CBS/YouGov Poll: Clinton 48 Trump 40; McGinty 44 Toomey 41

hillary-clinton-katie-mcgintyHillary Clinton and Katie McGinty are leading their respective races just a week before Election Day.

That’s according to the latest CBS/YouGov Poll.

Clinton leads Donald Trump 48% to 40% in the presidential race. Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson received 5% while Green Party nominee Jill Stein got 2%.

Meanwhile, McGinty is ahead of Sen. Pat Toomey 44% to 41%.

The presidential numbers for Clinton and Trump are actually the same as they were earlier this month. Back then, the Senate was tied. It’s also worth noting that the final day this poll was in the field, news broke about FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress.

Digging into the crosstabs, we find wide gender gaps in each race. Younger voters were more likely to support the Democrat, whereas white voters preferred Republicans. Additionally, independents favored Republicans while moderates want Democrats.

One factor to watch is that Republicans appear more enthused about Pat Toomey than Donald Trump.


The following demographic groups support Clinton: blacks (93/6), Democrats (88/8), liberals (85/7), other races (64/26), 18 to 29 year olds (60/18), non-tea party members (59/29), not a white evangelical (55/33), females (53/35), moderates (51/32) and 30 to 44 year olds (46/32).

Meanwhile, these groups back Trump: tea party members (81/5), Republicans (78/8), conservatives (77/10), white evangelicals (73/11), 65 years old and older (52/45), 45 to 64 year olds (48/45), whites (47/39), independents (46/32) and males (45/42).

In the Senate race, these demographics favor McGinty: liberals (88/6), Democrats (80/8), blacks (73/5), 18 to 29 year olds (57/27), non-tea party members (56/28), other races (56/33), not a white evangelical (52/34), females (48/35), 30 to 44 year olds (43/36) and moderates (42/30).

On the other hand, these groups prefer Toomey: tea party members (90/3), conservatives (84/6), Republicans (82/6), white evangelicals (74/11), 65 years old and older (49/41), whites (47/39), males (47/41), independents (46/36) and 45 to 64 year olds (46/41).

CBS/YouGov surveyed 1,091 likely Pennsylvania voters between October 26th to 28th. The margin of error is +/- 3.7%.

16 Responses

  1. Dave President Trump is going to arrange it with Vlad to see to it you are exiled with all the other gays to Siberia.

  2. Toomey is a do-nothing garden gnome. He wants another 6 years when he did absolutely nothing w the first 6.

    One-Term-Toomey is everything wrong w Washington. Check out what his Bank did to PA homeowners. He is a greedy POS.

  3. Hillary Clinton is a political whore…and Clinton did allow 4 people to die in Benghazi.

  4. Vote Clinton on Nov. 8th. Donald Trump is not fit, prepared or have enough experience to be president.

  5. The Smoking Gun – WikiLeaks Emails– Hillary Clinton lets Russians acquire 20th of US Uranium and, of course, like Benghazi, lied about it.


    FTA When Hillary Clinton was questioned about a deal that gave Russia increased sway over uranium markets, the former Secretary of State and now Democratic presidential nominee said she had no reason to intervene in the decision and didn’t even know the Clinton Foundation was being enriched by its beneficiaries.

    “I was not personally involved because that wasn’t something the Secretary of State did,” Clinton told WMUR a New Hampshire TV station in June 2015, the lone time she has addressed the controversy that first surfaced a year ago.

    In fact, there was a reason to be concerned, according to diplomatic dispatches left sitting in public on the WikiLeaks — dispatches that have not garnered much media attention.
    3 of 17

    Moscow ‘flexes muscles’

    State Department officials in Fall 2009 — a year before the United States approved the deal — obtained an internal strategy document from Russia’s nuclear energy firm, Rosatom, that warned about Moscow’s intentions as it “flexes muscles” in uranium markets.

    In one cable sent to Clinton, U.S. officials in Brussels warned Russia was about to strong-arm U.S. ally Ukraine into a deal for “long-term supply of nuclear fuel” that could “shut” the U.S. company Westinghouse out of the market and extend Moscow’s influence over Europe.
    4 of 17
    “The strategy paper reflects concerns raised by industry reps and Ukrainian diplomats the past few months and is consistent with Russia’s efforts to dominate the gas supply market in Europe,” the cable from U.S. representatives in the European Union’s capital city warned.
    “The strategy paper… is consistent with Russia’s efforts to dominate the gas supply market in Europe.”
    — — Cable from U.S. representatives in Brussels

    Greater control over nuclear power plant fuel in European markets could make European nations more reliant on natural gas exports at the heart of Russia’s economy, the career diplomats worried.

  6. Hillary Clinton is a political profiteer who used government to enrich herself and her husband, a rapist. Every Democrat is a complicit enabler of Clinton crimes. It is time to drain the swamp.

    Hillary’s Two Official Favors To Morocco Resulted In $28 Million For Clinton Foundation

    FTA Hillary Clinton did two huge favors for Morocco during her tenure as secretary of state while the Clinton Foundation accepted up to $28 million in donations from the country’s ruler, King Mohammed VI, according to new information obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group.

    Clinton and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Lisa Jackson tried to shut down the Florida-based Mosaic Company in 2011, operator of America’s largest phosphate mining facility.

    Jackson’s close ties and loyalty to the Clintons were revealed when she joined the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors in 2013, just months after she left the EPA. Jackson is also close to John Podesta, Clinton’s national campaign chairman.

    Morocco’s state-owned phosphate company, OCP, would ostensibly have benefited from Jackson’s move to shut down Mosaic. Mohammed donated up to $15 million to the Clinton Foundation through OCP.

    Read more:

  7. Like it or not Clinton cant govern with all the scandals. It’s over for Katie now that reps and inds are coming to Toomey

  8. mothertersa–Hillarys been convicted of NOTHING
    So ur statement is stupid –the way he treats women and his self-proclaimation of being a sexual predator don’t say much for you

  9. It seems pretty clear Hillary and Katie will win. I may have to become a D. My party is now a national embarrassment. Working w Russia was final straw for me.

  10. Motherteresa-

    What Americans have died because of Hillary Clinton?

    Don’t say: “Benghazi”, because

    1) Clinton asked the Republican congress for more money for security and they turned her down.

    2) There have been more embassy attacks and Americans killed under previous administrations.

    She’s probably saved more lived getting millions of children health care.

    Trump is clearly criminally corrupt with illegal donations/expenditures from his foundation and the 100% pure scam he ran called “Trump University”. He’s cheated contractors out of pay for services. He’s violated tax laws by declaring two different values for his properties (under valued for taxing and over valued for net worth and getting loans).

    Philadelphia is better than any place that would allow you to reside.

  11. David- whatever Trump is he isn’t a corrupt queen wewho has disgraced our Nation- Americans have died because of Hiliary Clinton- not Trump. Hiliary Clinton is filth and should be indicted for criminal felonies. Winning an election just reflects on poor choice we have as voters- Clinton is dirty to the core- so before you knock Trump look in a mirror.

  12. How come we never see any pictures of Trump and Toomey smiling together?

    … oh, right, Toomey is total p*ssy who’s afraid to be seen with the top of his ticket, so he can pretend not to be a right-wing extremist.

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