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Casey Ad Hammers Middle Class v. Millionaire Message (Watch Video)

Recent polls have shown the U.S. Senate race tightening, and it looks like Bob Casey’s campaign is taking it seriously. The freshman Democrat is up today with a new attack ad which aims at a middle-vs-millionaire message and pulls no punches.

“Simplify the tax code with no giveaways,” the Casey ad shows Republican Tom Smith saying – twice.

“But here’s what he really means,” an announcer cuts in. “Tom Smith’s plan would give millionaires like himself a $250,000 tax break, while the average middle class family would get a $2,000 tax increase. Unless you’re a millionaire, Tea Party Tom Smith’s not your cup of tea.”

Casey’s commercial features a sample of opponent Tom Smith’s most recent ad in which the Republican lists among his policy positions, “Simplify the tax code with no giveaways to special interests.”

Update: The $250,000 tax cut is part of Smith’s plan, but the ad’s reference to $2,000 in middle class tax increases is a hit on the Paul Ryan budget. Though Smith incorporated elements of that budget into his own platform and has expressed support for Ryan’s budget in the past, it’s not perfectly accurate to say that it’s part of “Tom Smith’s plan,” as the ad does.

Both campaigns have been on television for weeks with a mix of positive and negative ads. Casey has sought to paint Smith as a Tea Party extremist; Smith has sought to cast Casey as a tax and spend liberal. However, Smith has been alone on the air in the expensive Philadelphia market which includes 40 percent of Pa. voters.

The latest poll, from the Morning Call and Muhlenberg College, showed Casey leading Smith 44 percent to 36.

10 Responses

  1. This ad is just another example of how Bob Casey is a carbon copy of Barack Obama. The truth is expendable

    They show a palatial mansion, not the home that Tom Smith lives in. If his home was pictured on this ad with the same copy the election would be over because Bob Casey would be exposing himself as a fraud.

    In fact, if a picture of his home was taken, you would see the community center he built on his property for local groups to use. Compare that to what Bob Casey has done.

    And then compare how they were raised. Tom Smith was a working man, Bob Casey? He was a governors son and has spent his entire life in politics.

    Working people? Tom Smith has created jobs by his own initiative and risking the family farm.

    I guess Bob Casey thinks he can afford to insult farmers and make false charges against them. I guess Bob Casey can slander people who have given back to the community as the only positive legacy he has is his fathers.

    Many people talk about what a nice guy Bob Casey is. Nice guys do NOT start a war on coal, natural gas and oil in their own state. Bob Casey’s has been in Congress since the economy took the nose dive. Bob Casey has not lead any fights to pass a budget. Bob Casey is status quo and represents the national democrats, not Pennsylvania families. Perhaps Bob Casey prefers that more people get food stamps and energy assistance rather than good paying jobs.

    In Bob Casey’s world you claim you were successful when your policies caused people to lose jobs and helped them qualify for food stamps.

  2. Bobby Casey, is the one born with the silver spoon in his mouth and the political crown on his head. I thought we fought a war in the 18th century to avoid a DYNASTY like the Casey’s. At least his father was a conservative! Not a Barack Obama lacky.
    Bobby Casey has never worked a day in his life except in legacy political positions. What does he know about getting his hands and yes face dirty.
    Tom Smith earned his fortune and his place in goverment the old fashion way. HE WORKED for it.
    Meanwhile Bobby and Barack are trying to put the coal miner all over this country on the unemployments lines where they can control them and probably take their guns as well as their jobs away.

  3. Many people admire a man who made himself a multimillionaire. From what I am hearing, a lot of coal miners will be voting for Tom Smith, union coal miner, against Sen. Bob “Barack” Casey who wants to close coal mines, destroy coal miner jobs and increase cost of energy to Pennsylvanians.

    Coal Miners’ Union Sits Out Presidential Race

    Let us see if class warfare works.

  4. Class-warfare and jealousy against a farmer and coal-miner who had the cajones to successfully reach the American Dream – now that’s a winning strategy! Casey and Obama are tied at the hip, a symbiotic relationship that mysteriously stirs when it is politically convenient. Voters have not forgotten how Casey supported ObamaCare and how he now cutely distances himself from Obama to try and save his sorry and evasive butt. People have had enough of these shifty politicians spouting their lies to preserve their power. I think your going to see a suprise in PA, an inverse equation if you will, with Tom Smith actually helping Mitt Romney.

  5. The problem is that Casey hasn’t done anything worth mentioning in four years. Many people are annoyed at Congress for being so ineffective, and Casey and the other Senate Democrats are at the center of this work stoppage.
    Anyone would look good in comparison, but a clearly effective man like Smith looks great!

  6. Casey is not putting effort into winning the Philly suburbs. Casey’s name simply does not carry weight in the region. His problem is what does he run on the region. Attacking rich people does not work there.

  7. Senator Casey has always been a great advocate for all Pennsylvanians and middle class folks. Tom Smith seems to made his millions on the backs of coal workers now only to use that very money in a desperate bid for power.

  8. Bobby is scared. He has good reason to be. Being Obama’s go to guy in the Senate is not the best thing to be in the land of “bitter clingers”…

  9. no manner how much money tom smith puts on he still behind either know that lastest poll of tom catch up. real judgement is pennsylvania voters in november 6 to vote either casey or smith

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