Casey, Wolf to Speak at Pa. Dem State Committee Dinner

U.S. Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf, who are both running for re-election, will speak at the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s Keystone Dinner.

The dinner will be held Friday night ahead of the party’s state committee meeting Saturday.  The dinner and meeting will both be held at the Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg.  

Casey and Wolf’s speeches will be their first to state committee this year with both of them facing re-election.  

At Saturday’s meeting, the state party will elect a new Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer who will serve until June and an election for a full term will be held for all of the seats.  

The party is electing a new short term Chair following the resignation of Marcel Groen from the position partially because of his response to sexual harassment allegations against elected officials in the state.  

The party will also vote on a “comprehensive sexual harassment code of conduct” according to a the media advisory announcing the speakers.

12 Responses

  1. Now there’s a one two punch of powerful and persuasive oratory guaranteed to wake the dead! How did two shitty speakers like these guys rise to such heights of political power? They couldn’t sell Aquafina in the desert, I’m expected to pay and listen to them serenade me to sleep? Attendees could find more excitement reading the backs of vomit bags on a plane next to John Candy. No thank you, I’m going all night bowling with Marcel.

    1. OMG! Can I go? I can see it- roll a strike at 2am and there’s Marcel clapping for you w/ a bowling shirt that says, “Marcel” and a blue 8 lb Brunswick with a donkey on it!
      Dems need a celebrity bowling tournament with Isenhour as the pin setter.

  2. I hear Lazar is blessing all with a visit from WPA, maybe he will drive up with Dave Morehouse.

    At least there will be some comic relief.

    Look him up on Wiki leaks. Too sad to be funny.

  3. I just got an email from Peg Grove who now says there are two more party resignations of staff AND a reason Marcel quit was because he was having knee surgery and would be off his feet. But don’t worry, nothing to see here!
    Damn there’s no quit with these people.
    Marcel was a failure and Peg was treated unfairly. The other two staff are smart to run away.
    Take your kool aid stand down and go home Peg Grove. We aren’t drinking it anymore.

    1. XFiles

      What’s the full list of resignations?

      So, the “story” is that after Marcel’s embarrassing interview about sexual harassment, he decided to get knee surgery, and the rest of the staff quit to help him with rehab?

      The only thing close to true there is that Wolf knee-capped Marcel.

      1. From Grove:
        Unfortunately we have also received the resignations of Craig Grella effective 2/2/2018 as well as Mitch Kates whose effective date is 2/10/2018

        1. South Central-

          When Mitch started, I had high hopes for him being an independent thinker and cutting through bureaucratic mindset. Unfortunately, he succumbed to the administrative incompetence that has been the signature of Marcel’s tenure. To his credit, Mitch worked very hard in 2016 for the candidates. However, he was forced to work “harder not smarter” and the “vote local” campaign reamains an embarrassing slogan/marketing misfire.

          After the 2016 debacle of losing the electoral college, I suggested to Mitch that Marcel needed to be replaced, as he had done nothing right. Mitch’s response (with a straight face, when asked what Marcel had done right) was: “Well, he hired me.” Seriously. So, I guess his exit with Marcel is not a shock.

          It’s a shame, because I thought Mitch had the potential to be much more effective with better leadership supporting him with a better strategy.

          Though I’m certain that I’ve met Craig several times, it wasn’t more than a passing greeting. No substantive conversations. I couldn’t pick him out of a line up.

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