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Casey Camp Launches “Tea Party Tom Smith” Website

The home screen of the Tea Party Tom Smith website.

In mid-July the Tom Smith campaign launched their “Senator Zero website, in an effort to categorize the freshman Senator as a do-nothing politician.

And now the Casey campaign has struck back, unveiling their own “Tea Party Tom Smith” site.

The main talking points of the campaign have been a back-and-forth over Casey’s record on “failing to push a single piece of legislation into law” and Smith’s affiliation with the small-government movement.

The Democrats also knock the Armstrong County native for starting a Tea Party group there, making it part of the narrative that Smith is too extreme for the Commonwealth.

“Not only did Tea Party Tom Smith start his own Tea Party group – he’s hit the campaign trail pushing a divisive agenda that is in lockstep with the Tea Party and out of step with Pennsylvania,” Casey Campaign Manager Larry Smar said in an email.

“In fact, Smith has embraced all of the Tea Party’s extreme policies – from ending Medicare as we know it to privatizing Social Security. He’s even put his support behind a tax plan that would cut taxes on the wealthiest while raising taxes on Pennsylvania’s working families.”

The email also said that the Tea Party is responsible for the hyper-partisan politics that have defined Congress as of late, and asks supporters to share the website with their friends and family to let them know “whose side Tea Party Tom Smith is on so they can make an informed decision on November 6.”

Smith Communications Director Megan Piwowar said the website is misleading and distracts from Casey’s failed record.

“Unfortunately, for more than five and a half years, Sen. Bob Casey has offered zero solutions to fix our economic turmoil forcing his campaign to attack Tom on misleading information,” she said.

“In November, voters will have a choice to reelect a career politician who has voted in lockstep with President Obama’s job-crushing policies, or a proven job-creator. Tom’s experience in the private sector has required he create and execute budgets, something Bob Casey and his Democratic colleagues have failed to do for more than three years.”

This new website comes on the heels of the Casey campaign’s own upgrades. Earlier this month they launched a new Bob Casey website, as well as Facebook and Twitter accounts.

3 Responses

  1. And they believe this a negative? Yes, 19 points is a hurdle to overcome. So, Bob Casey believes that espousing the principles of fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally limited government and free markets is a bad thing. He took an oath to defend the Constitution, didn’t he? Apparently, he’s in the camp to continue spending and spending without a budget to guide any action. This is what PA wants? Wake up, Folks!

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