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Casey’s First Ad Targets Trump Country

In his first ad of the general election Sen. Bob Casey is targeting coal miners in southwest and northeast Pennsylvania.

The ad features Tony Brnusak, a retired miner, talking about Casey’s work to extend healthcare benefits for 20,000 retired miners that were about to expire.  

“I spent 40 years in the coal mines. Just like my dad before me. So it was a slap in the face when the government threatened to strip away our health insurance. Benefits we earned and Washington guaranteed.  Bob Casey said, ‘no way,’” Brnusak says in the ad.

According to the Post-Gazette the ad is airing in the Pittsburgh and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton medial markets as the first part of a multi-million dollar ad buy.  

Casey’s opponent, Congressman Lou Barletta, said the ad is evidence that Casey is “vulnerable” and called the ad “deceptive.”

“The fact that Bob Casey is forced to spend valuable dollars before Memorial Day to prop up his failing record proves that Casey is weak and one of the most vulnerable senators in America.  Bob Casey disingenuously failed to mention in his ad that Lou Barletta was one of the members who fought to save miners’ health care,” Barletta’s Press Secretary David Jackson said.

14 Responses

  1. If Barletta is Trump, Casey is Schumer.
    Casey is so pro open borders nothing else he does can unlink him from the pelosi schumer agenda.
    He takes is orders from them and never thought he would have real competition like Barletta.

  2. Lou Barletta is so tied to Trump that he cannot possibly untangle himself in a few shorts months even if he wanted to do so. And Trump with all the negatives–Stormy Daniels-the porn star and the reality show contestants who have conflicts with Trump and the Robert Muller investigation and on and on–Lou is now wrapped up in the Trump world mess and it ain’t pretty. This is a total turn off to independents. Again, the more interesting question and the greatest of all “What If’s” is what if Hillary had won? What would the Casey vs Barletta race look like?

  3. Now is exactly the right time to go on the air, before summer begins and people are out doing their own things. Then take a break and begin again by Sept 1

  4. The sad thing is how Trump and the “War on Coal”ers have manipulated the debate and lied to coal industry workers into believing the coal industry can recover. It is a flim flam 100% and a lie. Compare it to the time when automobiles were invented. Did politicians run around the country calling in the “War on Horse and Buggys”? Did politicians try to capitalize on saving blacksmith jobs. NO. Progress created new jobs and new industries. Blacksmiths were replaced by auto mechanics – the economy grew and new business thrived. New energy will create and has created many more jobs than the coal industry can ever revive.

    1. Coal still accounts for roughly 30% of U.S. energy production – it’s not obsolete, Democrats in the pocket of the Gaia lobby are proposing to de-incentivize coal with onerous regulations.

      Your unicorn fart “clean energy” nonsense by contrast accounts for an infinitesimal share of U.S. energy production even with significant government subsidies and regulations disfavoring fossil fuels.

      1. Coal has seen a steady decline and the world is moving to renewables. I’m curios if the “onerous” regulations could have prevented much of the uptick in black lung we’re seeing, had mine owners actually decided to followed them.
        China has taken solar, streamlined production and is about to rule the energy future. The USA Inc., a whole owned subsidiary of dirty energy, has worked against this same approach and China is about to eat our lunch.You can yell into the headwind all you like but coal is on its way out

        Since October, retail has shed 89,000 jobs. That’s more people than the coal industry actually employs.

  5. Coal mines are going out of business. However people like Casey want to fight for their healthcare, benefits, retirement, and when they do go under retraining and mine reclamation projects.

    It’s funny that Trump supporters don’t see that people like the president don’t care about coalminers they only care about profit- jobs occasionally just come along with the territory.

  6. Funny how here he’s the champion of coal miners, yet in 2016 he endorsed and campaigned with someone who said that she was going to put coal miners and coal companies out of business. So what do you actually believe about coal, Bobby?

    1. Yea and trump was the coal savior– not one mine reopened in western pa –another lie

      1. It was all politics. The fact is that coal is no longer relevant. Not with the abundant supplies of natural gas in this country that burn much cleaner than coal. Of course, getting nat gas out of the ground comes with a cost. So does coal. There is simply no reason for coal to grow again. Of course, these people were duped. They seem to fall for the same trick over and over again. The Dems have pulled that trick on them as well in the past. Trump wasn’t the first to do it.

    2. HRC had a detailed plan to bring in renewable energy and detaild job training initiatives for displaced workers. Casey supports bringing in industries that create jobs and retraining initiatives as well as protecting those whose benefits are in jeopardy.

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