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Casey to Oppose Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination

For U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, it’ll be a “no”.

This morning, Casey’s office released a statement followed by a series of tweets stating his opposition to President Donald Trump’s selection for the United States Supreme Court. The seat, vacated by retiring justice Anthony Kennedy, is expected to be filled in the coming months with Trump set to announce his nominee tonight at 9:00 PM.

“I will oppose the nomination the President will make tonight because it represents a corrupt bargain with the far Right, big corporations, and Washington special interests,” said Casey in a statement.

Trump has reportedly narrowed down his search to four candidates, Thomas Hardiman of Pittsburgh, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Raymond Kethledge.

Hardiman was reportedly on the shortlist of candidates to replace the vacancy left by the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Last year that seat was filled by Neil Gorsuch.

Congressman Lou Barletta’s campaign to unseat Casey criticized the opposition.

“Bob Casey is so blinded by partisanship that he is opposing a nominee for the Supreme Court before the pick is announced. How can you condemn a nominee before she or he has been named, and then declare your opposition to that person before you have even met with them?”

The NRSC also wasted no time in weighing in on Casey’s opposition to the announced nominee.

“Bob Casey’s opposition to President Trump’s nominee before he or she has even been named shows he has given up any pretense of being a moderate voice,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Casey’s willingness to oppose any nominee off of a list that includes judges he has previously voted for shows he will oppose President Trump at all costs, even when doing so makes him look like a partisan hack.”

Casey stated that the list of judges Trump is selecting from was heavily influenced by the Heritage Foundation. In the press release, Casey went into detail about his differences with the Heritage Foundation’s agenda and labeled them as an “extreme Right organization”.

“This list is the bidding of corporate special interests hell-bent on handing health care over to insurance companies, crushing unions that represent working men and women, and promoting policies that will leave the middle-class further behind,” said Casey. “Any judge on this list is fruit of a corrupt process straight from the D.C. swamp…I was elected to represent all Pennsylvanians. I was not elected to genuflect to the hard Right, who are funded by corporate America.”

White House Principal Press Secretary, Raj Shah, tweeted out the following statement regarding Casey’s opposition.

“Unfortunate (though not surprising) that even before his or her qualifications can be evaluated, Sen. Casey is refusing to even consider the President’s #SCOTUS nominee.”

18 Responses

  1. I will leave the vigorous debate on the Supreme Court pick to my esteemed colleagues posting here but let me take this time to remind all that elections have consequences. A vote for Scott Wagner is a vote against Medicaid expansion in Pa. Dem’s and moderate R’s already know that Wagner makes no bones about his lack of support for obamacare and Medicaid expansion. As our healthcare crisis expands we need more people covered by affordable healthcare and it would seem a vote for Gov Wolf is a step in that direction.

    1. It’s not surprising that this was written via a pseudonym, for it ignores the fact that Medicaid Expansion into the middle-class constitutes a blatant effort to achieve – incrementally – “Medicare for All!”

      R’s and moderate-Dem’s would support this cut-back of excess-D.C. and, thus, support Scott “0-based-budget” Wagner.

  2. Well I’m glad he’s gonna fight this nomination. I think Kethledge would have been good and Hardiman worthy ….. but Kavanaugh is a first and worst order swamp creature.

    Do I think the “administrative state” in economic matters should be reined in? Absolutely. Do I think Roes use of the 14th was far? Absolutely. Am I opposed to abortion? In most cases. But Kavanaughs lifelong beholdenness to Republican politics and his time in the strong unitary executive days in Dubyas administration are most disturbing.

    I won’t agree with Casey entirely – but he’s making a principled stand. And he is a much stronger character who cares for our State and working people and families.

    Flawed – but infinitely better than disaster Barletta. Pennsylvania doesn’t need fake populists and foreign creeps like Nigel Farange, etc.

    Casey should ask about any and all of Kavanaughs affiliations and potential conflicts, his view of executive and war powers, his view of presidents and investigations. Etc.

    1. every sentence here is in-error

      BK worked for Bush-’43, but that doesn’t mean he can be impugned by allegations of swamp-relatedness.

      BK’s beholden to strict-interpretation of the text of the Constitution, as demonstrated during the past dozen years @ the D.C. circuit.

      Casey’s reflex-opposition – before having met the man, let alone before having reviewed his record – smacks of “D.C. politics” that are emblematic of swampiness.

      Barletta’s pedigree is populist (thru-and-thru), dating back to his opposition to Illegals as mayor; he’s knowledgeable and mirrors the rise of Brexit-favoring Farage [who presaged The Donald].

      Casey should not ask of interactions tangential to what a SCOTUS-justice must tackle for, otherwise, he’ll be playing-politics with a solemn responsibility…as Schumer is shamelessly doing.

  3. Dem’s losing elections in a big way appears to be the norm. Not until we admit our faults within our corrupt Dem party system will we start to right the wrongs we have done to our Democratic voters. Bob Casey is a relic of the past. I will never forget a southeast caucus meeting when we were discussing endorsing a anti fracking resolution and State Committee Vice Chair Penny Gerber stood up and said ” What would Bobby say about this” Penny by the way worked for the Fracking industry at that time and she knew where Bobby Boy stood on that issue. This my friends is why we will have Donald Trump elected again in 2020.

    1. [concur on all points]

      Casey is an empty-suit, loyal Dem-vote, distinguished/accomplished in no major fashion/field during the past almost-dozen years.

  4. As much as I hate to agree with Dave Diano on anything, nobody sane can make a case that Bob Casey is on the left. He’s not nearly Progressive enough for me. But he’s electable in the T.
    These nominees are no secret. They are all far right.
    The right wing may be able to ram this stuff down our throats but they can’t make us like it.

    1. Casey’s voting-record on all critical issues has been indistinguishable from party-based mandates; do not allow his quiet-spoken demeanor distract from the fact that he’s susceptible to being exposed and then defeated by Lou

  5. How much you wanna bet Bob Salera and Steve Miskin are dildo-ing each other in a room at the Hilton waiting for their cuck fantasy DJT to take the stage?

  6. David D-?you really must learn to control your emotions. I hate Trump- but many of us hate the far left radicals of the Democratic Party even more,
    Bob Casey JR is a political pimp for the extreme wing of the radical left of the Democratic Party. Contract with Corruption – Radical Bob must mean Obama, Lynch and
    Holder. Where was Bob the radical when Clinton & Lynch were corrupting our system to protect Hilary the Crook- where was Radical Bob when Learner was corrupting the IRS. Radical Bob Casey Jr is a symbol of how the Democratic Party has degenerated into a radical left wing, violent, irrational , racist and anti Semetic group threatening our democracy- even more than Trump. David D if you must resort to profanity- so
    It at both Trump and political filth like Radical Bob Casey Jr.

    1. An ashamed democrat-

      Put down the crack-pipe. Casey is anything but a reliable vote for the left wing. Bob blew any street-cred he had with that terrible vote with the GOP on 20-week fetal abortion bill.

      Casey is (barely) tolerated by the left wing of the party. He is not trusted, but the left hasn’t found a candidate that can beat him in a primary and also make a credible case to win the center in a general.

      Bob is a nice guy, but he’s no liberal nor member of the left-wing of the party.

      BTW, Bob didn’t have any vote on Clinton, Lynch, Obama, etc. Bob DID do a good job voting for Obama’s Supreme Court nominees.

      The NRSC and Mitch McConnell are complete hypocrites who have twisted the Senate rules to suit radical political/ideological purposes and subvert the will of the people and the intentions of the Constitution.

      1. d2 should listen intently to the message of “An ashamed democrat” before adopting his typically-aloof dismissiveness of anything critical of his pronouncements; y’all can blame yourselves for assuming Hill/Bill would defeat The Donald and, thus, you must face the prospect of Ruth “Buzzi” G. being the next SCOTUS-justice to be supplanted by the GOP (instead of having retired quietly when BHO/Dems controlled the nomination/confirmation process)

  7. NRSC-

    Go f*ck yourselves. The list of 25 bad picks has been available for nearly two years. More than enough time for Casey and other Dems to have vetted them and found them unacceptable for the Supreme Court.

    The GOP Senators years ago (including McConnell) had voted for Merrick Garland and said they thought he’d be a great Supreme Court justice, then blocked his nomination.

    The ONLY nominee Casey should vote YES on is Merrick Garland, and vote no until Garland is rightfully given his vote.

    1. this constitutes typical resistance-politics that, thankfully, is both eroding within the body-politic and invigorating the GOP; it illustrates again why d2 is best ignored

  8. Jagoff! It’s in the bag. Today’s whispers on Mulberry Street have La Familia’s Handiman movin’ on up…with our help. A Casey No vote ain’t gonba keep us from singing Happy days are here again…or keep us from making money with our in laws votes. We made him. Our boys in NYC were happy to pass the message to the prez…a goodfella on his own.

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