Casey Ad Knocks Smith on Trade (Watch Video)

The Casey campaign launched a new ad Thursday, targeting Smith on unfair trade laws.

According to The Pittsburgh-Post Gazette Early Returns blog, the ad, titled “American People,” is airing in the Pittsburgh market only.

The ad starts by playing a clip of Smith speaking to a crowd, asking “Does anybody in this room think the American people are afraid of a good competition?” Casey responds to this by attacking Smith’s support for unfair trade laws, and lays out his own plans.

“My opponent and I just disagree. The one-sided trade deals he supports aren’t competition. Tom Smith backs laws that send our jobs to Asia, Central America, South America — everywhere but here,” Casey says. “I’ll always fight against unfair trade laws, and I help pass legislation that put tariffs on China now.”

Smith’s campaign manager Jim Conroy told the PG that this new attack is a sign that Casey is in trouble this November.

“Bob Casey’s latest disingenuous attack is further evidence of a race that is growing more competitive, sooner than many predicted. Unfortunately for Senator Casey, this election will be about jobs – and in November voters will have a clear choice between Tom Smith, a small businessperson and proven job creator versus Senator Casey, an ineffective career politician whose policies have led to more than 40 months of unemployment greater than 8 percent.”

But Casey’s Campaign Manager Larry Smar said that the new ad is just a means of leveling the playing field against Casey’s self-funding opponent.

“Tea Party Tom Smith has already spent $3 million on attack ads. Of course, we are going to contrast Bob Casey’s record of fighting for Pennsylvania jobs with Tea Party Tom Smith’s support for policies that will send jobs overseas.”

Like Casey’s first ad, this new ad is only airing in the Pittsburgh media market. This suggests that the Senator feels vulnerable in Smith’s stomping grounds of western PA. While Casey still enjoys a comfortable lead over Smith, this negative ad could be a sign that the Dems feel the race is closer than polls indicate.

6 Responses

  1. Bob Casey is not at all a clone of the President. He is a pro-life Democrat, he voiced his opposition to the rule requiring Catholic-sponsored colleges and universities to provide coverage for birth control as part of their health plans to meet the Obamacare employer mandate, he has not endorsed gay marriage, and he opposed the Korea/Columbia Free Trade treaties as bad deals for Pennsylvania. His polls are telling him, I am sure, what all other polls are saying: that he has a much more comfortable margin over Tea Party Tom than the President enjoys over MItt Romney.

  2. @John I have noticed a lot of Right Wing garbage coming out of your mouth is that the only thing you Know? The moderates have left your party because of you Conservitives are so far RIGHT that you are never find your way back.

  3. Casey’s energy policies have hurt Pennsylvania workers and an ad won’t make that go away.

    The coal policy has skyrocketed the electric grid future prices for 2015 by 10 times to $167 a megawatt hour. This is a campaign promise come true from the man he strongly supported who pledged that electricity would necessarily skyrocket.

    Casey is no friend of Pennsylvania working families.

  4. WOW….IT TALKS!!!!
    So much for Bobrack being a lock for re-election. His first ad and he’s mentioning his opponent with the low name id by name…hmmm, his polls must be telling him something. I’m sure the polls are telling him that being Obama’s most reliable vote in the Senate and BFF is not the best thing to be this year and in this State. Smith by 3 when it’s all said and done.

  5. What is Senator Casey’s position on the Obama Transpacific Partenership Trade Deal which would overturn all US laws – like child labor – which affect the signatories?

  6. Politics 101 – define your opponent before he defines himself. Smith is just another wingnut spouting the standard Tea Party talking points.

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