Castor Responds to Steele’s Cosby Charges (VIDEO)

The race for Montgomery County District Attorney has become entangled in the question of why comedian and actor Bill Cosby was never prosecuted over the dozens of allegations made against him.

On Tuesday, Democratic nominee Kevin Steele released a TV ad blaming his GOP opponent Bruce Castor for not prosecuting Cosby when he was DA from 2000 to 2008.

Today, Castor is responding with a commercial of his own claiming that Steele is the one who failed to do his duty.

Castor’s commercial, titled “Trust”, features the candidate talking directly to camera. This technique is usually only used in response to attack ads.

“By now, you’ve heard my opponent’s ad saying I did nothing to protect the other victims of Bill Cosby,” Castor states. “These women’s identities became available only after I left the DA’s office and lost the power to enforce the law.”

“But Kevin Steele could’ve done something, because he is still a prosecutor, who chose to do nothing at all,” he continues. “Now he’s trying to blame me for his mistakes and incompetence.”

“Despicable, desperation politics, disgusting lies. Kevin Steele had the power to help victims of Cosby, but he sat on his hands,” Castor concludes.

12 Responses

  1. Someone needs to ask Kevin Steele why his Office is not investigating the MANY leaks from the Kane Grand Jury. Perhaps that someone will be Castor.

  2. What’s most surprising is that Bruce has not yet created a series of screen names to post glowing comments on this site about this cheaply produced, ineffective rebuttal. The best thing I can say about this ad is that at least Brian managed to hold the camera steady.

  3. Soooo….Castor is blaming Steele for not charging Cosby? That means Risa failed miserably too, in Castor’s eyes? Castor isn’t supporting Risa’s bid for Judge????

    And, oh…MontcoPA is right….there are no Democrats in this race. Only Republican and Republican-lite.

  4. Castor is widely considered by law enforcement to be a condescending douche bag. I hope Steele wins big.

  5. Jim, the Dems don’t even have a candidate in this race. Four years ago, they let Ferman run unopposed. This year, there are two Republicans running.

  6. Castor is on the ropes. He should have run against Corbett in 2014 or for AG in 2016. This isn’t your father’s Montco and the Dems have a legit shot to take this office.

  7. Castor you are a joke: Ferman “woke up” all right. But the awakening was not entirely voluntary…

    Incidentally, Ferman, your recent weight gain is troubling. Stress exacting a “heavy” toll, perhaps? And you used to be so into phyical fitness…

  8. Come on Bruce In My Opinion you have Used your Power in Montgomery County To Go after and Prosecute your Political Enemies . One Being Commissioner Mathews another Being Constable Sokoloff in Lower Merion Township . You are Guilty of Baritry . Youhave misused your Power and You Used Risa Ferman as a Political Tool Mybe she woke up and Figured out she has been used . Your attempt at Going after Bob Asher Failed Miserably . You did not File Charges against Cosby and That is a FACT My friend . 13 Women were available at The Time to testify against Cosby and Now 50 some Women are willing to testify . You let a serial Predator off the Hook and Now its spilling over to your TOOL Risa Ferman .You are a Clown Car Bruce and all your Money Cant buy this Election for you cause The Democrats Now have the Votes . The Days of The all Powerful Republican Machine in Mont Co are over Pal . You will soon be out of County Government and Back into our Private Law Paractice Bye Bye Bruce Dont let the Door Hit you where The Pit Bull should have bit you .

  9. Meanwhile, D.A. Risa Ferman remains silent on the issue. There has apparently been a falling out between her and Castor (who some had dubbed her mentor in the past).

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