Ceisler, Clark Win Dem Commonwealth Court Primary, Knock Off Endorsed Candidate

seal_commonwealth - 001469Judge Ellen Ceisler and Irene Clark won the Democratic Commonwealth Court primary, knocking off endorsed candidate Todd Eagen.  

Ceisler won 24.21% of the vote and Clark won 20.47% with 94.61% of precincts reporting.  

They knocked off party endorsed candidate Todd Eagen, and beat three other candidates in the race.  The Pa. Democratic Party only endorsed one candidate in the race.  They also knocked off Judge Joe Cosgrove, who is currently on the Commonwealth Court after being appointed by Governor Tom Wolf.  

They will face off against Republicans Christine Fizzano Cannon and Paul Lalley in the general election.  Fizzano Cannon and Lalley were unopposed in the Republican primary.  

Disclosure: Ellen Ceisler was formerly married to Larry Ceisler, one of the owners of PoliticsPA.

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  1. You missed the point for Marcel and Sincere – they only want the endorsement when it is a candidate they want to win – They wanted to abandon the endorsement process totally when they knew that Shapiro couldn’t win it.

    This year, they set up a scam Judicial Recommendation Committee to put Eagen (who is an awesome guy and should have won based on hard work) and Cosgrove and shut out all other candidates so they could try to rig the endorsement process. Didn’t work Marcel and Sincere (who is a dope by the way), Cosgrove couldn’t get the endorsement. Ceisler has a decent chance – but Clark is a joke. But the joke really is Marcel and Sincere. Figure it out folks.

    1. Sad day when you have staffer at State Committee who is stopped at every turn by Ms. Sincere and Mr. Corey because they didn’t care about Judges. Both promoted Wolf, Casey was an after thought, instead of promoting the endorsed candidates for judge. Every release that came from the Party had no mention of the Judges. Word of caution, Governor if you think Sincere will help win the election for you, look at what Hillary did in Pennsylvania!

    2. DemForLifeBetterOrWorse-

      You are 100% correct that Marcel only wants endorsements when he thinks his candidate can win.

      In early 2016, he showed up at the Montco Dems committee convention and tried to strong-arm/intimidate committee people into voting for “no-endorsement” for the 7th congressional district, because he knew Golderer couldn’t win the endorsement. The intimidation was so bad that they had to have a secret ballot. (It’s pretty much the only case when secret ballots are allowed under Robert’s Rules of Order.)

      But, when the AG race came up, in Montco Josh’s endorsement was gavel-ed in (without a motion to have no endorsement) so fast that the echo of calling the question hadn’t faded before the gavel declared it passed. But at state committee, Marcel fought to avoid an endorsement vote.

      So, yeah, very inconsistent on party policy, but very consistent on Marcel’s behavior.

      But, I don’t get the hostility against Sincere. My take is that she just goes along with Marcel. I don’t really see her supporting an endorsement policy independently of Marcel or even having her own pick/say/opinion in the matter, and rater just implements Marcel’s poor choices.

      The rule is: A fish rots from the head down.

  2. Clark won many counties in the eastern half of PA too. It wasn’t just western PA. Gender was the big factor. I will vote Dem for every race for Supreme, Superior and Commonwealth court except for Clark.

  3. I am truly shocked and surprised by dim-whit and childlike reaction to the 2016 election and the election of Ceisler and Clark. Pantsuit nation was in full swing and PA Dems have ZERO ZERO ZERO ZERO leadership. Marcel go golf this loss off and prepare for another a$$ kicking in the General. Your endorsement is as good as a car wash; looks pretty, but when $hit gets dirty it’s useless. I don’t trust your leadership as far as I could throw it! You’re rallying cry is a meow at best. You stand on fake principle and loyalty for you is as your suspenders holding your girth. The only long distance vision you have is what iron to use on the fairway.

    Don’t get me started on Brady and the charade he hold over Philly and candidates. The don is dead, long live the next don.

    You know, I heard a great description of Trump the other day, “A low information voter who became President.” PA Dems across the board, don’t be like him or his supporters and vote on pure emotion, gender or geography. We are ‘readers’ so wake up and begin to not just vote, but vote with intelligence. The GOP is laughing at us….again.

    1. You stand on fake principle and loyalty for you is as *thin as* your suspenders holding your girth.

    2. After Hillary lost, a small portion of the left over DNC convention money (that Rendell just handed out) should have been set aside to buy Marcel a tanto and a book on Seppuku for his complete failure in letting the state turn Red.

  4. Skibidy-

    Maybe bonus money should be based on performance?

    Nah… that’s too radical.

  5. Great job Sincere and the members of Democratic State Committee, it was truly inspiring to see another endorsed candidate win, oh wait.

  6. Thanks to the Western counties’ inferiority complexes, the Democrats will now be going into November with a candidate who did absolutely nothing and was the only one of their 7 NOT RECOMMENDED by the Bar Association. Did Western Democratic voters know ANYTHING about who they were backing?!?! Truly embarrassing for the party.

  7. congrats Ellen and Irene on winning the primary last night because for they need more women in the court system in November of 2017.

  8. Answer Desk-

    Clark’s qualification aside, she certainly got the most “bang-for-the-buck” than any candidate.

    Maybe the Republicans will attempt to replicate her success by not raising any money.

  9. The Dems just blew their chance to take these two seats in the fall. Clark is not recommended by the Bar, has never litigated a case, and raised a total of $0 in the primary. Good job, voters. The Republicans thank you.

  10. I bet Larry is bummed his ex is in line for a lifetime job/pension! Shoulda been a better husband, dude…

    1. Doubt that he is bummed. Didn’t you see that big ad for her on this site that ran every day for the last few months? Site would not have been shilling for her without his buy in.

  11. Like Trump, the GOP writer has a thing for being a Tough Guy. At least in his language. Comes from hanging around da Boys too much.

  12. You should not use the term knocked off so many times. How about defeated?

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