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Casey Talks Campaign Goals, Issues, McCormick

Sen. Bob Casey Jr. in Washington office

In a Saturday afternoon media availability, Sen. Bob Casey Jr. spoke on various issues, including his legislative achievements, delivering for Pennsylvania, as well as commenting on his Republican opponent Dave McCormick.

“I’m running for the United States Senate again to continue to deliver for the people of Pennsylvania,” the three-term native of Scranton said. “I’ve got a strong record of delivering for our state, especially in the last couple of years when you’ve seen the investments we’ve made in children and families and high-speed internet. We’ve delivered on capping the cost of insulin at $35 per month for Medicare Part D beneficiaries, and passing the PACT Act to make sure that veterans exposed to toxic burn pits were helped and provided health care benefits.”

He continued by stating there’s more that has to be done and a major role in doing so is winning battles.

“I think that part of that delivering is winning fights here in Washington on major policy issues. Whether it’s protecting our democracy and voting rights, protecting women’s rights, protecting workers’ rights, they are central to the work I want to continue.”

Casey also reminded listeners that McCormick, his GOP challenger, does not live in Pennsylvania, as well as his financial backing from billionaires due to his support on their tax cuts.

“I think the people of Pennsylvania understand that when you have a candidate like that … (you) can’t trust him to be on the side of workers; to be on the side of families; and to be on the side of the most vulnerable. He’s made it very clear whose side he is on. He is on the side of big corporations.”

Casey did offer a comment on Friday’s New York Times story that questioned McCormick’s backstory on growing up in Bloomsburg, Pa.

“It was a rather stunning article,” he offered. “Once again, it was an indication that he has been misleading the people of our state. He said over and over again, all throughout 2022, all throughout 2023 and in the early months of 2024 that he lives in Pennsylvania. And he doesn’t.

“Now we know that his statements about how he grew up and where he actually lived in the Bloomsburg area was misleading as well. So I think it’s further indication that he doesn’t seem to understand what families in Pennsylvania expect from elected officials and candidates. It’s just tell the truth on basic questions about where you live and how you grew up. There’s a lot he can be proud of how he grew up.”

Casey criticized the Republican Party for stopping the opportunities in Congress to have a bipartisan border security policy in place.

“Each deal was blown up by one party – the Republican Party,” he said. Talking about the most recent offering, Casey added that “it was the toughest border security bill probably in 25 years. And it was abandoned becase MAGA Republicans did not want to solve the problem. They just wanted to have the issue.

“They just wanted to play politics in the election. So we have a continuing crisis at the border and we had a chance to solve it and they just refused.”

Casey did not commit to endorsing Rep. Summer Lee who is facing a tough primary challenge from Bhavini Patel in PA-12.

“Summer and I don’t agree on every issue,” said Casey. “That’s clear. I’ve made my position on her candidacy known back in 2023. The voters now have a chance to make a determination in the Democratic primary and we’ll see what that result is.”

He also said that there does seem to be support for passing the foreign aid bill for Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

“It couldn’t be a more critical moment for the effort to stop Vladimir Putin for sure,” said the Senator. “That should be the goal for every member of Congress – both parties, both houses. You can help the people of Ukraine with humanitarian supports but also the people of Gaza. And then finally help for Taiwan to push back against predatory China. So it’s a critical moment not just for the country, but for the security of the world. I hope the House will consider it expeditiously today and that we can vote on it in the Senate as soon as possible.”


4 Responses

  1. Bob Casey Jr is a failure- he has not delivered for PA or USA. Casey unlike his father is just a political hack. For years his office failed to directly take constituents calls. He was a puppet for Obama. He supported the failed Iran deal and policies. Casey failed to condemn antisemitism at Penn. Casey praised CAIR and only took it down after the rant by one of its heads. Casey has never condemned the hate speech of the Squad. This year there is an alternative- MCCormick isn’t perfect but he’s a helluva lot better than a political fraud like Casey Jr- it’s payback at the polls for his personal arrogance and his tolerance of hate spy

  2. I believe Casey could be vulnerable but not with McCormick. McCormick has too many negatives. From his funny claims about being a farmer, to not having lived in PA since he was 18, to his China connections and history with hedge funds.

    1. So many important “negatives” have been provided for voters to consider by the Philadelphia Inquirer- an objective reporter. So altruistic of them.
      I’m sure they are all fair to take on face value. When compared to Bob Casey, how could anyone think McCormick should get their vote?
      Bob went through all the hard work of ignoring constituents and not standing for anything of consequence.
      Everyone wants a dad who gets do nothing sons jobs, like Gov. Casey did. That’s why we can all look forward to voting for Bob.

  3. “Look- my dad got me this job. I can barely even figure out which leg to put my pants on first in the morning. You expect me to stand for something? We don’t want leaders around here. We need strong followers, who will get back to constituents and businesses when they are told what to do– sometimes — maybe”.


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