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Casey Raises $2.6 Million in Second Quarter

My Portrait SessionsSenator Bob Casey announced his campaign raised $2.6 million in the second quarter.  Casey ended the quarter with $5.5 million on hand.  

“Pennsylvanians know they can count on Bob Casey to fight for them and deliver results for workers, families, and seniors. Senator Casey’s fundraising pace and the broad support from hardworking Pennsylvanians demonstrate that the campaign is strongly positioned to compete in 2018,” Casey’s campaign manager M.E. Smith said.  

Casey’s donations came from all 67 of Pennsylvania’s counties, and 93% of the donations were under $100.  

Casey outraised Senator Pat Toomey for the same period in 2015.  Toomey raised just under $2 million in the quarter. Toomey’s cash on hand in the same period was higher than Casey’s, Toomey had $8.3 million.  

The National Republican Senatorial Committee responded to Casey’s fundraising and continued their message of Casey moving to the liberal wing of the party.  

“Bob Casey will need every cent he can raise to defend his record of obstruction in the Senate. While Casey continues to pander to liberal activists, Pennsylvania voters can see him for what he really is – a typical liberal career politician,” NRSC spokesman Bob Salera said in an email.

15 Responses

  1. I’m not a big Casey fan, but will take him any day over the thugs who the GOP are fielding so far.

    1. Even Bartos? Idk. Casey isn’t the worst guy in the world but I would find it pretty damn hard to vote for him.

      1. Wow someone with the handle “EvilBobCasey” isn’t going to vote for Casey? How will he survive.

    2. EvilBobCaseyIV-

      Bob is a decent guy. A lot of politicians are jerks and treat their staffs like dirt (Sestak was famous for this). But, Bob is a quiet guy who by all accounts treats his staff well.

      He’s often stayed in the background, but lately has been more vocal and forceful (gumption and moxie would have been the terms in an earlier political age).

      While Bob as been a bit conservative leaning for the tastes of some progressive activists, he’s been pretty solid in his voting record and stood by Obama, when the party needed him.

      Would I like it if Bob was a little more progressive on some issues? Sure. But, given the nature of PA, it’s tough to elect someone to the left of Casey.

      1. I completely agree with you on a lot of levels David. I understand the political games that have to be played and how Senator Casey has to play the middle, but that is exactly my issue. I would consider myself a dead center independent and I like when Senator Casey shows that he is a moderate. My issue is that I think that it is fake. I believe that he is far more left than he portrays. I understand that may not be what you want, but to each their own I suppose!

      2. EvilBobCaseyIV-

        Bob Casey being liberal is the fake. When I’m at liberal/progressive events, they don’t like Bob at all and want to primary challenge him (which would likely result in the Dems losing the seat, by losing the middle).

        If it wouldn’t kill him with the Dems, he’d probably vote to shutdown abortion clinics like his Dad. The Dems are always nervous about him. He’s got enough pro-life credentials to neutralize his GOP opponents on the issue. Bob usually has to be pulled over (kicking and screaming) for liberal votes.

        So, if you are concerned that Bob isn’t a moderate, don’t be. He is. Go to any liberal Dem event and ask about him, and you will not find a single liberal to claim Bob as one of their own.

        However, as I’ve said before, Bob is a decent and compassionate guy. I think he has evolved far past his father on the abortion issue, and (unlike the anti-abortion nuts like Santorum) Bob supports early child care and incentives for women to “chose life”. For religious nuts like Santorum: Life begins at conception and ends at birth.

        Would I like a senator more liberal than Casey? Yes. But, I don’t think we could get one elected to replace him.

        I’m glad to see Bob coming out of his shell and being more vocal on Dem issues and opposing the terrible ideas coming out of the GOP.

  2. NRSC: “defend his record of obstruction in the Senate” ??

    The Senate Republicans set a new standard of obstructionism under Obama, by declaring their intent to obstruct as he was being sworn in. They even stole a Supreme Court seat by refusing to hold a hearing for Obama’s pick.

    Casey a “typical liberal”? LOL 🙂

    1. Both parties obstruct when they aren’t in power. It’s part of the nature of the beast. I do think that Casey is a pretty typical lib though to be honest. He does a decent job of trying to hide it sometimes, but he is right up there with Warren.

    2. EvilBobCaseyIV-

      The GOP’s level of obstruction was so high, that it hit a new low for American politics.

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