Castor Flip-Flops, Will Release “Porngate” Report

Bruce-CastorThat was fast.

On Monday, Solicitor General Bruce Castor was against releasing Doug Gansler’s report on the lewd email scandal. On Tuesday, he was for it.

“Looking at the emails, I was unable to follow which folks sent what – and if I can’t understand it, how are we supposed to explain it to the public. There is no way this is ready to go. It was incomplete,” Castor said. “I’d rather hear whether the law was being properly enforced rather than whether a bunch of adolescent emails were being sent around. I don’t care about the outcome of the report. I just want it to be thorough and complete. I didn’t want little pieces of the pie, and that’s what I got: I got a porno slice.”

Now, apparently, Castor is arguing that Gansler’s report merely needed an addendum.

His full statement is included below:

The interim report from General Douglas F. Gansler that provided an objective, extensive and independent review of offensive email communications between the judicial branch of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Office of Attorney General was timely received by the Office of Attorney General. The Office of Attorney General now has available to it the complete record that is the basis for the interim report.

Today, Solicitor General Bruce L. Castor, Jr. requested the additional supplemental detail from the lead investigator, General Gansler, relating to the interim report. The additional information will be provided promptly in the form of an addendum to the interim report. No changes have been requested, nor will be made to the interim report.

The addendum will be completed by next week, and a press conference will then be scheduled at the earliest date available thereafter.

Hopefully Castor will elaborate on why his opinion changed so drastically and so quickly at the press conference.

54 Responses

  1. HaHaHu aka BRETT COTT When Fina put you in jail for stealing and you begged him for a break did you really pee your pants. Plus, what adult man who wants to be taken seriously uses words like troll or clown car. Did you play with trolls in prison. What do you play with in New York? You’re have proved your bypass against mentally handicapped children in your words and actions. Does that make you feel tough?
    Anyone who is a serious Democrat needs to know what sort of piece of sh-t Cott is. Look at autistic children, kids with Ashburgers, or speech defects do you want to be Brett’s buddy when he call these children Re-Ards. Calling people trolls. There is something wrong with COTT maybe it happened in prison maybe not. Re-added children now maybe you’re children next since he is also obsessed with calling people he knows nothing about child molestors almost an obsession maybe he developed these urges in jail maybe not. Get some help Brett Cott you need it as well as anyone who may support you.

  2. The perverts and woman-haters are readying their pitch-forks. They don’t want to go down alone on this scandal. Wonder who else (besides Granahan) they have in their sights.

    Wonder what hate-filled e-mails Johnny Doc’s brother was involved with. How about Justice Baer?

    Should be good reading.

  3. Jesus Christ. Why does everyone in the D.A.’s Office hate me? Is it because I was hired off the street to a six-figure job I am not qualified for? Is it because I am married to a cross-eyed loser? Is it because that cross-eyed loser got me this job and everybody knows it? Is it because I demoted a hard-working career prosecutor just for suggesting that the Office not employ racists as prosecutors? Is it because I have massive ankles? Maybe it was my self-serving quotes in the Press about how great the racist prosecutor is …. I don’t know … It could be so many things …

  4. Can’t wait to read the report. Wonder if it will talk about the videos that these perverts liked to watch!!! They are alleged to include:

    – graphic violence against women

    – a woman having “sex” with a snake

    – a man shoving a just-opened champagne bottle in a woman’s vagina

    – a 100 year-old woman engaged in intercourse

  5. HaHaHa Brett Cott don’t know how you changed the name but you can’t change the fact that you were arrested and you think it’s fun to verbally bully mentally handicapped kids. Real tough guy bet that gets you far in New York.

  6. Thank you Mr. Castor, now Feds are full blown involved. THINK before YOU act.

  7. Frank Fina is a GOOD guy. Good guy. Trust me. Good guy!! Just ignore that he is my husband’s client in a $$$-driven lawsuit against AG Kane. Just ignore that. And ignore his racist e-mails. Nothing to see there. And, for the love of God, IGNORE THIS REPORT Castor is about to release.

    Stop demanding that my boss fire Fina. That puts me in an uncomfortable position. I mean – I am only here because of Fina and my husband.

  8. It’s not Roger. It’s just how the media spins just about everything related to Kane vs the perverts. The media seems to have sided with the perverts … perhaps because they have been in bed with some of them (see Craig McCoy and Frank Fina).

  9. Castor said he wanted the report to have more information before he would allow it to be released. This story says he is going to allow it to be released when the additional information is added. How is that a flip flop?

  10. David – Did you ever look at the Hategate e-mails to see if “kanesdriver”‘s name was on any of them?

  11. Someone needs to take a look at who handled Harry Levant’s case and what happened with it. Did the lawyer who stole from his clients go to jail? Did he pay the money back?

    The O knows.

  12. Levant imitator — Are you suggesting that Units led by Fina/Costanzo prosecuted a criminal case involving Bob Levant’s Brother (Kathy Martin’s brother in law)?

    What was the case?

  13. We may need to “snitch” on someone. Seth? Frank? Damn it. I really thought no one would figure this out and we could make a bunch of cash on this. People are smarter than I thought.

    They are going to ask if you interviewed. Can you arrange an after-the-fact interview so you can say you did???

    Have they figured out what happened with my brother’s criminal case yet?? I hope not!

    Harry is a good guy. He just stole from his clients. No biggie. And what’s the harm if my client’s guys at the DA’s Office “took care of it” for me and for Harry?

  14. So long as Castor doesn’t say anything about my husband’s “unjust” deal with Tyron Ali. Who cares about porn and racist material?

    I just don’t want anyone talking about how my husband represents BOTH Tyron Ali AND Frank Fina. It looks really fishy.

    And then there’s me getting hired at a six-figure salary at the DA’s Office. That doesn’t look good either … considering I have just about zero experience.

    Oh shit ……… Am I going to jail too???

  15. It’s the same pathetic retard. Did we ever determine if his kid is a retard too?

  16. Hey Brett thanks for noticing the difference only the person that the post was about would have cared. Confirmation and Owned

  17. How soon til his next slip-up has him using this as his screen name:

    “UnsanctionedSpongeRETARDWilliamAKARobertStaufferwhoCrossDressesas BrandyandJessicaMyerSchoolTeacherTim10DollarDickSucker”

  18. Brett Cott aka HaHaHa no matter how you spell it your an ex con who was sent to jail by Frank Fina. I’m sure your family is so proud of you.

  19. Here’s the RETARD troll, earlier today, posting as William Stauffer:

    William Stauffer says:
    June 1, 2016 at 12:39 pm
    Isaac a new alias for HaHAHa. I think if there is a doubt of what Bret Cott did its only fair to post the newspaper story covering his conviction and imprisonment. People can draw their own conclusions and if Brett wants to say he has never posted on this site as HaHaHa then then he can go on the record here and now and say so.

  20. LMAO … William Stauffer’s brother, Robert, just showed up to comment!!!

    What a moron.


  21. HaHaHa aka Brett Cott

    This story is about you. You made the papers even though it’s because Fina had you arrested, prosecuted and put in jail.

    HARRISBURG –Bonusgate defendent Brett Cott received a sentence of 21 to 60 months on three charges this morning.

    He also received three fines totaling $11,000 and was told to make restitution to the state of $50,000. The sentence was imposed by Dauphin County Judge Richard Lewis, who rejected Mr. Cott’s defense attorny’s plea for probation. Mr. Cott was found guilty on three charges: conflict of interest, theft of services, and conspiracy.

    I can get the rest of the story plus your picture that was in the paper since it’s all public knowledge. Now I have to be honest this was a Pennsylvania paper, maybe New York dosent know about you being arrested.

  22. David,
    It’s not a conspiracy theory. It seems like Castor viewed the report and pumped the brakes to get some added context and then Kane as it seems she does brought out the claws and had the odd retraction released and the conference rescheduled. Facts aren’t a conspiracy. He went from critical of the report to complimentary in 24 hours. That doesn’t strike you as odd? Also why do you oppose the release of all the emails?

  23. HaHaHa,
    Do tell how you know that I am also someone else. Prove it. otherwise enjoy the nice weather in NYC today.

  24. SpongeBob-

    You are finding conspiracy theories everywhere you look. The entire incident occurred over a holiday weekend with staff/personnel/resources unavailable, and the surprise (and duplicitous) exit of the spokesperson who would have led the press conference.


    They both have the same juvenile personalities and obsessions, but I’m treating all of Dumber’s many personalities as one person and SpongeBob as a separate person, but collaborators who know each other (possibly intimately).

  25. DD – Are you serious about “Dumber” and “SpongeRETARD” being two different people? They aren’t. The RETARD is probably laughing at you …

    Same person. Trust me. I know.

  26. David,
    Your obstinate approach to Kane is a joke. First the PC was on, then its off. Off because its incomplete and incomprehensible and confusing and lacking specifics, then the next day the PC is on and the report is thorough. What more do you need for flip flopping? I am not looking to discredit the report. I feel there is almost no way for it to not be viewed as partisan where releasing the emails helps take the politics out of it. Do you oppose the release of emails because you feel it will drag too many D’s down?

  27. I guarantee that Castor makes sure the addendum says that no cases were compromised as a result of Hate-gate.

    That’s the State getting their money’s worth from the Gansler contract.

    No way the State wants to have to re-try all the people who were prosecuted by Fina & The Corbett Pervs in front of Judges they shared vile material with.

    Castor is SMART.

  28. SpongeBob-

    This isn’t really a “flip-flop” as it’s being characterized. The report’s getting released, with an addendum, not a re-write. Sounds like Ardo quitting caused more problems/confusion than anything else.

    Your eagerness to dismiss/discredit the report before it’s released would be consistent with the behavior of someone expecting to be exposed in it. Also, you take this stuff WAY too personally as if you have an ax to grind with Kane. Highly suspicious.

    You have to hide who you are. Revealing your true identity would immediately discredit you and everything you’ve posted.

  29. LOL. A press-conference got pushed back. And that means Kane is “dysfunctional.” Classic.

    What does it mean that you give $10 BJs at the rest-stop???

  30. Glad to hear Castor was not interested in the “porno slice.” Most Repervlicans are.

  31. David, are you seriously going to act like the flip flopping isn’t yet another indicator of how dysfunctional Kane is? It’s sad that you are so loyal to someone who has shown zero ability to do the job she was elected for. Also why would I keep clamoring for the release of all the emails if I was in there? Does it really pain you that much to not know who I am? So sad….you shall never know. I wonder what kind of emails you get.

  32. SpongeBob-

    The language is clear that other than the “addendum” to clarify some matters, the report is/was fine. No shenanigans or bias indicated.

    It’s going to hurt Kane’s enemies more than allies, since her enemies were all in the Corbett office before she took over and put people in.

    Try not to fall over with all your walking your statements backwards.


    I wonder if any of the emails are to/from SpongeBob.

  33. DD- Not only do they “know” who the leakers are, but Fina helped them find additional leakers. Feudale’s e-mails to reporters where he discussed illegally leaking material had Frank Fina CC’d. He even thanks Fina for putting him in touch with Craig & Angela. Judge Feudale even CC’s Fina on his communications with his attorneys discussing illegally leaking protected information.

    Highly improper doesn’t even begin to describe Fina.

    From October article —

    One Feudale email, sent July 8, 2013, to Inquirer reporter Craig McCoy, said Feudale was considering whether to provide to him the court petition, or writ, that initiated the process to remove him.

    “My problem is that the application for a writ was sealed … so I need both of your assurance it will only be used as background and you will not reveal me as the source of such,” Feudale wrote.

    Six days later, Feudale copied in Fina on an email to McCoy and Inquirer reporter Angela Couloumbis that spoke bitterly of Kane and his removal as grand jury judge.

    A third email copied in Fina on a message Feudale sent to his own lawyers, Sam Stretton and Bill Costopoulos, giving them permission to talk to the reporters. On July 16, 2013, the newspaper published a story that referenced the court documents and included an interview with Feudale.

  34. Yeah sure, the guy has a massive attack of the flip flops even contradicting himself and there was nothing off going on? Also my speculation was more that Castor may not have agreed with the report seeming to be one sided and fixated on Kane’s enemies instead of truly releasing all of the information. I claimed no insider knowledge at all. The language used in the flip flop to me makes it clear and to political pundits who have commented in reputable news outlets that Kane is driving the dysfunction bus. I hope they truly release it all. Because it will hammer people on all political sides including those who work for Kane, have been promoted by her etc… Just like it will show how Fina and the masses who worked with him were involved. Just release all the damn emails and let the public put the politics in it instead of Kane.

  35. Observer #3-

    Well, the Inquirer is certainly taking sides, since they know who the leakers are.

  36. Exactly right, David. And I am sure the departure of the OAG’s press secretary had something to do with it as well.

    The Republicans will stop at nothing to maintain their grasp on power. Consider:

    Also agree with HaX3 that the Press has to step back and examine how they have been reporting on this. They seem to be taking sides.

  37. So, all of SpongeBob’s speculation about internal scandals and bias was just a bunch of hogwash, the delay was all about dotting a few i’s and crossing a few t’s.

  38. Senator Hardy Williams is correct. It is really Hategate more than it is Porngate. But the CLOWN CAR likes to pretend it is just about porn so they can down-play their own wrongdoing.

    The TRUTH always come out once you start committing crimes (illegal leaks from Kane GJ), challenging the duly elected AG to a televised debate (as Fina did before his racist e-mails came out), and filing trumped-up charges against elected officials who have the goods on you.

    Just look at all Michael Eakin went through to keep his disgusting e-mails a secret. If anyone should be charged criminally, it is Eakin. And Castille illegally leaked GJ material to the Press in NY. When is Castille getting arrested and prosecuted?

    The Public has caught on to what these creeps have been up to. Kane may have been naive when she was elected. She may have erred by failing to clean house when she went to Harrisburg. But she certainly has one set of you-know-whats to stand up to these perverts and rascsts and woman-haters.

    I suspect that Ha3 is correct and that the real issues lie in the behavior of Fina in some of these grand juries. But – for now anyway, we will have to be content with the lid being blown off the Hategate scandal.

  39. More spin from Mr. Field. He hasn’t written one article about any of Trump’s “flip-flops.” Nothing on the Superior Court calling Frank Fina’s conduct “highly improper.” But – the Solicitor General re-scheduling a Press Conference is BIG NEWS. lmao … pathetic …

    Can’t wait to read the report, though. Wonder if it will talk about the videos that these perverts liked to watch!!! They are alleged to include:

    – graphic violence against women

    – a woman having “sex with a snake

    – a man shoving a just-opened champagne bottle in a woman’s vagina

    – a 100 year-old woman engaged in intercourse

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