Castille Makes Bid To Be U.S. Attorney

ron-castilleRon Castille wants everyone, particularly the Trump transition team, to know he’s available.

The former Chief Justice of the PA Supreme Court made his pitch to P.J. D’Annunzio of the Legal Intelligencer on Monday.

“I’m ready for another challenge and with my experience I’d do well for the office,” Castille said.

He even noted that Congressman Tom Marino, who is on Trump’s transition team, campaigned for him back in 1993.

The judge was forced to retire in 2014 despite efforts to stay on the bench.

21 Responses

  1. The pnly thing worse than a drunk is a stupid and greedy drunk who actually believed Godfather Zappala would pay him for his casino vote while on the Supreme Court. He got bar whiskey
    ..and then the check for top shelf.

  2. wait,what? So that’s that awful smell. All this time I was blaming Rudy for being the stinky old fart.

  3. Sounds like he is ridiculously qualified (choke) for the Trump administration. Birds of a feather.

  4. @Bungy. The only thing Castile is a lock for is happy hour specials. Once Trump gets wind of Castile’s self-important letter denouncing Trump he will file his application in the trash can. We won’t even mention the stench of scandal that has surrounded his self serving career. Dream on!

  5. And I do know about humping. Just look at that trophy wife of mine. Just ask her, best sex she ever had. That’s what she is paid to say.

  6. Sorry Libs more BAD news, Castille is a lock. Phiily Democrats you are F##cked. If I were a Democrat on Philly city council, I would RESIGN NOW. Make it easier on yourself. It was not smart to WRONGFULLY accuse and smear some of Ron’s friends. REVENGE IS COMING. Get ready for the TRUMP HUMP.

  7. Power-hungry. Power corrupts. The closer Castille gets to absolute power, the more … well, it isn’t hard to finish the sentence.

  8. Castille is a water boy for the Zappala Crime Family/Terrorist Group and everyone knows that.

  9. This has got to be a joke! There is no way in hell that he gets this position! He clearly has dementia. This is why the people should have voted NO for the age referendum.

  10. This has to be a serious Joke A Wife Beater A Guy who did not come to the Aid of Kids that were sold into a Jail System for minor infractions or none at all remember it took the FBI to wake up castile even then it took him years to do anything about the 2 Judges that are now in Jail . He likes to play with Loaded Pistols twirling them on his finger in front of people JUST SAY NO to this CREEPY guy . Castile should be in Jail right now

  11. Bruce Castor would make a much better candidate. He is beholden to no one, he knows how to manage an office, and he knows the law. His only flaw is his lack of political alliances – hardly a disqualifier.

  12. This mans ego knows no bounds. The last thing we need is a 73 year old vindictive drunk who presided over the most corupy court system in history from cash to kids, to traffic court to the family court debacle to porngate. He actually thinks his name lends prestige to the office when the opposite is true. Nothing but scandal and the stale stench of three day old scotch. Go away Cash-steal. You are irrelevant and have been for quite some time. Even your friends at the Legal and the Inky can’t resurrect your train wreck of a career.

  13. Maybe I should become a US Attorney, because my begging for money online is not working out. If only I weren’t disbarred….

  14. Castille needs to go away and be absent from further discussions about the public good. He was a deplorable Chief Justice, so it is no surprise he wants to serve a deplorable administration.

  15. Can you say “cash for kids”, children? I helped whitewash that so I can certainly use the U.S.Attorney’s office to help my buddy, Steve Zappala reinvigorate La Familia with a raid on city hall. He still owes me for that casino deal on the Supreme Court, though. I hope he pays up soon. I’m out of work.

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