Casey Floats Presidential Bid in NBC News Interview

Many Democrats believe the road to the White House in 2020 goes through Pennsylvania.

Will the state’s Senior Senator make a bid for the Democratic nomination?

“We’ll see what happens,” Sen. Bob Casey said today in an exclusive interview with NBC News on the prospects of running for President in 2020.

Casey was asked twice in this interview if he intended to seek the Oval Office, while stating he “has a lot of work in the Senate,” then explained the amount of candidates that he believes will seek the Presidency.

“There’s an awful lot of candidates who are going to be running, not just from the Senate, but Governors, former Governors, we’ve got Mayors, we’ve got a long list…,” Casey said. “It’s going to be a multi-candidate field and that’s probably the biggest understatement. They’ll be a lot of variety in that field, so we’ll have to see what happens.”

Casey comfortably defeated Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) for a third term in the Senate last week.  

The NBC News article also stated Casey’s belief that the Democrats need to “maintain their strength in urban and suburban districts, especially among women” and add to their totals in rural areas as well.

In NBC News exit polling, Casey and Barletta split the male vote in this election, while Casey carried the women vote by 28 points over his Republican challenger.  

Although Casey didn’t win the rural vote, he believes he made great strides in these areas by carrying 44% of the vote, according to NBC News.

“I didn’t win it but getting (above) 40 percent is a significant victory,” Casey said, adding that he won rural women by two points, according to NBC News. “A lot of this comes down not just to an issue list, but to show you give a damn about their lives and their future and the future of their children.”

PoliticsPA is seeking comment from Sen. Casey for this story.

19 Responses

  1. Former Lower Merion Constable Eric Bradway is running for President of The U.S.A. on the Democrat Ticket in 2020

  2. Casey has the demeanor and public service ethic and work ethic that has been missing from the White House for quite a while.

  3. The Democratic Establishment likes to forget that Barak Obama sought a “grand bargain” with John Boehner that would have cut Social Security and Medicare. The point person fighting to pass this abomination in the Senate was Bob Casey. I am a progressive Democrat, and I have never voted for Casey and never will.

  4. Casey wouldn’t finish in the top 6, probably not in the top 8 and maybe not in the top 10, in our primary field which should approximate the population of Pittsburgh. He knows it and so does the American Dem primary electorate.

  5. I like Casey. He’s dependable, believes in strong unions, workers rights, a living wage, and the progressive causes of a social democratic agenda. I can’t fault him for his beliefs on abortion. He’s a good man even if we disagree on that matter. We aren’t lemmings. Of course there will be areas of difference.

  6. Not going to happen. But considering how important PA is in any WH race, Casey has leavage in positioning himself for the VP slot. If that doesn’t happen I could see Casey serving in a cabinet position.

  7. This is ridiculous. Bobby Casey is a witless mediocrity who, if his last name were Smith, would still be teaching middle school somewhere in the Philly suburban area, happy for the job — happy for ANY job.

  8. Zero chance Casey runs (unless it’s a ploy to get a nod for possible VP pick).

    Despite the fluke of 2016, PA will be blue state in 2020. Casey will not be needed strategically to bring in PA, so he won’t get picked for VP, and dems don’t want to lose his seat to open election.

    Casey’s a nice guy, but his horrible vote for the 20-week abortion ban excludes him from higher office. Casey is “local” celebrity, not a national figure.

  9. If Bobby Jr really cared about the “future of their children,” he would actually vote pro-life

    1. Casey’s “pro-life” votes are disqualifying for higher office. They are kind of disqualifying for his current office, but the dems haven’t been able to find a good pro-choice dem that can beat him in primary and get enough votes in the center to win in general.

      Casey is a “firewall” against another Toomey or Santorum.

    2. Get your pro-life bull bleep the F outta here until you start giving a crap about the innocent babies and children massacred by lunatics who have unfettered access to guns.

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