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Casey Calls For Unemployment Extension

BbnwoT1CcAAcPZLSenator Casey is on a crusade to raise public awareness about the expiration of benefits for the long-term unemployed.

The Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EMU) benefits are set to expire for an estimated 1.3 million citizens at the end of the year and an extension was not included in the latest budget plan.

Democrats plan to pressure Republicans into approving an extension by focusing on local media and events to keep constituents aware of the issue. Senator Casey’s efforts appear to be part of that offensive.

Sen. Casey held a press conference in Philadelphia at 30th Street Station with some constituents who will lose their benefits at the end of the year.

“Extending unemployment insurance will help those looking for work and produce growth in the economy,” Senator Casey said. “The pace of job growth has increased in the last few months but there are still far too many Pennsylvanians looking for work. Extending unemployment insurance will help those actively seeking work and provide a jolt to GDP as we move into the new year. I’m pleased the Senate is set to vote on this issue soon and I’m calling on both Houses of Congress to take up and pass this legislation.”

Gun Control and the Budget

Casey also appeared on MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts this morning where he spoke about gun control on the heels of the first anniversary of the Sandy Hook shootings and the Murray-Ryan budget plan.

“I think there’s a strategy for the short term and the long term,” Sen. Casey said when asked how to further the issue of gun control. “I believe the country has changed, particularly with things like limits to magazines and assault weapons, as well as background checks. Next year’s midterms should be the first election in American history where the advertising on this issue will be equal.”

Roberts also asked whether the Senate will have enough Republican support to be able to pass the Murray-Ryan budget plan that was approved by the House last week. Casey’s colleague, Republican Pat Toomey, has already announced that he would oppose the deal.

“Well I’m not paid to be a vote counter,” he joked. “I believe we’ll get it passed in the Senate, it will be close, but we’ll get it passed.”

12 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas Congress. As you celebrate and give thanks this holiday season think of all those who will not be because of your decision to take what little they had and were grateful for. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your families.

  2. If you press your ear to the screen, you can hear the staff keyboards humming in Sen. Casey’s office.

  3. I am an unemployed veteran – I served my country proudly and have worked since I was a teenager. It appears that we support everyone but our own – Thanks congress for showing your appreciation for all my unemployed veteran brothers and sisters. I am sure you all will have a wonderful, safe and warm holiday.

  4. There are so many reasons for long term unemployment that are completely beyond the control of the unemployed: bad economy, businesses moving out of the country, job types becoming obsolete and certain industry sections having a much higher unemployment rate than others. My background is psychology and the unemployment rate in this field is close to 10%. Of course if you’re over age 50, employers rarely give you a second glance and I suspect a good portion of those 1.3 million unemployed are people over fifty.. I’m very disappointed in our “let them eat cake” Congress. They seem so far removed from most Americans.

  5. Hey.. I bet they never think once about all the family’s that will be hurting Christmas…what about all the people that was depending on that check from unemployment to buy their kids a gift or 2…they don’t care because at their rich home the stockings will be full for their kids.. no worries ….who cares as long as my kids are happy is how they think….PLEASE LETS VOTE ALL THEM OUT THIS TIME !!!!!!!!!

  6. “Congress should be ashamed of itself- This is unacceptable – anyone who does not approve of this should be voted out next election.” -Denise Gallagher

    Amen to this!

  7. I turn 46 years old today. I have had a job since I was 13 years old. In two weeks, I am going to be homeless. I will lose my cat, my possessions and not be able to become re-employed, as things like showering and preparing to be presentable will be impossible. I grew up in a violent home and left at 13, but have always managed to do pretty well for myself. I am a legal secretary and make relatively decent earnings, when there are jobs. Two firms I’ve worked for have disappeared and two downsized. I can’t believe this is happening. I have applied for everything, but they all think I am going to be unhappy with lower pay and leave, or that I am under qualified for jobs in the same pay scale I have had in the past, as employers are now requiring BA degrees for mere receptionist positions. Thanks congress. Thank you so much.

  8. My company that I gave years to, decided one night they wanted to close the US side and move to Canada. No prior notice other the April 3rd at 1030 pm I got a text telling the company has closed for good, not to go to work tomorrow. So I went on and still am on unemployment so that I could go college. See I’m a mother of small children and I wanted to show them why college is so important, I am so proud of myself for doing this, so are my kids and husband, but now I will have to drop out. Because none of the places I apply at will work around my schooling. I never thought myself has a democrat or republican, but I’m seeing loudly who really cares.

  9. Congress should be ashamed of itself- This is unacceptable – anyone who does not approve of this should be voted out next election.

  10. Congress needs to extend unemployment… I myself lost benefits on Dec 2 …please don’t even know how I will pay rent or put food on the table…..Christmas is near and I can’t even give my children one gift…Please help the littlepeople who pay their Taxes…..Boehner is a SCROOGE…

  11. Cindy,
    Do not move to Pennsylvania. Our Governor says you do not want to work or you cannot pass a drug test. Personally, I feel for your plight and will say a prayer or two (three is a big family now a days.). I have several friends in similar situations that I do not know what to say to them because I feel so helpless. I do admire your determination and persistent!


  12. Sir-
    Although I live in Brooklyn NY, have worked about 25 years, laid off (Wall Streer) 11/2012- have applied for so many jobs (I’ll do just about anything) – nothing.. No calls back, about 8 interviews in a year?? I am an American Citizen, and a divorced Mom of 3, trying to survive on Unemployment. They just cut my small amount of food stamps, and the rents are just so high- but you can’t move, cause you don’t have a Job!! Please- praying for an extension- as we the workers (non recipients of Welfare) – we WANT TO WORK!!! (And not end up homeless).. Please help!!
    Cindy K

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