Casey Hits Back at Kelly Over Gorsuch Nomination

casey kellySenator Bob Casey is standing firm in his opposition to Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch.  

Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Butler) struck out at Casey, according to the Sunbury Daily Item. Kelly said Casey would be voting “against the most qualified nominee for Supreme Court that we’ve had.”  

“The only thing they have in common is their name,” Kelly also said, calling out Casey’s father who was the Governor of Pennsylvania from 1987 to 1995.  

Casey’s campaign responded by pointing to Kelly’s recent controversies

“When Congressman Kelly isn’t hiding from his constituents who want a town hall, he’s floating baseless conspiracy theories about President Obama running a shadow government and launching snippy attacks on others,” Casey spokesman John Rizzo said in an email.  

“We are becoming a bit concerned about Congressman Kelly – maybe Washington has gotten to him,” Rizzo continued.  

Kelly is rumored to be considering a run for either Governor, or U.S. Senate.  If he chose to run for Senate, Kelly would likely continue his campaign messaging of being an outsider.  Casey’s team pushing this message early may be part of their strategy to either tag Kelly as a ‘Washington insider’, or keep him out of the race entirely.

Update: Kelly’s campaign responded to Casey’s comments.

“Despite being in government for over two decades, Senator Casey’s record of accomplishments is paper-thin. The senator is ineffective and out of touch. Pennsylvanians deserve much better.”

26 Responses

  1. Toomey will hold a town hall when Diano comes out of his parents’ basement

  2. Casey Jr- is a reminder of the Nazis of WW2. He failed to speak with public when they rammed Obamacare through- he was unreachable by phone during the so callled Iran debacle. He is a political pimp now taking money and direction from the most extreme elements of the Democratic left. He
    Should disgust all voters- he is the kind of political filth we should drain from the swamp- even if Trump does not.

  3. Iroquois, please go back to your history books. It’s Seneca as in Lucius Annaeus Seneca the Younger, a 1st Century AD Roman philosopher. It would probably do you good to read some of his works. A good antidote to the Democrat-induced mental disorders that plague a lot of people these days.

    BTW, I actually have Iroquois (Seneca, specifically Cornplanter) ancestry, but I don’t consider that relevant for this or any other PoliticsPA discussion.

  4. Kelly would be the first serious candidate to run against Casey, a well liked Congressman from Western PA. I think he could shock people.

  5. Anybody who can win!!!!Enough with this weakling who disgraced his family name and heritage

  6. Casey needs to be voted out of office. Republicans need to but up someone to beat him. He gets all the city votes, the rest of the state needs to come together to defeat him!!!!

  7. John says Mike Kelly can buy the election. What better reason to overturn Citizens United? Nobody should be buying elections. Even Trump just stole his with his Russian oligarchs.

  8. Seneca lets out another demented war whoop. Too bad the squaws let him off meds again. He embarrasses the tribe.

  9. Casey “hitting back” at Mike Kelly is the proverbial punching down, because Kelly is so far beneath Casey.

  10. You have to remember Gasey is a liberal democrat( nothing like his Father).I’m sure it will come out soon that Gasey may like BOYZ.

  11. Mr. Casey cannot suport President Trump’s picks ! He finds fault with them all. That’s fine.
    Now let’s see who he supports or supported. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Lorreta Lynch, Eric Holder just to name a few. If he doesn’t support someone, that must be the person for the job.

  12. kelly vs. casey could be a great race to watch.
    funny bobby’s staff chides mike about town meeting since bobby has held one, yes one, in five years–and that was a partisan rally, called a TM.
    Mike Kelly is one of the wealthiest men in congress and if he chooses would out spend bobby as well. as a western pa. candidate it challenges bobbys ability to lock down that end of the state. mike is popular, a true conservative and, wait for it . . . has a personality! he actually attends functions is a happy warrior and seems to enjoy himself and his job.
    bobby is shy, withdrawn and in the wrong business. After 16 years in harrisburg, 12 in washington it’s time for bobby to come home.
    republican party–don’t blow this

  13. Gorsuch more qualified than Garland? Come on. Gorsuch was nominated for one reason and one reason only and it had not much to do with qualifications. Casey will be formidable, he defeated a two term incumbent.

  14. as some who live in reprehensible Kelly’s district i suggest that he give up politics completely & return to his lab in basement of his son in laws home at 1313 mockingbird lane. that way he hob nob with his kind & have all the jello he wants & he so justly deserves. may be he might like some adventure might i suggest a trip to Syria his friends in the Kremlin i bet could arrange a plane ride why they would probably let him push all the buttons… i am sure he’d like that! enclosing i would just like to tell to rot in hell for eternity he earned my no vote forever

  15. It may be too early for Kelly to make a firm decision to run against Casey. But politicians, like sharks, seem to be energized by blood in the water. And there is some blood in the political water, due to Casey’s self-inflicted wound on the Gorsuch nomination.

    Regardless of its possible instrumentality, good on Kelly for calling out Casey. The latter has not been truthful with the electorate regarding his views on abortion. Casey has shilled for the most reprehensibly leftist Democrats in Congress, as shown by what he has said regarding Gorsuch.

  16. Toomey is a good and honest guy….keep it going for us pat…thanks for your service….

  17. “Toomey is all over D.C. working for Pennsylvania” ??? Really? Since when?

    Maybe that explains why he can’t show up at a townhall meeting or “Tuesdays with Toomey” events.

    Toomey is a complete coward and hypocrite, and a sad excuse for a Pennsylvanian, and a sadder excuse for a Senator.

  18. It’s difficult to remeber that Casey is a senator in PA. Toomey is all over D.C. working for Pennsylvania and here Sen. Casey is only heard from when he’s on the verge of a re-election year. I’d like someone to honestly point to a signifcant thing Casey has done or even attempted to do while in D.C. It’s a shame that daddy’s name got him into office.

  19. Where was Kelly last year calling out Toomey for blocking Garland? He is a hypocrite. I hope he is the Casey opponent…Will cement SEPA for Senator Casey and adds nothing to statewide GOP ticket.

  20. DD–

    As someone who lives in Kelly’s district, I wholeheartedly agree with #2. If the stars align (Kelly vacates his seat, and you have a blue wave midterm showing in 2018), PA3 is attainable for a Democrat (not easy, of course, but the numbers are at least there). Not sure what route the DCCC would want to go if that were to happen though. Pickings are fairly slim as far as elected Democratic officials in our district.

    Also agree about Gorsuch. Dems have nothing to lose politically if they at least try and block Gorsuch (as the GOP showed us last year with their obstructionism). Have to at least stomp your foot and help mobilize the base back home.

  21. 1) Senator Casey is a much better person than his radical father, who was so objectionable, that he was the first Dem I refused to vote for.

    2) It would be great for Kelly to give up his seat and get destroyed by Bob Casey in a Senate race, so no one has to suffer with Kelly as an elected official.

    3) No Trump supreme court nominee should get a vote until Garland gets a hearing and a vote. Filibuster is appropriate response to this stolen seat.

  22. I would find it unlikely Kelly would choose to go the Senate route rather than Governor, although the primary field would be far less crowded, so maybe that is affecting his thinking a bit. I would imagine Kelly would have no problem with Rick Saccone in a Senatorial primary, whereas in a Gubernatorial race, he’d already be contending with Wagner (who’s consolidating his support early), and Turzai who has far greater name recognition across the state.

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