Caye Announces Superior Court Candidacy

bill-cayeProsecutor Bill Caye is running for a spot on the PA Superior Court.

“As a former Senior Deputy Attorney General, I am proud to have achieved a 100% conviction rate in several Pennsylvania counties,” Caye said. “Over the course of my legal career, I have represented numerous clients and successfully resolved legal disputes in the Civil, Orphans’, Juvenile, Arbitration, and Criminal Divisions of our Common Pleas Court.”

“Additionally, I believe that a judge should be a tireless force to advance knowledge and education about our judicial system among the public at-large,” Caye added. “I will help to elevate our judiciary as a beacon of fairness, transparency, and integrity in our government.”

The Caye campaign announced the following Honorary Chairs: Treasurer John K. Weinstein, Retired Judge Robert Gallo, State Senators Wayne Fontana, Jim Brewster, Jay Costa and Attorney Robert Delgreco.

Caye graduated from the Duquesne Law School.

There are currently four vacant or soon-to-be open seats on the State Superior Court. Among the eleven non-interim members, the partisan breakdown is seven Republicans and four Democrats.

20 Responses

  1. The person posting as Chuckie Porter the Rat is a poser, a false person misidentifying himself so he can fling mud like as a true coward anonymously. The real Chucky Porter , notably spelled with a Y died in October 2016, well before these smears were posted by this cowardly, misinformed ignorant person. I tried cases against Bill Caye when he was in the DA’s office of Allegheny County & have know him personally for over 20 years.

    Proudly signed,
    The real Wendy Williams, supporter of Bill Caye for Superior Court

  2. Billy goes nowhere until he comes clean about the porn mail …and then he is gone.

  3. Superior court is a free for all. With 4 openings, there will be 20 candidates, all with a chance. Bill is a good one.

  4. Ok, Joe. Since it’s not you, I’ll tell Luciana to keep his hands in his pockets.

  5. Im starting to wonder if chuckie is a elected official,he knows a little to much information.

  6. Joe? Joe Gaydos, Billy Caye’s brother in law. Of course you have to say something good about the little squirt. He owes you money from the 2015 Common Plea race and my Uncle Charley says that he didn’t pay his permission to run fee either so it falls back on you. Keep the meter running, Joe. Billy is only one more loss away from oblivion.

  7. Bill has stood strong with Democratic values throughout his career. And has more morals than Trump’s nominations for cabinet combined. Mr. Caye has stood strong with workers, and yes has worked to keep child predators off the streets. Proud of my Friend from Allegheny County and I can’t wait to see what he can accomplish as judge!

  8. ““As a former Senior Deputy Attorney General, I am proud to have achieved a 100% conviction rate in SEVERAL Pennsylvania counties,” ”

    So he won his only case in Pike County? So what?

    This is just lawyer speak designed to make it look like he’s never lost a case.

  9. But he still might be LESS dirt-y than others already on PA appellate courts in all levels.

  10. If Caye has 100% conviction rate, he knowingly sent some innocent people to jail. Not everybody charged is guilty. How much did he cheat, bury evidence, over charge, talk to his pals in the porn loop, etc to get these results?

  11. Guessing he’s a democrat. I see he didn’t get the memo about the democratic endorsed ticket this year….

  12. Backing him earlier while he has now backed them into a corner. If he is so clean and transparent, why did he join the petition to expunge all of the porn gate offenders names from the final report. Was he protecting himself or just helping a friend…being a NICE guy. The word in my neck of the woods is that he ain’t no nice guy.

  13. C’mon chuckie,it’s a new year try to be a little nicer,mr.caye will make a great judge,just look at some of them elected officials backing him.

  14. Ha! First he has to explain why he got dumped as kiddie porn prosecutor at the attorney generals office! Is his name on the still secret list of porn emailers?Little Billy Caye got some splainin to do!

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