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Casey: No On Gorsuch, No On Cloture

Bob-CaseySenator Bob Casey announced on a conference call this morning that he will not support President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch.  

“I will not support his nomination,” Casey said on the call. “I have serious concerns about Judge Gorsuch’s rigid and restrictive judicial philosophy.”

Casey also said he will vote no on cloture for Gorsuch.  A cloture vote requires 60 votes to put the nomination to an up or down vote before the Senate, meaning the Senate’s 52 Republicans need 8 Democrats to move forward.  Casey’s announcement gives the GOP one fewer Democrat to make the difference, and it comes one day after Politico reported that some of Casey’s colleagues are considering a possible deal on the vote.  

The Republican National Committee recently began running digital ads pushing Casey to allow an up or down vote on Gorsuch.  

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has been targeting Casey throughout the year.

“By opposing Judge Neil Gorsuch, Bob Casey is aligning himself with the far left instead of honoring the will of Pennsylvania voters. Pennsylvanians will remember Casey’s betrayal when they head to the polls in 2018,” Bob Salera, National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman, said in an email.  

Progressive groups celebrated Casey’s decision.  

We stand with Senator Casey in demanding a consensus, mainstream nominee to fill the vacancy left by the death of Judge Antonin Scalia. Judge Gorsuch is not that nominee,” John Neurohr, Co-Chair of the Why Courts Matter Pennsylvania’s coalition, said in a statement.

27 Responses

  1. Grandstanding for sure. Bob Casey is nothing but a lazy yes man who toes the party line like a lap dog. A gooey, narrow shouldered, spineless worm.

  2. It looks like the Democrats will go for a filibuster on the Gorsuch nomination. And Casey will likely hold out with his Democrat colleagues to the bitter end, so he’ll own it. And his future Republican opponent come 2018 will use this, as well as his own rather strange reason for being against Gorsuch, against him.

    However, this alone is highly unlikely to sink Casey in 2018. But it won’t help him if Gorsuch rules in high-profile cases that resonate well with the electorate here in PA. And despite last weeks failed effort to reform healthcare, we should grant the Republicans the savvy to make at least some changes in that and in taxes that appeal to voters. There is no way now to know how Casey would vote, but he could come out as a naysayer on these issues.

    No one, including Casey, can predict the future in a turbulent administration where all the old norms don’t apply the way they used to. Casey is thus hedging his bets as he goes along. This time around he is making sure he appeals to the increasingly leftist base whose money and organization he might need in 2018.

  3. Sal Petrie-

    Casey voted Yes for the Affordable Care Act, which has helped tens of millions of Americans get health insurance, and saved many lives.

  4. So Gorsuch decides cases based on law instead of feelings and Casey thinks that’s a bad thing. I guess now he can get back to his important legislation to prevent dresser drawers from tipping over.

  5. Wow! Casey has mastered the art of NO! At last he found something he can do as a US Senator. OH wait a minute, that’s all he’s done since he’s been elected. Nothing new here. Still waiting for him to actually vote for and get something, anything, passed!

  6. Thank you Casey for sticking to your guns, why should the democrats support this guy when the republicans wouldn’t even give a hearing to Obama’s nomination? You did and always will have our votes

  7. Bob Casey is a real life example of incompetent , corrupt and arrogant
    Politicos. His support for the Iran deal, his pimping for Reid and Obama, his failure to meet with constituents or take their calls- and his position against a well qualified nominee reflect he is no progressive- bob Casey Jr. Is a jack ass- and as moderate democrats we should join together to elect anyone else.
    Bob Casey SR was a man of stature- Casey Jr is political filth.

  8. Casey’s clearly just watching his left flank. COWARD!
    Gorsuch deserves to be confirmed. I watched the hearings and was impressed with this man’s depth of knowledge.

  9. Jim F-

    Well, Merrick Garland was 10 times the man Gorsuch is, and Obama was 100 times the President that Trump is.

    We didn’t hear anything from your pie-hole about the GOP obstructionists.

  10. Casey will got a no vote from me . Another democratic obstructionist . Gorsuch is 10 times the man Casey is .

  11. Hey useful idiots: The GOP took a politically calculated risk and bet on the American people wanting an immediate vote on who replaced Scalia. They held out based on a gamble: to allow the American people a chance to vote on Supreme Court nominee. To vote against an extremely fair, reasonable, and well-regarded Judge; on the grounds he is none of those things is ludicrous. If the Republicans can find someone even an ounce more viable than Saccone, Casey can kiss his Daddy’s gift goodbye.

  12. If George Soros funded everything he is credited/accused of he would be broke. The REAL fight is the next appointment.

  13. Casey 2018! The LAST thing our Commonwealth needs is another hateful Republikkkan in office.

  14. It’s a shame. Daddy’s name got him into office and I can’t think of anything he’s accomplished in the Senate…

  15. And once again we see Bob Casey is as pro-life as Nancy Pelosi. It is time to end this charade of him being pro-life as a way to get votes from pro-life Democrats and independents.

  16. Paterno should know all about “abusing” and “good name”, says Jerry Sandusky’s cell mate.

  17. The voters didn’t punish the GOP for Garland; why would the Democrats worry about blocking Gorsuch?

  18. There are some concerns about Gorsuch …. such as involvement on detainee policy during the Bush years… But I think Bob Casey may be over shooting it a bit here. Gorsuch is about the only reasonable/normal/rational thing Putin’s American lackey has done… I think Senator Casey would be wiser to fight harder on other issues where Trump’s destruction is more pronounced. Again, this pick could have been a Bork-like culture warrior like Bill Pryor ….. or even scarier, Rudy Giuliani!!

    Legally speaking, I think Gorsuch is solid …. There are reasonable concerns, but why not debate it on the floor?

  19. This guy hasn’t gotten anywhere in life without using and abusing his dead father’s good name. If he was born Bob Thompson he would be eating out of dumpsters behind Burger King.

  20. Dr. Sklaroff didn’t seem to think that was grounds for “displacing” Pat Toomey. The hypocrisy is rich.

  21. Interesting. Casey is indeed aligning himself with the so-called “progressive” groups now celebrating his statement of intent.

    So why is he doing this? It is actually some savvy calculus, and about building bridges. He’s looking toward re-election. Politically he will lose nothing by voting against Gorsuch. But he will gain points with the left by catering to them. And it is likely that next year he will need their organization and their money, and any other help from Soros-funded and other groups networked to the left.

    While politically Casey loses nothing by being against Gorsch, morally it is a different matter altogether. Gorsuch is one of this country’s most accomplished judicial experts and his testimony was masterful and transparent. There is no reason for Casey to not vote for Gorsuch on the latter’s qualifications. However, Casey’s stated reason why is as transparently dishonest, albeit expectable, as anything else on the issue coming from most of his Senate Democrat colleagues.

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