CeaseFirePA Executive Director Enters Race for New PA-4

CeaseFirePA Executive Director Shira Goodman announced she is entering the race for the new 4th Congressional district.

“After spending my career fighting for government reform and against gun violence, I’m stepping up to serve in a different capacity,” Goodman said.  

CeasefirePA is one of Pennsylvania’s largest gun violence prevention organizations that works with “mayors, police chiefs, faith leaders, community organizations, and individual Pennsylvanians  to take a stand against gun violence” according to its website.  

“I’m tired of the weak politicians in Washington offering thoughts and prayers while they turn a blind eye to the murder of our children and ignore the pain of grieving families. This year, when Democrats take back the majority, I will stop at nothing to hold Congress and this administration accountable for the human costs of their failure to act,” Goodman said.

State Rep. Mary Jo Daley has also announced a bid for the 4th district.

13 Responses

  1. Gun prohibitionist. No such thing as “gun violence,” any more than there is “knife violence” etc Shira and I debated five years ago, on live tv. All she has to do is show up and accuse lawful gun owners of causing violence. Then she sits back and watches people play defense. When accused of being the gun prohibitionist she is, she flips. Anyhow, she’s a far far left extremist. Way out of the mainstream. An embarrassment to the voters if she succeeds.

  2. I am THRILLED that Shira Goodman will be running in my NEW 4th district of Montgomery County !!! She has my vote for sure.
    I am now a single issue voter – gun control. that’s it. I will only for candidates who go on the record in favor or banning assault style weapons and requiring background checks on ALL firearms purchases. Nothing less.

  3. Let’s see, Goodman, a pro abortion stooge for Obama, Wolf, and Hillary (upwards of 1 Million abortions per year) will fight against the 2 nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens to defend their families
    against criminals, who account for upwards of 80% of all crime. (See the 2009 National Gang Assessment Study by the Justice Dept). And she wants Pa Taxpayers to pay for this? No thanks

  4. I’ve had a chance to square off against CeaseFirePA, and after that every time they’ve encountered an FOAC speaker, they’ve run like hell for the door. I wonder if someone cut off her funds? I cannot imagine, as an unpaid volunteer, that Shira Goodman would be anti gun if she wasn’t making a little south of 100K a year to stammer and yammer.

  5. Kid are being massacred in schools because of progressive ideas like making schools gun free zones .Criminals know where they can go without anybody being able to stop them ! Only the law abiding obey laws !

    1. Well said. Extremists like Shira Goodman have that blood on her hands. She created these Sitting Duck Zones because she won’t admit that guns have a constructive purpose. She puts school children at risk. She wants to see their blood in the streets so she can continue her cause.

  6. Using the deaths of children to jumpstart your dead career and launch yourself into congress. She’s a bum and this is sickening. Save room for the real candidates like Madeline Dean

    1. College Dem-

      Shira’s been with CeasefirePA for years. She was planning to challenge Boyle for the 13th, before the redraw.

      Why don’t you care about the GOP lackeys of the NRA ignoring the deaths of children and weakening gun laws?

      Dean is running for LtGov

  7. This is an excellent idea. Gun control is very popular in Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington and Greene counties.

    1. Westerner-

      Fortunately, Shira would be running in Montgomery county and not dealing with any of the fools in Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington and Greene clinging to their guns and religion, while kids are massacred in schools.

      1. Kids are massacred in schools because of you liberals, Diano. You liberals created the PROMISE program that actually shielded Nikolas Cruz from prosecution. You liberals created the moronic Gun Free Zones that criminals like Cruz ignore. You liberals want children dying so you have ammunition for your phony cause. Law abiding gun owners and the NRA have zero to do with this. You liberals created the criminals and disarmed the good people. This blood is on your head, Diano.

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