Carroll Chosen as Chair of House Democratic Campaign Committee

mike-carollThe Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee has its new chair.

State Rep. Frank Dermody (HD-33), the Democratic Leader, has chosen Rep. Mike Carroll (HD-118) to head the party’s Campaign Committee.

In a statement, Dermody lauded Carroll’s “vision, passion and networking abilities.”

“He has been a vocal advocate for the legislative priorities shared by the Democratic Caucus and the Wolf administration, and I have every expectation Mike will be successful in advancing the candidacies of those who share the policies supported by our caucus,” the Democratic Leader continued.

Carroll’s first challenge will come sooner than usual. With a special election slated in March to fill now-Congressman Brendan Boyle’s open HD-170 seat, Carroll is tasked with keeping the seat Democratic.

Just last week, the Democratic Party announced Sarah Del Ricci as its nominee for the seat. She will face Republican nominee Martina White and a possible independent campaign from Seth Kaplan, a long-time aide to Boyle whom Boyle wanted for the seat.

Carroll is adamant that House Democrats have a “legislative agenda perfectly aligned with the people of Pennsylvania: including adequate public education funding, job creation, growing wages for middle class workers and a tax policy that supports these priorities.”

“Our challenge is to effectively communicate this vision to the people of this great Commonwealth,” Carroll stated. “Like Governor Wolf, I’m eager to get started.”

Carroll is a fifth-term representative, his district including parts of Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties.

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8 thoughts on “Carroll Chosen as Chair of House Democratic Campaign Committee”

  1. HAMMER86 says:

    Carroll will bomb just like his good buddy Rob McCord.

  2. The Lizard says:

    @frank – you are correct, sir. The HDCC v. the HRCC has been something akin to the New England Patriots up against the Elm Street Bears in the local Pop Warner League, complete with deflated footballs. Pros are going to pound on amateurs every time and that’s what we’ve had for years running. Democrats are 17 seats down in the house with all kinds of gerrymandering help to sustain it. Money has to come primarily from caucus members and the HRCC has lots and lots more of them to help out. Good luck to Carroll, but if you can’t compete in the rural areas, it doesn’t much matter what you do in the urban ones.

  3. frank says:

    The problem is not who is the legislative head of HDCC is, but who is actually running the operation (executive director). We have had no leadership in that area, and every 2 years we start over with someone new, who has no knowledge of what has transpired in the past, and who wants to run a boilerplate campaign in the suburbs. This doesn’t work and will never work, and as long as that is their plan, it won’t matter who is the head. The only thing HDCC cares about is whether a candidate can raise money, (for themselves and possibly others) If that is the criteria for support of candidates, we will never gain seats. And with gerrymandering the way it is now, unless HDCC commits to funding the candidates, we will not have any increases to our roster.

  4. Shannon says:


  5. Ryan says:

    Somebody should check to make sure Dermody wants to gain seats.

  6. The Lizard says:

    Carroll had tea party opposition in 2010 and 2012 and at least he isn’t another SEPA hack.

  7. HAMMER86 says:

    Carroll is a fifth term political hack who never has any opposition in the primary or general election. He backed Tim Holden over Matt Carthwright in 2012. He backed McCord against Wolf in the primary. This guy couldn’t pick a winner if his life depended on it. It’s a surprise he can find his way back and forth to Harrisburg. He is part of the corrupt northeast delegation known for the Kids for Cash scandal. He and his father also stuck a knife in Ksnjorski back in 1984 then ended up working for him.

  8. David Diano says:

    After the losses last cycle, change was needed.

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