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Casey in Harrisburg: “They are Coming for You”

644D313D-C091-4E10-8D90-787615382E2EU.S. Senator Bob Casey came to Harrisburg this morning to talk to about the Senate GOP’s healthcare bill, the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA).  

“We have to stop them from enacting a bill that will hurt the people of Pennsylvania,” Casey said during the event.  

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Teresa Miller also spoke at the press conference.  Both Casey and Miller focused the majority of their remarks on the effects of the BCRA on Medicaid in Pennsylvania.  

“This bill would devastate the Medicaid program,” Miller said.  

“Here’s the deal, if you have employer coverage, they are coming for you too,” Casey said

“Don’t think you are in the clear because we are talking a lot about Medicaid, this bill is bad for the whole country.”

Senator Pat Toomey, who was part of the panel who wrote the bill, put out a fact sheet arguing against the claims made by Democrats about the effects of the BRCA on Medicaid.

“No one is kicked off the program, and no one loses their federal Medicaid eligibility. CBO makes a highly dubious prediction that millions who are eligible for free health insurance will refuse free Medicaid coverage if the individual mandate is repealed,” the fact sheet read.  

The BRCA will likely be a major part of the messaging for Casey’s campaign leading into 2018, as the Affordable Care Act was a major part of Republican campaigns in 2010.

26 Responses

  1. Very well written article. It will be helpful to everyone who employee it, including me. Keep up the good work – can’t wait to read more posts. happy room

  2. And what would a “good” Healthcare bill look like to Bob Casey? He and his Progressive Liberal comrades rammed “Obama-don’t-care” down our throats in 2009-2010 KNOWING that it would not work; KNOWING that it would eventually collapse and KNOWING THAT it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on! (Maybe that’s why he and most of the Democrats in Congress NEVER read the ACA in the first place!).
    I can only hope that we, the good citizens of Pennsylvania, will send Robert Casey, Jr. back to Scranton for good in November 2018 and keep him there!

  3. Woah, didn’t hear anything from Casey last year…thats right..because he wasn’t up for reelection. If you want to talk about corrupt, career politicians who would NOT make it in the real world, then congrats, you’re in the right place. Casey has positioned himself as a “moderate” for as long as he has been in power with his pro-life approach, but now, in the time of the “resistance” he has exposed himself for who he really is, a far-left extreme partisan liberal, right up there with Chief Sitting Dumb, Sacajawea Warren. It’s time to send this uni-brow toting, fake, career scammer back to Scranton with his tail between his legs.

    1. Finally we read a few grains of truth in the comments as the racist element rears its ugly head. The repeal of the ACA is all about the 44th president’s skin color and has nothing to do with the merits of the law.

      1. You are the worst kind of person. I’m the first to admit that there are ugly, hideous racist elements that still survive in our country today and when those elements arise, they are to be pointed out and shot down. Where in my post did I mention skin color or even the ACA? I’m talking about Bob Casey’s political shift in an upcoming election year. But all you want to do is search and search for the race card. Well guess what, it isn’t in this deck, bud.

  4. I’m a Republican voter, but I do not like one party controlling all three branches of government. I had hope to see Casey step up and give me something to vote for in 2018. He had long positioned himself as the kind of moderate that Republicans could vote for. He seems to abandon all of those positons.
    Since November he has thrown himself full-fledged in to the alarmist resistance junk. Maybe it plays well in PA, but I can’t stand it. I don’t understand how he plans on helping PA or earning votes. Is he afraid of ultra-progressive primary contender?
    This new healthcare bill should make me more upset than Casey. It has many things in it that I would think moderates of both parties would love and is 95% Obamacare with lots of spending. I think it’s an Obamacare 2.0 that could work ok with free market adjustments over time.
    I don’t get why since this is clearly not repeal and replace bill, why moderates like Casey couldn’t come to the Republicans with a list of amendments that could bring them in. Show some attempt at fixing the Obamacare we have not that is failing so many.
    I understand not giving into to Trump on some issues but this is a little ridiculous. He is pro government involvement in healthcare and always has been. For the good of the country we need a semi functional congress and a successful President Trump. This seems like this could be a bipartisan fix.

    1. This doesn’t make any sense: “I don’t like one party [Republicans] controlling all three branches of government.” But, to paraphrase, “I am disappointed that Casey isn’t supporting the Republican agenda.” If you’re going to have Democrats who lay down and support the Republican agenda, why are you concerned about one party controlling all three branches. This is more disingenuous Publican b.s. about how they only vote for the best candidate and not the party. I’ve heard that malarkey for 50+ years and remarkably the best candidate is always a Republican. You’re all a bunch of brain-washed group-thinkers. The election results of the past half century will bear out the fact that the only voters who split their tickets in significant numbers are Democrats. Please stop screwing this great nation of ours.

      1. LOL, Calm your outrage, save it for a resistance march or some shit.

        All I’m saying is this new bill is close enough to center that I would hope Casey could try to cross the aisle to improve the bill or at least propose a few amendments. This is not a full repeal bill, so I would have hope that would give some flexibility for Red state senators.

        I think he could support admin here and fight on other issues. This is just blind alarmism from Casey.

        I don’t always prefer GOP having the Presidency and Congress because then we don’t get Bipartisan Bills. And bipartisan bills for major legislation are better for the country because more people will buy in and support the bill if it comes from both parties.

        For examples see Obamacare and this bill when it passes vs the 90s.

        My frustration is Democrats currently aren’t giving candidates the flexibility to move toward center as Casey has in the past, in campaigns anyway. So they all must resist like useless SJWs.

        Would like Democrats to be given flexible at state and local levels again, so I can at least consider them.

        Otherwise, will be forced to vote Republican only. This election was the first election I did not split my ticket and it seems options will be worse in 2018.

        1. You can BS all you want, but I live in a working class neighborhood in DELCO. Feels like the democrats are alienating themselves from voters in my neighborhood more and more everyday.

          Other than maybe the Union folk (also leaving the Dems), why would any of my neighbors want more of Bob Casey in 2018?

          1. Don’t whine when your premiums skyrocket to pay for the 22 million uninsured. You’ll have no one but yourself to blame. Of course, you’ll probably be one of the “personal responsibility” hypocrites who drops his insurance when the mandate is eliminated and you’ll get your health care for free at the ER and I’ll be paying for it.

          2. Solid reasons vote for Casey right there…

            Look I’m interested in discussing different policy and policy outcomes with you. You know big boy or girl stuff.

            I don’t know how to engage you in a semi-civil discussion. If your position is I think X and everyone who thinks Y is acting out of sinister intentions or hate because they are all just big meanies.

          3. It’s because Anonymous doesn’t know or understand policy. IT is a troll who is still crying about how literally every dem got their butt handed to them in 2016. Losers will be losers. Probably some 50 year old still living in his mom’s basement. IT just made the GOP point, 22 million uninsured? Dropping the mandate? When the government stops making you pay for something, a large portion of the population will stop paying for it. That simple.

      2. A brainwashed group thinker would be someone who LET THE DNC PICK THEIR CANDIDATE, SCREW OVER THE GUY WHO SHOULD HAVE WON, HAVE EVERYYYYYONE KNOW ABOUT IT, AND THEN VOTE FOR HILDOG ANYWAY. I almost feel bad for Bank Fraud Bernie…almost..

  5. Senator Casey is on wrong side of defending PPACA which has not stood the test of real world, empiricial experience.

    In my view, Senator Casey is vulnerable to a Trump Republican like the super-nice Rick Saccone.

  6. Hopefully this last decade of nonsense will finally lead every thinking person to realize, the ONLY way to stabilize health care rates and free up billions to go directly to taking care of and curing humans is to take the health insurance / for BIG HUGE profits industry out of the mix. Simple fix – people pay into pools to pay for health care with small administrative costs only – NO PROFIT. I believe in other parts of the civilized world they call it Single Payer. As long as you have people in expensive clothes, working in opulent offices, driving company owned BMW’s to meetings and donating millions to politicians, we will never get this fixed.

    1. “Single Payer” is every Progressive Liberal’s dream! If Republicans get off their duffs and actually put Tort Reform, the ability to buy HC across state lines and get the U.S. Government out of the Healthcare business, then we just might get something that works! But the day Congress passes a “Single Payer” Healthcare bill is the day that ends any chance of it ever working!

  7. “They are coming for you”. Nice tone you are setting. Bringing us together, Senator.

  8. The insurance industry provides more campaign contributions than any other industry.

    1. Exactly why passing a law that forced everybody to buy their products was a really bad idea.

  9. Senator Casey they already came for me. After you passed Obamacare my health insurance went from $600 to $1200 per month but I did get pre-natal health care for my wife age 64…..

    1. Premiums increased every year before Obamacare, but the rate of increase slowed significantly following the implementation of Obamacare. Had Republicans not gutted funding for the risk corridors and sabotaged the Medicaid expansion, premiums would have increased even less. As it stands, people who should be on Medicaid are forced into the exchanges, increasing costs.

      I don’t have any need for Viagra, but yours is still covered because my premiums subsidize it. I don’t have any need for prostate screenings, but yours are still covered because my premiums subsidize them. I don’t have any need for chemo or radiation therapy or mammograms, but my premiums subsidize yours and your wife’s access to this life-saving medicine.

      That’s how insurance works: we all pay in to help pay for each other’s health care. Some day, I might need some of those things, so I am happy to pay in now and help keep the system functioning so that I might benefit some day. Maybe I will be uncommonly healthy and never need to go to the hospital, but it will have been worth it nevertheless.

      1. Double digit increases for 2017 & 2018 is slowing down? Don’t be silly. Insurance companies bailed out of markets well before Trump was elected.

        The Republicans (Rubio should get most of the credit) just assured losses wouldn’t be bailed out by the taxpayer. Which helped a great deal because if not then dopey liberals could pretend that ACA was working when instead it was just a massive taxpayer financed bailout. By the lame excuses you are making for the bill now, you are my proof. You would be lying to yourself even more if that junk was left in place.

        The GOP lawsuit I believe you are referring to happened at least a year or two ago. Insurance companies have been well aware. Not much has changed since then. It’s failing all on it’s own.

        1. “That’s how insurance works: we all pay in to help pay for each other’s health care. Some day, I might need some of those things, so I am happy to pay in now and help keep the system functioning so that I might benefit some day. Maybe I will be uncommonly healthy and never need to go to the hospital, but it will have been worth it nevertheless”

          This is not how insurance works, try again.

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