discuss. “Many” wouldn’t know, couldn’t know (and didn’t know).

      So, I’ve got to call bullsh*t on you here. Caltagirone hasn’t had a Democratic primary challenger in over 10 years. The district is gerrymandered to 5-1 Dem advantage.

      “and still voted and elected him”? It’s not an election if you aren’t challenged in the primary, and have an insurmountable advantage in the general (if you even have an opponent).

      You don’t want Caltagirone to be forced to resign? How about he has a real primary opponent for the first time in over 10 years?

      You are shoveling a lot here. Try posting under your real name.

  5. David – What if Caltagirone is innocent, as he says he is? Things get really hairy when for expediency or because it is the sin of the month, we begin to abandon due process.

    1. Who makes up a story that a state rep chased after them naked and threatened them (with a gun, no less)?

      If the case had NO merit, they never would have settled for several hundred thousand, regardless of the cost of litigation.

      Were there depositions under oath? What (if anything) did Caltagirone admit to at the time (that is sealed by non-disclosure)?

      He claims: “I am prohibited from discussing specifics of any employee related settlement.” However, is seems to me that he can be freed of this burden if all the relevant parties are mutually willing to lift the non-disclosure.

      So, who needs to agree to lift it? Him? His former staffer?

      1. That is NOT the case that was settled for $248k. The incident you’re talking about was decades ago, and was dropped.

        1. The Answer Desk-

          Thanks. I saw it mentioned without the date, and thought it was the same one for the settlement.

          It makes you wonder, though. If they didn’t pay out for the first case, how bad was this one that they did pay out?

  6. According to standard HDCC policy, if Caltagirone has a Dem primary challenger, they won’t sell the challenger VAN/VoterBuilder database. Also, they are giving out VAN/VoteBuilder for free (as an in-kind) to candidates.

    This is a safe 5-1 Dem registration district, so there NO danger in having a primary challenger.

    If any good Democrat wants to primary this pr*ck, I’m more than happy to offer them the services of my VoterWeb database (which has more up-to-date voter registration lists than VAN). If the primary challenger is a woman, VoterWeb is available at the discounted price of 78-cents on the dollar.

    If he won’t resign, the voters need to fire him.

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