Challenger Prepares Primary Vs. Shuster

Art Halvorson
Art Halvorson

Citing House Speaker John Boehner’s “inexcusable” outcomes from negotiations with President Barack Obama – and Bill Shuster’s support thereof – businessman Art Halvorson said Monday that he intends to challenge the Congressman.

His candidacy represents a broader criticism against Republicans in Washington, whom he accused of “tarnishing the brand.”

“I lump Mr. Shuster in with Mr. Boehner. He’s part of the leadership, part of the negotiations and strategic dealings with Mr. Obama. He’s not leading. If we’re gonna trade things off, let’s get something in return,” he said, referring to GOP votes in favor of deals to avoid the fiscal cliff as well as passing continuing resolutions.

He also noted Shuster’s vote against an amendment that would have offset Hurricane Sandy relief funding with spending cuts.

“The people of the 9th District deserve a representative who has the leadership experience to help rein in the president, restore basic freedoms and work with like-minded congressmen from around the country to reinvigorate our free market economy,” he said on tax day.

He’s scheduled to speak at a rally of the Blair County Tea Party Monday afternoon.

Shuster (R-Blair) began his 7th term in January and this year took the gavel of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, part of the GOP’s leadership team.

Halvorson, 57, moved to Mann’s Choice in Bedford County 5 years ago after serving 29 years in the U.S. Coast Guard. He said he runs a commercial development business with properties up and down the east coast. He is married with six children and six grandchildren.

He declined to give a number, but he said he was prepared to provide financial support to his effort. He also was careful to note that he is not officially a candidate – yet – but is in the process of creating an exploratory committee.

“I’m not declaring that I’m running, but I think the answer is going to be obvious,” he said. “I think there’s significant Shuster fatigue out there.”

Shuster Campaign Manager Sean Joyce made an oblique reference to Halvorson’s lack of deep roots in the district, but mostly reiterated the Congressman’s conservative credo.

“As a lifelong resident of the 9th district, Congressman Shuster remains committed to fighting President Obama’s far-reaching liberal agenda, and is proud to represent the conservative values of central and southern Pennsylvanians,” Joyce said.

It’s not the first time Shuster has faced the prospect of a primary, but a prospective 2012 challenger failed to collect enough signatures to secure a place on the ballot.

Shuster’s district went from the most Republican-leaning in Pa. to the second most Republican-leaning after redistricting. A generic GOP candidate is favored by 10 points in PA-9, which comprises all of Bedford, Blair, Fayette, Franklin, Fulton and Indiana counties along with parts of Cambria, Greene, Huntingdon, Somerset and Washington counties.

He cruised past longshot Democrat Karen Ramsburg 62% to 38% in 2012.

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  1. My concerns have been about slick water horizontal Fracking . Only Mr. Halvorson has contacted me about this and has promised to investigate the facts to learn more . He seems honest , belongs and is faithful at a good Church and has proven to be more conservative and open to Tea Party concerns as well as to all in the 9th district. Mr. Shuster brushed off concerns and comments about fracking when I personally spoke with him AND LIED about the evidence and facts concerning the studies done that verify the dangers . He seems willing to sacrifice the safety , health and lives of those in his district because the natural gas company money and support of his campaign . I am leaning toward a vote for Art Halvorson !!!!!!!

  2. The people of the 9th District should ask themselves exactly what has Bill Shuster, and “Bud” before him have done for us? Yes, we have a sleek new interstate highway running North and South from basically no where to no where. The families of New Enterprise Stone and Lime along with all the employees of said company are very grateful for the money. But how long shall we permit with our votes for the Shuster dynasty to continue? Bill just like daddy are only in it for their pocketbooks, period. I don’t care who challenges this family dynasty and if they drown little puppies or kittens in the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River. ANYONE would most likely be more palatable to another 2 years of Shuster’s in Washington. In the most conservative district in Pennsylvania we have a RINO in office. Why?

  3. Bob – embrace those feelings of confusion. On one hand you support limited government, but on the other hand you want a hard, stiff state. You may be intellectually “curious.” Let your freak flag fly. It’s okay that you support an effete urban agenda that gives special rights to gays and promotes gun control.

  4. Why do I think Mike Long and crony hacks are posting anonymously.

    Google Madison Performance Index published by reliable Ryun brothers to see why Jubelirer Long Shuster are so worried.

  5. @Guzzardi: come clean you filthy horndog. You support Pat Toomey because he’s okay with the philistine lifestyle you promote at yout bathhouse on 14th street that you call a fitness club,

  6. The geriatric trolls that post nonstop garbage like Bob Gizzard coupled with the political hacks like “Scotty” and “Patrick” who are on the Halvorson payroll but think they are fooling us with the Man on the Steet opinions make the Politics PA comment section the best in free online political entertainment! Looking for another jab to be thrown at Bob Guzzardi to get that old man cranked up….

  7. I have it on good authority that Art Halverson got taxpayer money to rebuild one of his beachfront properties that was damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Total hypocrite.

  8. Scott Perry is independent of leadership and Pat Toomey. Let us see what he does. Helping to elect an ally would be to Scott Perry’s benefit.

  9. It appears Team Shuster hacks are scared. This is a solidly Republican district so smears benefit only Shuster.

  10. Bob Buzzard and I support true conservatives like Pat Toomey who kowtow to the gay agenda (VAWA), take away our second amendment rights, and support a woman’s right to choose.

  11. Art halverson needs to come clean. He’s given over $30,000 in donations to state politicians that earmarked money to build roads to increase the value of his slum properties. I heard he gave gifts to Turnpike Commission members. Art wants the taxpayers to build interchanges and highwanotch at benefit his bank account not our community.

  12. Very few of the above comments convey substance [hyperlinks to documentation] except for that of Guzzardi [as is customary].

    But it would be desirable for the “tax-lien” charge to be documented or withdrawn, for such accusations would otherwise impugn the author of the attack [plus his/her other opinions].

    As a GOP-Committeeman, I would simply view this as “healthy” for the party; just like the potential challenge of Castor to Corbett, the mere presence of a primary-threat may yield greater attention to conservative principles [such as, regarding the gubernatorial race, whether PA will embrace “CorbettCare” via Medicaid Expansion].

  13. Keith Rothfus much like Pat Toomey ran as a tea bagger but voting like a RINO. Mark Critz had a more conservative voting record than Rothfus. Keith is Just another typical politician who will do or say anything he needs to for his next election. Keith like Toomey is a fraud. PS Bob Guzardi is a moron can someone please ban him from Politics PA

  14. The 9th is far more conservative than Rep. Shuster. Google Madison Performance Index. Rep. Shuster is very vulnerable to a Scott Perry Keith Rothfus candidate. The Jubelirer Hacks will line up behind uber porker Bill Shuster. Scott Perry ran a well organized campaign using principles learned in military.

  15. 28% of the people approve of the job being done by the federal government. Jerry Sandusky gets better marks. A primary challenger is just the thing that the incumbent needs to embrace reform.

  16. I know Art Halvorson will not be “slinging mud” and that is what will make his campaign so refreshing. TRUTH has an amazing ability to over power “darkness.” The people of the NINTH District have an incredible opportunity to elect a representative who knows business, government and fiscal responsibility. He is intelligent, hard working, generous & personable. He will encourage others in Washington to stand for what is RIGHT (not easy or even popular). Give him the opportunity and you will not be disappointed. Art is a great man !! I wish we had him as our Rep, in our District.

  17. Is that so Bill? I mean P.U….I mean What?…Doesn’t take long for you to climb in the gutter and start slinging lies. That’s the problem with politicians who think their seat is a birthright. You think it’s ok to slander anyone who thinks the seat belongs to the people of the District.

    Why don’t you stop making up lies about Halvorson, and simply tell us why you deserve to be elected again…and some free advice: “I’ve lived here a long time” isn’t a great answer.”

  18. Art Halvorson will make an exceptional, principled Congressman. I know the man first-hand and can utterly refute the spew of P.U. Thank goodness men like Halvorson are still willing to serve us in politics in this day and age. It’s one of the only hopes we have left to keep this nation great.

  19. @Yes – by a Toomey Republican you mean a pro abortion Republican that jumps into bed with Harry Reid to shred the 2nd Amendment, walked away an epic failure on Supercommittee, supports amnesty and voted to include transsexuals in the Violence Against Women Act? If that is what this no name primary opponent is all about, I’ll take Shuster a heartbeat!

  20. Art Halverson has a unique message on taxes: don’t pay ’em. Art must have two dozen liens against his slum properties. The guy is a crook. He’s cheated his business partners, his wife, and the taxpayers. I’m shocked he’d even consider giving folks a whiff of his nasty, crusty, dealings.

  21. I’ve never met a more principled, intelligent, hard-working, Godly, family man than Art Halvorson …Pennsylvania is very fortunate.
    Dr. Patrick Donahue Destin, Florida

  22. Is there any chance a Democrat can win this seat? That’s all PA needs is a hard-line right winger in there.

  23. Isn’t it a bit ironic that Shuster’s campaign manager questions Halvorson’s roots when he has lived in the district 5 years while it was Shuster’s father who “carpetbagged” into the district back in 72 because it was such a Republican district. And who can forget the resignation stunt pulled by the elder Shuster to get son Bill elected in 2000. It really is time for the Shuster kingdom to come to an end. Good luck Mr. Halvorson.

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