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Casey Comes Alive on Twitter

Bob-CaseyTraditionally low-key Senator Bob Casey is coming alive and speaking out more on Twitter.  Casey’s tweets focus mostly on President Donald Trump’s cabinet appointees.  

“He’s put himself out there more than his history would suggest,” Muhlenberg College pollster told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Chris Potter.  

Casey’s surge in social media has coincided with the confirmation process for Trump’s cabinet members.  The confirmation process for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos brought some of Casey’s most fiery tweets.  

Casey has even taken to almost trolling Trump, especially when it comes to ethics.  

Casey’s social media push could help him when it comes to his 2018 re-election campaign.  Casey is brushing it aside, telling the Post-Gazette, “I leave it to a political scientist to analyze how it affects 2018. … I just have to do my job as I see it.”

Casey’s increase does bode well for his name being included in more news stories.  Reporters now keep an eye on officials Twitter feeds, leading to his tweets being featured in the Post-Gazette, CNBC, and Philadelphia Magazine.  

Casey is one of ten Democratic Senators up for re-election in 2018 in a state that Trump won.  One of the most important priorities will be mobilizing supporters, and engaging with them on social media.  Daily Kos noted that Casey is leading the charge on this front.

12 Responses

  1. Well you can tell another election is coming around. He’s surfaced to make another run. For a man that obtained the position based on his fathers good name, it will be better for the state of PA when he’s replaced by someone else. I don’t care if it’s a dem or a republican that takes his place. We need someone with a set of cajonies in lieu of an obamma bootlicker in this office!

  2. I feel like there should be a graphic of a bolt of electricity coming from Twitter and hitting Casey while a mad scientist shouts: “It’s Alive! ”

    I hope Casey takes a good look at the political environment and takes a more active stand against Trump. Casey’s always had problems with the liberal base and taking Trump head-on will help him in the party.

  3. Maybe for Bob Casey might of been busy recently of doing a lot of stuff, speeches, votes, and some other things in the Senate.

  4. Could be that Casey knows he would have a challenger with strong Grassroots support and unlike Casey is Pro-Life and a commonsense conservative. That would be State Rep Rick Saccone who will announce in Harrisburg Feb 27 11 AM in the Capitol Rotunda intro by David Barton follow on twitter @RickSaccone4Sen

  5. This headline could have omitted the words “on Twitter” and it would have been the biggest news about Casey since he took office.

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