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CBS/YouGov Poll: Fetterman +5, Shapiro +11

John Fetterman, Josh Shapiro

Still good news for Pennsylvania Democrats … if you believe the polls.

John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro still hold the lead in their respective races for Senate and Governor, according to this morning’s CBS/YouGov poll of 1,194 registered voters in the Keystone State.

Fetterman has a five percentage-point advantage over Republican opponent Mehmet Oz, 52-47, with only one percent of the respondents indicating that they are unsure of their choice.

Among those who said they are voting for Fetterman, a resounding 94 percent said they would not even consider voting for Oz this year. That number grew to 96 percent of those committing for the celebrity doctor when asked if they would consider casting a vote for the former mayor of Braddock.

Also worth noting was an enthusiasm gap when respondents were asked if they were glad their party nominated the candidate on the ballot. Fifty-one percent said they wished the Democrats had nominated another candidate other than Fetterman, while 71 percent said the same thing about the GOP and Oz.

The two candidates also differ on the pollsters’ question of liking or disliking how each handle themselves personally. Fetterman is even with a 50-50 split, while Oz is minus-28 (36-64).

In the PoliticsPA moving average of 13 different polls, Fetterman holds a nearly double-digit advantage over Oz at +9.6 percent. The lieutenant governor has led all previous PA polls by four or more points.

Shapiro does have a double-figure lead over GOP opponent Doug Mastriano at 55-44 percent with one percent stating they are unsure at this time.

That same 55% are glad that the Dems nominated Shapiro, while 60% of Republican respondents said they wished the GOP had nominated another candidate other than Mastriano. Shapiro also has a plus-12 when asked if respondents liked or disliked how each of the candidates was handling themselves personally. Mastriano came in with a minus-24.

In the same PoliticsPA moving average, Shapiro, the Attorney General, leads by +8.7 percentage points and like Fetterman, has been the front-runner in all previous polling.

Other takeaways from the poll include:

  • 44% feel things in Pennsylvania are going somewhat or very well
  • 42% approve of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president
  • 76% have paid a great deal or fair amount of attention to the midterm campaign
  • 71% say the major problem facing PA is gas prices, while 63% said gun violence. Just 2 in 5 said illegal immigration


Another poll from Monmouth is expected later today.

3 Responses

  1. Shapiro appears on the runway ready for take off as the Governor’s race is now between Shapiro vs Mastriano vs Mastriano. Why Republicans nominated a candidate who can’t stop undermining his candidacy remains a mystery.


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