Candidates on the Air in Low Key PA-16 Race (Watch Video)

Congressman Joe Pitts (R-Chester) and Democratic hopeful Aryanna Strader are on the air in a relatively quiet PA-16 race: Pitts is on TV, Strader is on the radio.

Pitts released his first television ad of the 2012 campaign, going direct-to-camera and positive on why he deserves another term in office.

Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Chester) or “Grandpa Joe,” as he’s affectionately known. By me.

“I voted six times to extend unemployment benefits to those in need,” said Pitts. “I’m also working closely with food banks, job centers, and community groups to help our neighbors get through these tough times. I believe every American deserves a quality education, a good job, and a secure retirement.”

The ad has been running the morning and evening news/Wheel of Fortune circuit in the Harrisburg media market.

If Pitts is re-elected (very likely), he will be the longest-serving member of the Pa. delegation. A staunch conservative, he’s best known for his advocacy of pro-life legislation.

In sharp contrast to Pitts’ commercial is Strader’s radio ad (listen below), which goes negative on Pitts and Republicans in Congress for “failing us” with policies that outsource jobs, harm seniors and harm Iraqi war veterans.

Strader is a veteran from Chester County.

“When will Congressman Pitts stop failing us,” the ad’s announcer asks. “He votes to give tax breaks to outsource jobs overseas, and then votes to end Medicare guarantee benefits, forcing seniors to pay $6,400 more for care. Something has to give because we’re not getting much from Congressman Pitts.”

Strader then goes direct to audio, ripping congress for a 12 percent unemployment rate among veterans she served with in Iraq, as well as poor investments into corporations that ship jobs overseas.

This is the first sign of life in the PA-16 race in quite some time. Strader has not been able to gain any financial traction thus far in the race, making it difficult to get her name out there in the race.

Here’s Strader’s radio spot:

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  1. Wow, so this is what happens when ultra fascist conservatives like Grandpa Joe, founding member of the Tea Party, are redistricted into places like Reading, PA! Did Gramps have to get permission from Heritage Foundation, Club for Growth, Freedom Works and the rest of his right wing puppet masters to run his “I can be a RINO if you just give me a chance!” ads? Maybe Gramps just has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know he voted against everything he’s now claiming he supported. Hope he’s got a primary opponent next time after voting for all these newfound liberal ideals.

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