Campaign for Primary Accountability Launches Another Ad Against Holden

The Campaign for Primary Accountability (C4PA) attacked Tim Holden in a new television spot, portraying the PA-17 Congressman as a Blue Dog Democrat and politician under Wall Street’s control.

The League of Conservation Voters spent $230,000 on an oil-related commercial earlier this week, while CP4A launched a $70,000 ad about cozying up to Wall Street interests at the beginning of April.

“Two candidates. One, true blue Democrat,” says the narrator in the C4PA’s most recent spot. “That’s Matt Cartwright. Matt Cartwright will stand up for the middle class and stand up to big banks and Wall Street.”

The narrator goes on to say that Holden has many Democrats “seeing red.”

“Holden event voted with George Bush to cut taxes for the top 1 percent,” says the narrator.

According to the Holden organization, this is just another example of the negative political action that has already helped challenger Cartwright.

“It’s another example of out-of-state millionaires helping millionaire Matt Cartwright,” Campaign Manager Eric Nagy said. “For a guy who’s supposedly opposed to negative advertising, Cartwright has been reaping the benefits of these attacks. Now they have one that uses his name.”

For Cartwright, this recent bombardment of negative, PAC-funded attack ads have meant that he can highlight the positive sides of his platform, rather than turning the his race against Holden into a contest based upon character attacks, manipulation and mudslinging.

In fact, a spokesperson for C4PA has even gone on record and said that they will spend “whatever it take to get the job done.”

The Holden camp is certainly aware of this trend.

“We call on Matt Cartwright to tell them to take this ad down,” said Nagy in a conversation with PoliticsPA.

While C4PA would not comment on the size of their latest buy, their new anti-Holden ad will run in rotation with the one their released earlier this week.

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5 thoughts on “Campaign for Primary Accountability Launches Another Ad Against Holden”

  1. Ralph Thoms says:

    Cartwright doesn’t care. Negative. Positive.
    Every time his name is mentioned, it is publicity for his firm. He got Democrats from all over to finance his firm’s advertising budget for the year. Joke.

  2. dandelion_wine says:

    Cartwright’s got this, I’ll bet. I’m convinced, at this point, that the voters are going to make the smart and best decision on Tuesday and show Holden the door.

  3. W says:

    Honestly, how many more times are groups planning to trot Bush out? He hasn’t been president for 3 3/4 years…good grief.

  4. Gerry says:

    If by foreign do you mean out of state? Foreign sure sounds more dramatic. As far as the PACs, the “CP4A” actually has a goal that I believe in. That is to get the career politicians, irregardless of parti, out of Washington. I think it’s time people like Tim Holden go out and try to find a real job. Of course he will probably just end up as another lobbyist.

  5. PETE C says:

    Here we go again more froreign money being spent .What are the promises being made by lawyer Cartwright to promote the interests of these special interest groups.It is time for him to speak up or repudiate these groups trying to control our Congressional race.

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