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CeaseFirePA Grades Lt. Gov. Candidates and Launches Direct Mail Ad Campaign

Ceasefire PAGun control advocate group CeaseFirePA recently graded each of the Pennsylvania lieutenant gubernatorial candidates on their views pertaining to gun violence.

Now the organization is following that up with a statewide, direct mail ad campaign to promote that report.

“People want to know where these candidates stand on gun violence prevention,” said CeaseFirePA Executive Director Shira Goodman. “Our campaign will give the voters information they need to make crucial decisions. Candidates need to know that the gun lobby aren’t the only folks watching.”

CeaseFirePA sent questionnaires to lieutenant governor candidates on which they would earn a score out of a possible 100 points. Harrisburg Councilman Brad Koplinski, Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith and State Senator Mike Stack all received perfect scores. Each candidate pledged his full support to every proposal presented. They also outlined their plans for advancing gun control measures if elected.

A chart with each candidate’s responses can be viewed here, and this is a sample of what the mailing ad will look like.

The survey included 19 questions on gun safety regulations, background checks, inventory reporting, ammunition sales, lost and stolen reporting, child access protections and limits on high capacity magazines.

The organization reported that incumbent Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, former Congressman Mark Critz and State Representative Brendan Neuman did not respond to the mailed questionnaire.

“We are disappointed that these candidates failed to take the opportunity to inform the public about their views on this critical subject,” said CeaseFirePA Vice President Phil Goldsmith.

The organization rated gubernatorial candidates a few weeks ago. In the report, candidates were also scored out of a possible 100 points. Rep. Allyson Schwartz and former DEP Secretary Katie McGinty both earned perfect scores. State Treasurer Rob McCord scored an 84 and former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf brought up the rear with a 79. Republican candidates Bob Guzzardi and Governor Tom Corbett declined to take part in filling out the questionnaire.

8 Responses

  1. Thank you, CeaseFirePA, for helping PA voters learn who the wannabe tyrants and authoritarians are in PA politics. I know several of the D candidates and am saddened to see them get high marks from such a low organization. Last year I debated CeasefirePA on TV, and was surprised how dishonest they are. They cannot be honest, however, because they know their policies are unpopular with the vast majority of Pennsylvanians. My grade to CeaseFirePA is an “A” in Marketing and and “F” in Civics. And I look forward to responding to their questionnaire and getting an F from them in two years when I run for the 15th senate district seat. I will wear that F like a badge of honor.

  2. These are not democrats but instead authoritarians that will not stop until the people are defenseless in their homes..

    300,000 in Connecticut, 1,000,000 gun owners in these states are now felons because they REFUSE to register their firearms..

    If Pa. wants another Conn. or New York – elect one of these communist thinkers……

  3. Spooked gun advocates continue to invent hyperbole about restrictions o gun trade and use. It is well past time to introduce rationale gun control laws both in our state and nationally. The “need” for assault weapons, oversized ammunition clips and multiple guns per household is more about being petulant objectionists than any reasonable use for these weapons. Somebody needs to say that, and based on the non-answers to this questionaire, it won’t be anyone running on a Republican ticket this year. What a shame…

  4. If most of PA sees this the republicans will win hands down! And the fact dems are pushing for pot! This is still a conservative state!

  5. “soviet communist tactic”

    You know you discredit your argument when you talk like that?

  6. I’m pretty sure “transfer” refers to a sale or change of ownership (like if given as a gift, which wouldn’t be a sale). It wouldn’t apply to being at target practice and letting someone try your gun.

    Think of it more like transferring title to a car.

  7. @ David Diano:
    You think? I have no problem with applying the handgun backround checks provision (PA has had it going back to the 1920’s) to long gun sales. However, David, you don’t understand. When they say “transfer”, that means every time you hand a firearm to someone, be it at the range, out hunting, or just showing it to someone after the aforementioned 2, they want to force you into a backround each time, andf of course, it would be a FELONY if you violate it. That means if you and I handed each other a firearm, every time we did that simple action without a backround check from a dealer, it would be felony each time. The ammunition reporting in itself is just a pure soviet communist tactic to give the po-lice an excuse to kick down peoples’ door without warrant, and in conjunction with the communist, anti-gun media, scream out how people are “stockpiling” ammo.

  8. “The organization reported that incumbent Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, former Congressman Mark Critz and State Representative Brendan Neuman did not respond to the mailed questionnaire.”

    They probably used the questionnaire for target practice. 🙂

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