Castor Flip-Flops, Will Release “Porngate” Report

Bruce-CastorThat was fast.

On Monday, Solicitor General Bruce Castor was against releasing Doug Gansler’s report on the lewd email scandal. On Tuesday, he was for it.

“Looking at the emails, I was unable to follow which folks sent what – and if I can’t understand it, how are we supposed to explain it to the public. There is no way this is ready to go. It was incomplete,” Castor said. “I’d rather hear whether the law was being properly enforced rather than whether a bunch of adolescent emails were being sent around. I don’t care about the outcome of the report. I just want it to be thorough and complete. I didn’t want little pieces of the pie, and that’s what I got: I got a porno slice.”

Now, apparently, Castor is arguing that Gansler’s report merely needed an addendum.

His full statement is included below:

The interim report from General Douglas F. Gansler that provided an objective, extensive and independent review of offensive email communications between the judicial branch of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Office of Attorney General was timely received by the Office of Attorney General. The Office of Attorney General now has available to it the complete record that is the basis for the interim report.

Today, Solicitor General Bruce L. Castor, Jr. requested the additional supplemental detail from the lead investigator, General Gansler, relating to the interim report. The additional information will be provided promptly in the form of an addendum to the interim report. No changes have been requested, nor will be made to the interim report.

The addendum will be completed by next week, and a press conference will then be scheduled at the earliest date available thereafter.

Hopefully Castor will elaborate on why his opinion changed so drastically and so quickly at the press conference.

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54 thoughts on “Castor Flip-Flops, Will Release “Porngate” Report”

  1. O says:

    Kane will win her trial. Seth Williams will get indicted.

    The O knows.

  2. HaHaHa says:

    LOL @ that picture, Pat. He looks like he is going to cry. And now there’s this:

    Seth Williams better get fitted for that orange jump-suit.

  3. Pat Unger says:

    More bad news for Seth Williams:

    He is probably just paying it forward for when he gets indicted. By the looks of his boxing performance, I would hope for his sake that he is continuing to work with Bernard Hopkins to prepare for prison. You can’t just cross your arms and close your eyes when someone is about to punch you on the face:

  4. bungy says:

    RETARD Alert !!!

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